The Ace Hotel Trying for a Full House with the Breslin
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 03:53 PM | Adem Cengiz
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The Breslin, a new restaurant and all-around meat-obsessed chophouse located in the Ace Hotel on 20 W. 29th Street, is the final phase of the Ace’s re-imagined space designed by Roman & Williams.

In what is quickly becoming the next hipster hangout, the Ace Hotel is about to open it’s finely crafted meat devouring station next to its rock ’n’ roll-themed lobby bar. From the two swine slayers at the Spotted Pig, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, The Breslin (named after the historic building occupied by the Ace Hotel) is currently in operation for private parties and events, and will open its doors to the public in the coming weeks.

Steadily rising in popularity since its opening this summer, the hotel and lobby bar has had the hype turned up with this new addition, especially among the hipster cohorts and their love for all things Ace. (The hotel’s starkly designed lobby and rooms, and inclusion of Stumptown Café have been gathering popularity.) Just as well, the Jane’s star status is fading as Bridge & Tunnel and bad press destroy its chic factor, and all the cool kids have got to hang out somewhere.

Bloomfield will be drawing from her extensive abilities perfected at the shuttered John Dory. Some meat-centric dishes that will be appearing at Breslin include, homemade sausage, several terrines, guinea hen, and curried lamb. A special meal that can be ordered to the only reservation table, a thick wood-made 12-seater, is an entire milk-fed pig..

Pulling off the Pig’s British gastro-pub theme, and the Dory’s unrelentingly excellent meaty dishes, the Ace may live up to its name. The Breslin features a look reminiscent of early 20th century British pubs, with an antiquated mahogany bar and booths wrapped in the iconic “tavern green.” They have even repurposed rough-cut wood slabs for a stylishly unfinished-looking floor. To the romantic’s delight, the dining area also includes several private booths, with curtains and attendant call-buttons included.

The Breslin has already begun serving the lobby and room service menus, and the retro-styled Smeg fridges in some of the local-art-filled rooms have been stocked with pork scratchings and other snacks of Bloomfield’s design.



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