Booze Bracelet To Track Lushy Gala Goers
Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 03:20 PM | Jen King
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If you have ever attended a food or wine festival of any kind you know it is nearly impossible to remember what you ate and drank if someone asks you the following day. If you cannot remember what it was you surely won’t be able to recall the ingredients, methods used, or history and inspiration of the said dish or beverage. Now you won’t have to rack your brain in the morning or type into the notes section of your Smartphone every time you happily sampled a memorable food. The Manhattan Cocktail Classic has devised a plan to help their 3,500 guests at the 3rd annual Gala on May 11th at the New York Public Library to remember the cocktails they sampled. The Gala, which sold out in only a matter of minutes, is a very suitable place for the debut of this ingenious new technology due to the amount of drinks being served. Like mama always said, “never mix types of liquor, it’s a cocktail for a hangover” and a very blurry memory. Gala guests will each receive an electronic tracking bracelet enabled with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Hopefully, the bracelet will not clash with the black tie dress code (or the drunken privacy of its attendees). What the tracking bracelet can do is not as stalker as it sounds but will be quite useful and will allow people to have a more interactive experience at the Gala. Especially when trying to remember it the next day. The bracelet will allow guests to record the types of drinks they drank, upload pictures, check in on Facebook, and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be able to “tap-to-Like selected guests’ outfits” all by a simple tap on the bracelet. On the Monday following the Gala each guests will receive a customized email containing a recipe for each drink they sampled at the event. We assume that when last call is called at the Gala guests will have to place their bracelet in a receptacle by the door, like at the glasses for 3D movies, but at least guests will receive the customized cocktail recipe email after they return their tracking bracelet.

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