Magnolia Bakery Getting a Little "Carried Away"

Looks like movie theaters aren't the only ones getting "carried away" these days. No doubt to jack up their sales to un-Godly heights throughout the premiere week for Sex and the City 2, Magnolia Bakery, according to Grub Street, is now offering a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired cupcake - vanilla with pink buttercream frosting.


1. Why is pink designated the Carrie Bradshaw color? Has the girl never worn another color?

2. Vanilla with pink buttercream frosting? Has that really never been done at Magnolia's?

3. Give me something more, man. We're talking Carrie couture Bradshaw. Dress it up in some Manolo branded high-heel-shaped sprinkles and then I'll consider it authentic.

4. We get it. The movie is coming out on May 27th and you want to cash in. Kudos?

If you as under-whelmed as I am, head over to Grub Street for a fun little stroll through a list of 15 different ways to stifle the madness