NYC Restaurant Week 2014, A User's Manual

From Monday, July 21st to Friday, August 15th a grand total of 314 restaurants will offer NYC their best prix fixe menus at $25 for lunch or $38 for dinner. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down your search by selecting a few favorites, old and new, which are sure to give you a great dining experience worth remembering.

Returning Spots


Make Any Occasion a Sweet Cupcasion

What better reason to venture out of the city than for gourmet cupcakes? Located in the quaint and charming downtown Milford, CT, Sweet Cupcasions is the perfect place to satisfy your sugary indulgences with a unique, beautifully decorated treat.

Joonbug visited this chic cupcake boutique over the weekend and completely fell in love. When craving a top-notch cupcake, Sweet Cupcasions has every foodie and cupcake connoisseur sinfully covered. Claiming fame from winning a divine victory on the Food Network's notorious show, "Cupcake Wars," this cupcakery never fails to delight and impress. From the trendy interior design of the shop and pretty cupcake pedestals lining the tables, to the fancy cupcakes and cakes, Sweet Cupcasions offers the best of the best to guests.

NYC's Trendiest Go-To Cafe

Located within the quaintness and charm of the West Village, Presstea™ is a staple to this trendy neighborhood. Not only do coffee lovers willingly convert to tea fanatics at this café; Presstea™ completely revitalizes and changes the way we look, taste and think about tea. The unique signature tea drinks are made with a creative modern technique, comparable to an espresso machine: “it presses the tea leaves to release concentrated shots, extracting more of the tea’s flavor than traditional methods.” Say goodbye to bland teas and sugary coffee drinks from chain cafes…because once your taste buds meet Presstea™, you will never want to go back!

NYC's Sexiest Hot Dogs

The age old saying goes, “Less is more,” but for one day, and one day only, we would like to challenge this. Wednesday, July 23rd marks National Hot Dog day and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the classic American treat in modern fashion. Eateries all over NYC are offering indulgent, savory takes on the old-time staple and all of them will leave your mouth watering. We’ve rounded up our top picks just for you, and with only a few days left till the big day, you better get to picking!

1. The Ditch Dog at Ditch Plains (29 Bedford St.)-

Weekend Pick: The Bacon and Beer Classic at Citi Field

Is this what heaven looks like?

Baseball has long been one of America’s favorite pastimes. Add to the mix some bacon and beer, and well, you have pretty much any American’s best day ever.

Cannonball Productions is bringing the Bacon and Beer Classic to Citi Field on July 26th. Guests will have a chance to attend a brunch session from 12pm until 3pm, and/or an evening session from 7pm until 10pm. If attending both sessions, you will need an individual ticket for each one, and note, all VIP ticket holders will be admitted one hour earlier. Who wouldn’t want an extra hour for all the beer and bacon you can eat and drink?

Boyz II Men Celebrates The Return of Wendy's Pretzel Bun

Boyz II Men is back again to celebrate Wendy’s Pretzel bun! They recently released their #PretzelLoveSongs video celebrating fan’s joy of being reunited with the pretzel bun, which Wendy’s announced is back this summer on both its Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and Pretzel Pub Chicken. Be sure to check out the video on Wendy’s Facebook and YouTube playlist

French Fries: Fully Loaded

Who actually hates french fries? No one that's who!

French fries are the ultimate, indulgent snack food. A good old classic, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, tastes, and fun. And in more recent years, loaded fries are becoming a bigger staple in the food industry, as this model allows you to, quite literally, put anything on them. If you love fancy, unique fries as much as we do here at, then check out this list of some of the best and most unique loaded French fry concoctions!

1. S’mores Fries at Sticky’s Finger Joint (484 3rd Ave.)-
We’ve told you about Sticky’s Finger Joint’s newest location before, but this fun restaurant is taking their menu to a new level (as hard as that is) with their loaded fries. Their fries are already delicious and loaded, but they are now offering S’mores Fries. Sweet and savory goodness are meeting crispy perfection with this mixture. These fries are topped with a homemade marshmallow sauce, homemade chocolate sauce, tiny marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then nothing will.

Applebee's is Officially Possibly Enforcing "No Tech Tuesday," Maybe

Isn’t it annoying when the person you’re eating with is texting the entire time? Or, even worse, when there’s a loud telephone conversation happening at the table next to you? Well, it seems that Applebee’s has begun taking steps to prohibit cellphone use one day per week with their latest program: No Tech Tuesday!

Or… maybe they aren’t? The phrase is self explanatory — no technology on Tuesdays — but the company claims to have no plans to restrict tech usage at the present time. So far, Applebee's has only filed the trademark application, but with the family-forward movements they’ve been making as of late, this could potentially assist in drawing in an older crowd to dine during the week. For a short period of time, representatives refused to comment on the reasoning behind the trademarking of this phrase. Finally, spokesman Dan Smith stated that guests can use technology however they’d like, and the trademark is simply to protect themselves in the future. According to Mr. Smith, "There's absolutely zero percent linkage between No Tech Tuesday and anything in the restaurant."

Where to Find New York's Best Gelato this Summer Season

MarieBelle (484 Broome St.):

This adorable little shop located in SoHo is already well known for its individually-handcrafted chocolate ganaches and hot and iced chocolates, even called "divinely decadent" by Oprah! But the chocolatier Maribel Lieberman has expanded her cafe and just introduced gelato to the summer menu, which is already proving very popular thanks to its unique flavors. The rose petal, which is made by infusing real rose petals, tastes just like a rose freshly plucked from a bush, and the lavender somehow tastes just as the flower smells. More interesting flavors of the perfectly-thick gelato include the matcha green tea and espresso, as well as pistachio, mint chocolate chip, hazelnut and vanilla. Their espresso (both gelato and brewed drinks) use an exclusive brand of coffee; MarieBelle was handpicked by the marketer. MarieBelle also introduced a line of sorbet with the gelato, including powerfully strong flavors of fruits of the season such as passion fruit, lychee, mango and coconut.

Your NYC Dumpling Guide Book

Dumplings are growing in popularity in NYC, thanks to their tastiness and low price. Seriously, you can find them for only them $2 for 6. They can be found at many different types of restaurants: Chinese, Italian, and Russian; it all depends on the type of flavor and style you want. If you are living in NYC or visiting be sure to check out some of our favorite restaurants that are serving dumplings, and prepare to enter dumpling heaven!

1. Mimi Cheng’s (179 Second Ave)-
This new restaurant opened early July and found its home in the East Village. They offer three different types of dumplings (chicken & zucchini, pork & cabbage, egg, mushrooms, kale, & zucchini), and dessert dumplings, all served with Mimi’s Secret Sauce. The best part about Mimi Cheng’s is you can only get these delicious dumplings if you visit the store, in order to preserve freshness and to make sure you eat them immediately. Although it is relatively new, the home feel from their dumplings, will easily make it one of the top places in NYC in next few years.