Three Delicious Recipes Perfect for Fall Baking

As we make our way into the middle of October and closer toward winter, we also think about activities that require zero contact with the chilly outside world. Baking is one of those activities. With the assistance of three seasonal fruits, apples, pumpkins (yes a pumpkin is a fruit), and pears we have some simple and scrumptious recipes for those days that you feel like keeping warm at home. First, we have a recipe for an easy apple and honey tart with puff pastry, pumpkin ricotta and chocolate chip muffins and, last but not least, a pear crisp with grapes, almonds and ginger. All of these flavor combinations work, we promise!

Tender Launches Lunch Menu: Review

Right on the edge of NYC’s bustling Theatre District, in the center of midtown Manhattan you will find the Sanctuary Hotel, a rather chic oasis. Inside the hotel is Tender, a sleek modern restaurant and lounge. The moment you enter the luxury boutique Hotel you are greeted by a welcoming staff and inviting decor. Beautiful turquoise banquettes line both sides of the lounge, with comfortable chairs and petite brass round tables. As you make your way through the beautiful lobby you’ll pass a polished brass and onyx-crafted bar with bright turquoise cushioned bar stools. Gleaming chandeliers, alternating wood paneled and original brick walls, a built in fireplace, and an illuminated runway with red ceiling tones all lead up to the spotless towering glass doors of Tender.

Forget Everything Else And Eat A Chocolate Cupcake

The good news just keeps on coming! Not only has Crumbs bakeshop officially reopened after closing in July, but National Chocolate Cupcake Day is right around the corner! On Saturday, October 18th, cupcake fans across the nation can pay tribute to this chocolatey goodness by indulging in a celebratory pastry. So, out of all of the bakeries in the USA, where will you be dining this year? One of the best, featured below, we hope. ________________________________________________________________________________________

The Sweetest Treats in Halloween Town

Everyone knows that Halloween is always a great excuse to stuff your face with sweets. Since you’re a little too old to do the whole trick-or-treating thing, check out these great NYC locations offering fun Halloween treats that everyone will enjoy!

1. Francois Payard (116 W Houston St.)-
The pastry chef just released his 2014 Halloween creations and they definitely don’t disappoint. Stop by any of his store and try the following: Pumpkin Spice Macarons ($21.00 per 7 piece box), Jack-o-Lantern & Ghost Lollipops, Jack-o-Lantern Bouchee Tablets (Milk chocolate caramel ganache covered in a dark chocolate shell)Fleur de sel Tablet (White chocolate and pumpkin seed tablet with fleur de sel), Skulls & Jack-o-Lantern (Hollow chocolate case and filled with 4 chocolates), and Jack-o-Lantern Cake (Pumpkin spice pound cake layered with 5 spice bavarois & pumpkin crème brulee).

It's Thursday And Free Vodka is Happening

Alas, you have almost made it to the weekend. It is Thursday at last and the excitement is real. So real in fact that 1200 Miles is celebrating with one of their Spirited Happy Hours tonight, where guests can enjoy complimentary cocktails featuring Snow Leopard Vodka.

Tonight’s event is part of the Modern Mediterranean restaurant’s effort to introduce guests to many different libations throughout the fall, including both cocktails and appetizers.

Snow Leopard Vodka donates 15% of its profits to snow leopard conservation profits in an effort to help prevent extinction. The vodka is made in Poland at one of the finest vodka distilleries in the world and is the first luxury vodka made from the rare spelt grain, which has a distinct nutty fresh taste and is distilled six times with natural spring water.

Sachi Bistro NYC: Making Asian Fusion in Murray Hill

Upon entry, Sachi looks like stereotypical version of a Western Thai restaurant. Granite elephant statues peek out from corners, nationalistically ambiguous art hangs on the wall, and beautiful stained woodwork is everywhere throughout the space. The dim lighting and slow paced dining room momentarily transports you far from Second Avenue, and you start to wonder if you have perhaps fallen down a rabbit hole and left the city. Then, an angry driver sits on their car horn for far too long, and you are brought back down to earth. You are in a simple yet elegant space in Murray Hill, perfect for either Date Night or Girls Night Out, and you are happy.

