In Case You Were Wondering Where to Grab the Best Truffle Dishes in NYC

1. Juni(12 E 31st St.)

Shaun Hergatt’s new restaurant is offering truffles in all varieties. The fine dining eatery has a boast-worthy menu filled with items that make your mouth water at the mere mention of the ingredients. Chef Hergatt is taking advantage of the season with his many uses of the ever popular truffle. Serving black salsify agnolotto with Parmesan cream sauce and white truffles and pommes puree with white truffles, Juni is definitely mastering the art of truffle creations. For your dessert fix, there is also homemade vanilla ice cream covered in truffles.

Getting Creative With Candy Corn for National Candy Corn Day

Candy Corn has been a symbol of Halloween for over a century. George Renninger, an employee of the Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia, first invented candy corn but the credit for sale and production of this innovative tri-colored candy is mostly attributed to the Goelitz Confectionary Company, now known as Jelly Belly! This tiny kernel shaped, yellow, orange and white sugary morsel has made it’s way into every trick-or-treater’s candy bag, every store front window display, every Halloween party and most importantly has influenced years and years of Halloween themed recipes and family traditions. This year for National Candy Corn Day we have summed up three impressive candy corn recipes for you to whip up that are sure to impress your friends and family: An Amaretto Spiked Candy Corn smoothie, Spooky and Nutty Candy Corn Biscotti and last but not least, Trick-or-Treat Salty and Sweet Chocolate Bacon Fudge!

BEST OF Pizzatteria Brunetti
Because We're All About that Pumpkin

1.) Pizzetteria Brunetti (626 Hudson St, New York, NY.)

This cozy West Village gem is the perfect environment to get intimate with a pumpkin pizza pie. The pumpkin puree is rich and decadent, and thin discs of pancetta blanketing the puffy dough cuts through the sweetness with just the right amount of salt. The addition of burrata and gorgonzola don’t hurt either, especially if you start the meal with one of Brunetti’s glorious salads to make yourself feel better. Go and revel in all its autumnal glory before you blink and it's Christmas.

Andaz 5th Avenue Hosts Stellar Weekend Mixology Class

Andaz 5th Avenue hosted the second installment of their monthly mixology class that centers around Broadway musicals. This month’s theme was Cinderella and featured a “Royal Slipper” cocktail. The classes that run for about 90 minutes take place in the Bar Downstairs of Andaz 5th Avenue.

Led by Andaz’s highly trained mixologists, Shane McGowan and Sean Diener, the class started off with a little history behind famous cocktails like the Tom Collins and the Clover Club, named after pre-prohibition men’s club in Philadelphia. As we got our history lesson we sipped the drinks as well as sampling different types of Vermouth. We then learned a few tricks of the trade including the use of citric acid, how to make your own syrups, the importance of water content, ice cube size and more. After finishing a few cocktails we took a break to do some mixing of our own.With a little help from Shane and Sean, we made perfect whiskey sours combining bitters, egg whites, lemon juice, sugar and Bourbon. While our shaking skills could use some fine-tuning, the drinks came out perfectly.

Run To These Places For Brunch After The NYC Marathon

The racers have lined up at the starting line, and while the excitement of the day gets their adrenaline pumping, we have something else running through our minds: food!

This Sunday, November 2nd is the annual New York City Marathon, and while runners from across the country are gearing up to complete their 26.2 mile race, the spectators have their own plans to make. To help you choose the best spots to dine during the race, we’ve paired the NYC Marathon with a piece of Big Apple Culture that every local loves: brunch.

An Afternoon at Rasa in Greenwich Village

Have you ever had Malaysian cuisine? Maybe you have been lucky enough to try it at some point but we had not until we had the opportunity to enjoy a lunch at Rasa in the in the heart of Greenwich Village. What is Malaysian cuisine you may be asking? Malaysian cuisine is an amalgamation of various food cultures from around the globe and the country's dining scene has evolved remarkably over the decades.

