Off the Beaten Path: 4 Dining Gems in NYC
Monday, February 20, 2012 at 11:00 AM | Amanda Mactas
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You may think you know NYC inside and out...but you're wrong. Skip the high-end haunts that are sure to be overcrowded and impossible to get into without a reservation. Instead, head to one of these lesser known, but equally (or even more) tasty joints. These places are sure to satisfy your craving and won't rob you of that hard-earned cash.


 La Nacional: Although this place may look a little dumpy on the outside, it's what's on your plate that really matters here. The tapas here are the most authentic I've tasted since living in Spain (no joke), and they even carry the elusive tinto de verano ($6). Spaniards - you know what I'm talking about (red wine w/ sparkling lemonade for those who don't). Order up a bunch of small plates or splurge on paella...either way, you'll go home happy.



Luzzo's: Venture into the cozy confines of chef Michele Iuliano's first of three NYC restaurants for some divine snacking. His Neapolitan pizza is deliciously light and won't leave you three sizes bigger post-meal. The joint is small, but gives off a warm vibe as if you were in a small, friendly Italian village. You know this place is the bee's knees when a long time customer thought the food was so good he had to become a part-owner (true story!).



Dafni Greek Taverna: Just because you'll be stepping out of Times Square and into this tucked up tavern is no reason to write it off as a tourist magnet. Cuddle up with someone special at this Grecian food palace for authentic bites and an exclusively Greek wine list.





El Parador: It might not be quite off the beaten path, but New York's oldest Mexican hub is surely one of its best. This friendly space whips up margaritas that are to die for and entrees to match. Blockheads doesn't hold a candle to this authentic NYC staple. Read more about what El Parador has to offer here.

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