Top Wine Picks for your T-Day Table
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 04:54 PM | Blaine Ashley
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Turkey check. Stuffing check. Pumpkin pie check. Now it’s time to select your perfect Thanksgiving meal wine or five. Here are some of our favorite picks to complement your feast.

2010 Chateau Cambon Beaujolais $17.99

A puree of summer fruit flavors with red currant and cranberries at the fore, followed by a beautiful, almost haunting earthiness reminiscent of the soil and stones after a spring rain...this pick perfectly complements decadent bourbon sweet potatoes or Southern style oyster stuffing.

2010 Castello Di Stefanago Riesling “San Rocco” Provincia Di Pavia ICT $25.99

Grown in the vineyard, “Vigna San Rocco” in clay and limestone soils, these grapes are grown according to Organci regulations and are thinned and hand-harvested with selection of grapes. Revel in sweetish, partly candied fruit on the palate, nutty notes, some caramel, elegant acidity, and light oak that all lead to an attractive finish. This steel-produced Riesling will impressively offset the boldness of a spiced turkey.

2010 Domaine Robert Chevillon – Bourgogne Passetoutgrain $26.99

Its color is often fairly intense while its aromas are fruity, fresh and not very tannic. And, the taste – cherries and woody appeal, all wrapped into one. This choice is ideal for your cheese or degustation course. Cheers!

NV Parigot – Rose Crement De Bourgogne $20.39

Made exclusively from Pinot Noir, the variety of the highly reputed wines from Burgundy, Parigot Rosé contains all of its characteristics. Its enchanting, fruity nose as well as its fine effervescence makes this pick ever-so-charming while the real pleasure is in the mouth: vivacity, character, and youthfulness, coming from the union of roundness and elegance. This wine is a delicious complement to any holiday dessert!

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