Make Your Own Sushi at Pink Nori
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 01:10 PM | Emily Murphy
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Pink Nori is set to open next week in Astoria with a concept that makes sense: Make your own sushi. It's so simple we can't believe no one's done it before. If you've ever passed up on a delicious maki roll because you didn't like one of the ingredients or were always tempted to put guacamole on spicy tuna, then this restaurant may be the solution. 

The eatery will employ the same formula as Pinkberry or Chipotle. Customers will be able to choose their favorite toppings and their personal sushi roll will be made to order. The place will include some standard choices with other, stranger options, like potato chips or jalapeños. The name "Pink Nori" refers to mamenori, a type of soybean paper that sometimes replaces traditional nori, which is made from seaweed. 

Jesse Tang, a 22-year-old entrepreneur who recently graduated from Stony Brook University, came up with the idea because of his love of sushi combined with his hatred of shrimp. He figured customers should be able to have their food how they want it, no excuses. The concept for Pink Nori won Tang $10,000 in last May's Long Island Young Entrepreneur Challenge, which he put toward marketing the restaurant. His father, Danny Tang, who is also a restaurateur, is helping him run the business. 

Pink Nori will open up at 36-06 30th Avenue in Astoria. 

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