Chill Out With Summer "Poptails" - Cocktail Popsicles That Is

There’s no shame in packing some alcohol when you’re going on a picnic, right? Of course not! That being said, it’s much more fun to mix-up the booze and turn it into a sweet treat for your next summer outing. Say hello to spiked popsicles, the trendy dessert which satisfies your sweet tooth with a playful kick of alcohol. The next time you’re going out in the summer heat, pack these refreshers in a cooler to take with you, and indulge in some outdoor fun coupled with “adult” sweets.


Cuba Brings Old Havana to the West Village

Story by Rachel Montella

Photography by Shiri Lara

It’s summertime in the city, and let’s be honest…we’re all secretly longing for an escape to some faraway paradise where we can relax with a mojito in our hand. And while we may not be able to jet down to Havana for the weekend, we can definitely experience its cuisine, culture, and music at Cuba in the heart of the West Village.

From the moment we stepped through the door, we were instantly amazed by the vibrant atmosphere. The rhythmic beats of salsa music filled the air, and at a small table in the front, there was a man hand-rolling cigars. The aromas of traditional Cuban cuisine wafted through the dining room. It felt like we had been transported, and Thompson Street had somehow become a street in Old Havana.

Instant Cupcakes…From a Spray Can

We’ve all heard of the sinfully delicious ‘Microwave Mug Cake,’ or ‘5-minute cake’…but what about Spray Cake? This cake-batter-in-a-can fad is taking instant cake to an entire new level. When you’re in the mood for a freshly baked cupcake…expect it ASAP. An innovative way to prepare cupcakes and cakes by simply adding heat, Spray Cake utilizes ‘on-demand organic’ batter in an aerosolized can.

When using Spray Cake, your cupcakes will be popping out of the oven in less than a minute. And as far as freshness goes, this instant batter stays fresh for weeks (so you can splurge whenever you'd like)!

All Hail National Scotch Day

This Sunday, July 27th is an extremely exciting, anticipated holiday for Scotch connoisseurs and fanatics. All hail National Scotch Day!

* Hakkasan New York

For those celebrating National Scotch Day in the city, you are in for an awesome treat. A prime venue to sip and savor top-notch Scotch on this festive date is Hakkasan New York. Whether you choose to relish the venue’s scrumptious signature dim-sum brunch, or are craving a divine dinner, Hakkasan’s modern-Cantonese fare pairs ultimately with the venue’s impressive Scotch selection.

Celebrate National Tequila Day--Here's How!

Today is National Tequila Day. We don’t know why, exactly, but we do know that it’s a great excuse to bust out all of your favorite tequila cocktails, and try out some brand new ones, too! Here are all the exciting, tequila-themed ways to celebrate today.

Troy Liquor Bar (Downstairs, 675 Hudson St.) is serving a brand-new cocktail, the Forbidden Fruit, made with Don Julio Silver, Yellow Chartreuse, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and simple syrup for an modern, herbaceous twist on the classic paloma.

NYC Restaurant Week 2014, A User's Manual

From Monday, July 21st to Friday, August 15th a grand total of 314 restaurants will offer NYC their best prix fixe menus at $25 for lunch or $38 for dinner. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down your search by selecting a few favorites, old and new, which are sure to give you a great dining experience worth remembering.

Returning Spots


NYC's Trendiest Go-To Cafe

Located within the quaintness and charm of the West Village, Presstea™ is a staple to this trendy neighborhood. Not only do coffee lovers willingly convert to tea fanatics at this café; Presstea™ completely revitalizes and changes the way we look, taste and think about tea. The unique signature tea drinks are made with a creative modern technique, comparable to an espresso machine: “it presses the tea leaves to release concentrated shots, extracting more of the tea’s flavor than traditional methods.” Say goodbye to bland teas and sugary coffee drinks from chain cafes…because once your taste buds meet Presstea™, you will never want to go back!

NYC's Sexiest Hot Dogs

The age old saying goes, “Less is more,” but for one day, and one day only, we would like to challenge this. Wednesday, July 23rd marks National Hot Dog day and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the classic American treat in modern fashion. Eateries all over NYC are offering indulgent, savory takes on the old-time staple and all of them will leave your mouth watering. We’ve rounded up our top picks just for you, and with only a few days left till the big day, you better get to picking!

1. The Ditch Dog at Ditch Plains (29 Bedford St.)-

Weekend Pick: The Bacon and Beer Classic at Citi Field

Is this what heaven looks like?

Baseball has long been one of America’s favorite pastimes. Add to the mix some bacon and beer, and well, you have pretty much any American’s best day ever.

Cannonball Productions is bringing the Bacon and Beer Classic to Citi Field on July 26th. Guests will have a chance to attend a brunch session from 12pm until 3pm, and/or an evening session from 7pm until 10pm. If attending both sessions, you will need an individual ticket for each one, and note, all VIP ticket holders will be admitted one hour earlier. Who wouldn’t want an extra hour for all the beer and bacon you can eat and drink?

Boyz II Men Celebrates The Return of Wendy's Pretzel Bun

Boyz II Men is back again to celebrate Wendy’s Pretzel bun! They recently released their #PretzelLoveSongs video celebrating fan’s joy of being reunited with the pretzel bun, which Wendy’s announced is back this summer on both its Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and Pretzel Pub Chicken. Be sure to check out the video on Wendy’s Facebook and YouTube playlist