The SUBTECH Dryskin and Screen Shield
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 03:12 PM | Monica Lloyd
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Who says you can’t take your electronics with you on any adventure, no matter how dirty, thrilling, or dangerous it may be? SUBTECH has created new protective technology that will save our electronic devices from the onslaught of nature’s best—water, winter snow, sleet, and rain, dirt, and anything else Mother Earth can throw at us. The SUBTECH Screen Shield is so much more than a screen protector—anti-scratch technology and premium tempered glass offer extreme scratch and shock proof protection, fitting the iPhone 5 in a choice of black or white for $49.94.

The SUBTECH Dryskin is a revolutionary piece of plastic “skin” that slips over your smartphone or tablet PC, offering 100% waterproof protection. It is available for the iPhone 5 ($49.95), the Samsung Galaxy S2 ($24.95), the new iPad ($24.95), and comes in convenient packs of two. SUBTECH also offers its waterproof material in a 45L Pro Drybag, or duffle bag, for $399. Users sing the Dryskin’s praises on the SUBTECH website, most of them employing it frequently on tropical vacations  to take pictures on the beach or underwater. The Dryskin is also great in allowing you to use your iPhone or tablet in the rain, snow, sand or dirt. Finally, a form of protection we can rely on for our phones! Never fear, SUBTECH is here to allow you to use your electronic devices under any circumstances, keeping us connected and fully functioning in the ever-changing and unexpected future with the freedom and accessibility we expect from the future!

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