Baja Meets New York!


Mexico makes wine?  Who knew. Tequila, yes.  Queso, yes.  Guacamole, hell yes. But wine?  This is something new to even the most wine obsessed. 

The Latin Kitchen and Wine Enthusiast, together with Mexico Tourism, Baja Tourism, and Delta Airlines are extremely proud to announce the launch of Baja Meets New York, a weeklong series of events and tastings celebrating all things Mexico. With Latin cuisine quickly pulling ahead in the ethnic food race, both in New York and globally, events showcasing the work of authentic Mexican chefs and winemakers makes for a fantastic way for New Yorkers to gain exposure to food and wine that may not make a regular appearance in their culinary leanings. 

As far as the vineyards go, there have been vines in Baja since the 1700’s, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that more efficient vineyard maintenance practices allowed Mexico’s wine production to truly blossom.  The Valle de Guadalupe, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast in particular is rumored to be the Latin American Napa Valley, boasting over 50 wineries and a smattering of Mexico’s most reputable chefs. 

Baja Meets New York is an exceptional amalgamation of events meant to celebrate the food and wine of the region, as well as encourage travel.  Our slight obsession with Mexican food is making us dizzy with anticipation for the week of February 26th to roll around. 

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