We started out with the Gunpowder Bramble, because regardless of the fact that its 70 degrees outside, it’s still fall, and fall is for bourbon. The Creme de Mure Blackberry Liquer pushes the cocktail a wee bit more to the sweet side than we would have liked, but the fresh lemon juice enhances the black tea infused in the Lapsang Souchong bourbon.

CULINARY OCCASIONS Local Flavors from Coast to Coast
Taste America: A Night of Culinary Stars

For so many, the term "culinary occasion" is used loosley, thrown around in the presence of a decent brunch or dinner we partake in with family or friends. This past Friday night, all of that changed with the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America: A Night of Culinary Stars. The name alone is a mouthful. We’re talking about the Wrestlemania of the LA dining set; October 10th was an evening of superstar chefs coming together to prepare treats of all varieties for a fabulous few in the name of food itself.

Hashbrowns and Hashtags: Women in Media Talk Truth Over Avocado Toast

Photos by Shiri Lara

Despite the rainy, stay in bed all type weather that descended upon New Yorkers this past week, we traipsed through the thick of it to participate in a lovely brunch event at Chalk Point Kitchen, Soho’s newest farm to table restaurant specializing in brunch fare. Hashbrowns and Hashtags is an event seeking to unite entrepeneurs, influencers, and personalities who have achieved success by utilizing social media and cementing a strong presence in the landscape.

See And Be 'Scene' at Williamsburg's Trendiest Bars

If you’re a local, then you are well aware of the role Williamsburg plays in New York's hip nightlife scene. Burgeoning with 20-somethings straight out of college, trying to find themselves, adorning Urban Outfitters from head to foot, hell bent on making sure life ain't nothing but a good time, this Brooklyn neighborhood hosts the best parties, hippest restaurants, and swankiest bars. So here are some of our favorite bars in this up and coming area, and some are even so hip and trendy, they don't have websites!

1. Donna (27 Broadway)-
If you’re looking for a spot featuring truly delicous cocktails with fun names, then look no further than Donna. This Williamsburg bar is becoming a favorite for all locals and even those who aren’t from the area. While you’re getting your drink on, be sure to try several of their house Tacos such as, Chipotle’d Chicken (Bell and Evans chicken braised in chipotle stock, topped with pico de gallo, cotija cheese, crema, Valentina sauce).

Spain's Great Match 2014

As foodies, we often find ourselves wanting to dive head-first into the culinary culture of another country, to really explore the historically rich food traditions and all the nuances of someone else’s flavor palate. Then reality hits, and we remember we have neither the time nor the money to travel. Well, last week we were treated to the next best thing: Spain’s Great Match 2014.

The Great Match is the annual food and wine gala hosted by the Trade Commission of Spain, showcasing and celebrating all the great things Spain’s culinary culture has to offer. Held in the gorgeous, riverside IOC Building, the evening was a tour of the diverse regional characteristics of Spanish food and wine. Some of New York’s best Spanish restaurants and tapas bars participated, each one representing the cuisine of a unique region of Spain. Walking around the room was like taking a train through the country and sampling the greatest food in each place you stopped.

Five Pumpkin Ales to Try This Fall

Amber Foliage, crisp air, the smell of warm cider on a lazy Sunday morning can only mean one thing : Fall. As we enter the season filled with all the the pumpkin best, we must not forget the most important one, pumpkin ale. While microbreweries and craft beers seem to be increasingly dominating the beer market in the past few years, pumpkin ales have held their ground as far back as colonial America. Today’s pumpkin ales tend to be made with a combination of spices including ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice in a time consuming process. They usually are available from September through November, which is why we should take advantage while we can.