Malaysia's culinary style is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and Arabian cuisines with a touch of Portuguese thrown in for good measure and is thus one of the most vibrant and talked-about in South East Asia.

Fall flavors arrive at FP Patisserie

As the days grow darker and shorter, nothing says fall like filling up on delicious and homemade comfort food. Chef Francois Payard is welcoming back the season with the launch of his fall menu at his upper Eastside location FP Patisserie.

The dining area is found in the back of the Upper Eastside FP Patisserie and is filled with tufted caramel and leather, which sets the scene for enjoying the perfect fall flavors such as truffles, gruyère cheese, and butternut squash.

Excited to try some of his heartier fare, we enjoyed the savory Goat Cheese Tart (caramelized onions and goat cheese on a puff pastry) and one of the most amazing sandwiches we've had in a long while: The Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Panini. This features imported buffalo mozzarella, plum tomatoes, basil, and a homemade basil pesto on a kalamata olive bread that is like no other. Other fall items include a Fresh Autumnal Salad and a flavorful Harvest Salmon - each artfully walking the line between rustic and refined.

New York's Second Annual Champagne Week

If there were ever a beverage to celebrate, it should rightfully be the one we drink most often at celebratory moments. If you couldn’t have guessed from the preceding sentence, we are talking about champagne. November 3rd through November 7th marks New York City’s second annual Champagne Week, which highlights the best of the bubbly for your tasting and partying pleasure. There will be exclusive tastings, cocktail competitions, parties, and more, held all over the city to showcase and highlight the diversity and deliciousness of the world's classiest beverage.

To Not Eat At All of These Places Right Now Would Be Naansense

Although you can find any type of food in New York, finding the perfect cuisine for your pallete isn’t always the easiest thing. Especially, if you’re looking for Indian food in the city. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded out some of our favorite place we know you’ll love.

1. Haldi (102 Lexington Ave.)-
This new restaurant was opened recently, and we can say you won’t be disappointed! Haldi offers traditional Indian food with vegetarian options. With their extensive menu, guests can choose from options like: Vegetable Manchurian (vegetable balls in a ginger soy gravy), Peanut Masala (roasted peanuts tossed with onions, lime and chaat masala), or Tand Chicken (Skewered chicken on the bone).

Wall Street Welcomes New Restaurant Dina Rata at the Andaz Hotel

In the heart of the Financial District, right where Pearl Street meets Wall Street, is the gorgeous Andaz Wall Street hotel. With a seasonal Biergarten showcasing local and German brews, as well as a farmer’s market within the courtyard of the property, the Andaz Wall Street (Andaz meaning “unique style” in Hindu) lives up to its name and spices up the financial district with its cozy and modern vibe. The hotel has warm color tones and a spacious atmosphere, a quality difficult to find in most Manhattan hotels. Andaz Wall Street welcomes all guests, whether it may be while traveling for business or for pleasure.

For People Who Love Television So Much, They Want to Eat It

Turn off your Netflix and look over here! It’s no secret that TV junkies can purchase merchandise from their favorite shows, and for every program which features food, we can expect a specialty cookbook to come out for your purchasing pleasure. So, for all you foodies out there who love nothing more than dining in front of your TV screens, we’ve got the cookbook rundown that places you right inside of the box and at dinner with your favorite characters.

1. Orange Is The New Black - Yum, prison food! The book is designed to feature better versions of the meals in the show, even though we all know that nothing could beat Red’s cooking. Not only does this include recipes approved by the show’s producers, but it also features power charts from Red’s vs. Gloria’s kitchen, Daya’s pregnancy journal, and Lorna’s prison glossary. If you saw something you liked on the show, then you can expect to find it here, as every dish in the book was referenced at some point in Seasons 1 and 2. Don’t worry about needing to smuggle in any ingredients though. Leave that to your favorite inmates.