Seduce your Palate with Olma Caviar

Delight your palate at Olma Caviar Boutique & Bar. Located in the prestigious Plaza Food Hall inside The Plaza Hotel, Olma is a prime luxury spot to seduce your taste buds with the finest selection of black & red caviar…paired with champagne, of course.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, this elite caviar producer was founded in 2001. Dozens of types of Olma’s black and red caviars are imported from overseas and Alaska. From lavish, juicy sweet Salmon Red Caviar, to profoundly nutty tasting Hackleback Caviar and more, Olma certainly offers a luxurious selection of this delicacy to guests.

A Look at the U.S. Final of the Diplomático Rum World Tournament

The judges have spoken. Nick Meyer of Brilliantshine in Santa Monica, California, won over the judges in the U.S. final competition of the Diplomático Rum World Tournament with his cocktail “Chimpin’ Aint Easy”. Meyer will now be the U.S. Ambassador at the World Tournament in Venezuela this upcoming April where representatives from 28 countries will compete for the title of Diplomático World Ambassador. The U.S final competition took place this past Monday, January 12th, at the Domaine Select Wine Estates headquarters in New York City.

Italian Resto SD26 Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Fundraising Bash

Yes, it’s Monday again so how about a little pick-me-up: SD26, the high-end Italian eatery in Flatiron, is celebrating their 5th Anniversary tomorrow (Tuesday, January 20th) with a delicious fundraising bash, and you can still get in for some good time, great food, all for cool cause.

Successor to owner Tony May’s San Domenico restaurant, which flourished on Central Park South for two decades, SD26 is a contemporary update on its more stately and classic predecessor. SD26’s sleek interior and iPad-clad wine-list may point to the restaurant’s repositioning towards a younger crowd but the restaurant’s acclaimed, modern interpretations of classic Italian/Mediterranean cuisine still marks the establishment as a destination for NYC gourmands of any generation.

Hungry for Apps?

1) Delectable

This app is for all the wine lovers dreaming of becoming wine connoisseurs. Simply snap a photo of a wine label and get ratings and other information instantaneously (#fakeittillyoumakeit). This easy to use app lets you keep track of your favorite wines and share recommendations with your friends. App users are able to see what is trending and new wines on the market. The best part of this app is users are able to buy wine right from their phones and have wine delivered anywhere you want! This app is free and is available for iPhone users.

Whisky Live Returns for its 11th Anniversary to Chelsea Piers

Produced by Whisky Magazine, the annnual renowned tasting event, Whisky Live, is one of New York's most exciting evening to whisky lovers! This event is an undeniably splendid chance to sample premium single malt scotches, bourbons, ryes and Irish whiskies on Manhattan's waterfront with stunning views of the Hudson river. Not only is it a platform to taste but also to mingle with representatives from very well known distillieries like Johnnie Walker, Glenmorangie, Ardberg, The Glenlivet, Beam and Heaven Hill. Whisky Live features award-winning whiskies from producers across America and internationally (Scotland, Ireland, Australia, etc.).

Webster Hall Hosting 3rd Annual Beer and Whiskey Festival

Honoring Webster Hall's historic importance and inspired to bring back the feel of the prohibition era in 1920's New York City, the organizers are taking our otherwise hip party spot back to its dapper roots. Webster Hall is opening their doors to East Ville Des Folies, a beer and whiskey festival, for over 1500 guests. That's right, four floors of rare beers and whiskeys from all over the world lavishly laid out in Webster Hall's 40,000 sq-foot venue.

As a common hangout for some of our most famous mobsters and mafia crew, Webster Hall is will be temporarily stowing away their disco ball to make space for some more era-relevant entertainment. Featuring Aerialist, Flappers and Burlesque performances by Gin Minsky, Cassandra Rosebeetleand Rosie Cheek. And that's not all. The tasting festival will further complete the experience with performances by Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra, Miss Ida Blue, Queen Esther’s Trio and Gelber and Manning.

Weekend Picks: Pinot Days New York at City Winery

This Sunday is the day that wine is made for, so let us rejoice and be glad in the celebration of Pinot Days' return to New York! From 1pm to 4pm at City Winery, approximately 1,000 particularly passionate pinot lovers will gather together with proud producers from California, Oregon, and New Zealand to revel in the glory of over 100 phenomenal wines being showcased this weekend. It is no mystery that pinot noirs are nothing to be trifled with, as any and all of the winemakers in attendance this Sunday will be happy to tell you, but that should in no way deter anyone and everyone from heading down to City Winery to partake in the discovery and celebration of wines worthy of critical acclaim and praise. If you aren't already a devoted fan of pinot noir, by the end of the day's festivities, you will be.

An evening of Art, Beer & Cheese at Sugarlift

Sugarlift is a hot new art gallery founded with the mission of connecting a new generation of artists and collectors. Launched in November of 2014, this art gallery offers the best of both worlds with offerings both online and in a brick and mortar location in Bushwick.

Last week, Blake Jordan of Hops and Hocks took a group through a tasting is a craft beers paired with cheeses with Brooklyn-based cheese enthusiast and educator Pam Brewer. With each pairing Sugarlift co-founder Wright Harvey shared a work of art from a local artist.

BEST OF The Milling Room
The Greatest Soups You'll Ever Try

With the cold and snowy weather finally making it’s debut in New York City, you’re probably looking for something to keep you warm. Lucky for you, January is also National Soup month, so let's check out some of our favorite soup-happy spots in the city.

1. The Milling Room (446 Columbus Ave.)
This brand new restaurant in the Upper West Side serves a Tuscan White Bean Soup with cabbage, tomato, and parmesan. The hearty combination comes from Chef Scott Bryan, and it is a must try for any soup lover trying to brave the chill.

New Coffee Trends of 2015

Let’s face it, coffee is no longer just a source of caffeine to get us out of bed in the morning. Coffee beans have become the canvas for a whole new genre of exotic espresso based concoctions. Consumers over the past decade have become increasingly more fascinated with where their coffee actually comes from. In response, coffee roasters have taught us that the actual roasting process is one of the most fundamental aspects when crafting the perfect cup of joe. Many coffee aficionados, like the group of innovators at Stumptown Coffee roasters, want to be transparent with their consumers, showcasing how their coffee is made from the raw green coffee beans all the way into your cup. In recent years coffee and espresso drinks have risen to the level of gourmet foods and fine wines, as roasters figure out ways to bring out the unique flavor profiles of each type of bean, among the many different varieties of beans from around the world. 2015 is already bringing us new coffee trends and if you’re wondering what’s next, here are a few coffee shops already ahead of the game.

DIY Pork and Chive Dumplings

With the New Year comes hopeful resolutions motivation to learn new skills. If you're looking to up your culinary ante, give homemade dumplings a try! The secrets to fresh and flavorful Chinese dumplings are quality meat and vegetables. The best part about making homemade dumplings is that you know exactly what you’re eating, which usually can be a questionable subject when you order from a restaurant. While dumplings taste significantly better when you make the dough from scratch, a package of dumpling wrappers can be purchased at your local Chinese grocery store. Although this dumpling recipe uses pork and chives, you could easily get creative and use anything your heart desires for the dumpling filling. Also it’s completely up to you whether you want to steam, fry or boil your little works of art once they’re assembled.