Bill is Back
Monday, November 19, 2012 at 04:11 PM | Blaine Ashley
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Well, sort of. Any NY bar aficionado knew Bill’s Gay Nineties. We loved the midtown watering hole and one-time speakeasy that was actually in existence for a full 88-year stretch. Sadly, last year when the lease was cut, we thought we bid adieu for forever, but fortunately Bill’s is back with a brand new, updated interior, amped up food menu and its classic simple and straightforward appeal.

This go-round Bill’s will be called just that. The bar is new but with an antique feel and keeping its former croquet mallet, golf club and vintage team photo décor. Also still left is the infamous downstairs bar piano, old school entrance phone booth and silver-dollar “Bill’s” sign in the floor tiles.

On the real upside is a new and improved food menu debuting a shareable veal shank plate, smoked bacon chops and house Bolognese. Cocktails and beer too of course!

Welcome back Bill, you’ve been missed.

Bill's is located at 57 E 54th St (between Park and Madison) New York 212-518-2727

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