The Most Popular International Beers, Ranked

This Friday is International Beer Day, which combines two of our favorite things: learning about new cultures and drinking. In honor of this most sacred holiday, we gathered together some of the most popular lagers and ales from around the world, and then checked in with the beer geeks at to rank them from best to worst.

1. Of course the country with the best taste in beer is Germany. Beer and Germany go together like peanut butter and jelly, or that one Grease song where everyone just shouts random noises. Their fave is the Krombacher Pils.

You Are Cordially Invited to Chili Heaven

The only thing hotter this summer than heat, is Zeppelin Hall’s Annual Chili Mania debuting this weekend August 1st-August 10th. If you’re a fan of all things hot and spicy then you won’t want to miss it!

The menu features 13 different types of chili dishes including: classic Four Alarm Chili (ground beef, Fresno chilies, chipotle peppers, six different kinds of chili powder and kidney beans), Route 666 Ten Alarm Chili (lets just say you have to sign a waiver before eating this one), Texas Elk Chili, Octopus and Shrimp Chili Nachos, Wagyu beef hot dogs topped with Wagyu Chili, Alligator Chili Tacos, Lamb Chili Gyro, and finally Chocolate Chili (includes mini marshmallows, jalapeno caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream). Even with these endless spicy chili dishes, Zeppelin Hall is also offering another option for vegetarians and vegans: Vegan Chili Baked Potato (filled with wild mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted peppers, and red kidney beans).

The Best Summer Brunches in Brunch City

Brunch is the most important meal of the weekend, especially here in New York. Well, whether you are looking for bottomless brunch, good food, or just a great environment, we have all of the must-try places for brunch here in the city. These great places are ther perfect spots to check out this summer if you want a unique and fun time at brunch!

1. Beauty and Essex (146 Essex Street)

Beauty and Essex is more than a great brunch stop -- it's a great restaurant to hit up for any meal of the day.

Here Are NYC's Best Oyster Bars, and You're Welcome

The food holidays never end! Get ready to head under the sea, as August starts off with a nautical bang — National Oyster Day. Tuesday, August 5th marks the official date of pearly bi-valve celebration, and restaurants all throughout Manhattan are sprucing up their raw bars just for the occasion.

To help you choose where to dine this year, we’ve gathered together an Oyster Day Roundup which shows off the go-to eateries for the occasion.


Fourth Annual “Brooklyn Pour” Craft Beer Festival

Are you an indecisive beer drinker? Do you have a hard time choosing between your favorite brews? Well, this event is for you. The Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival features over 100 different kinds of foods for you to choose from.

On Saturday, September 27th, the fourth annual “Brooklyn Pour” Craft Beer Festival will take place, hosted by Village Voice. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for adults. With the option to drink every kind of beer you can think of, (though we suggest you don’t) this is the beer drinker’s dream.

Weekend Pick: Edible Manhattan presents Good Beer Eve at 82Mercer

There's no beer like good beer, right? We're glad you agree, because Edible Manhattan is celebrating Good Beer Eve this week with craft brews and choice eats perfect for beating that pesky summer heat. This Thursday, July 31st, between 6pm and 9pm, a gathering of great breweries and fantastic New York City fair will convene at 82Mercer for your drinking and feasting pleasure.

With well-established and little-known names like Blue Point, Heartland Brewery, Sierra Nevada, Jacob's Pickles, Luke's Lobster, OYO Bourbon, and Tuthilltown Spirits all together under one roof, this is one beer and food pairing event you'll want to remember. Sponsored by Bormioli Rocco, Brooklyn Brewery, The Good Beer Seal, Whole Foods, and Taste NY, the 6th annual Good Beer Eve is your night to enjoy the finer things in life: good booze, good bites, and a great night.

Weekend Pick: "MAINE Squeeze" Rooftop Lobster Bake at Hotel Chantelle

Sunday brunch is pretty much religious law here in NYC, but what to do after brunch? It's not like the Eggs Benedict and Mimosas last forever (no matter how bad we wish they would). For those of you who don't know what to do with those hours between the end of brunch and the beginning of True Blood or The Strain, depending on where your vampire allegiance lies, Hotel Chantelle's got something for you.

Bottlenotes: Around the World in 80 Sips

The place to be in the Hamptons this past Saturday, July 26th, was the 2nd Annual Bottlenotes: Around the World in 80 Sips wine tasting event. Seasoned wine lovers and beginners alike sampled a wide variety of wines from five continents with accompanying delicious hors d’oeuvres. Under a high wood-beamed ceiling covered with lanterns and lights, patrons truly took a tour of some of the finest wines around the globe. Devine chocolates courtesy of Brix and creamy cheese and charcuterie platters provided attendees the perfect pairings for each unique sip. From champagnes, unique red blends, rosés, and pinots to Sancerre, chardonnays and Malbecs, there was something for every wine lover.

After Work, Drink These

Tired of ordering vodka soda after gin and tonic because you aren’t creative enough to think of another clear colored liquor to get you to September? We thought so – and we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of summer cocktails that will help these hot, humid weeks fly by comfortably, while keeping your gin intake to a bare minimum.

1) The Woods (48 S 4th St., Williamsburg)

Though in a far flung corner of Williamsburg, The Woods has recently added an outdoor space that boasts a laid-back, reggae themed vibe – perfect for anyone’s idea of summer imbibing. We recommend the Painkiller – frozen, sprinkled with nutmeg, and packing the heaviest punch you’ve ever received from an innocuous milkshake. The ginger Mai-Tai was a close second though, spicy and refreshing, with dark rum and the familiar picante kick that comes from fresh ginger. All of the Tiki cocktails are served in festive, island themed mugs (complete with mermaids!) and the bartenders are attentive, kind, and relaxed – exactly what you need to forget that you live in an 8,000 degree city.

Andaz Wall Street Farmers' Market Debuts Delicious Produce and Unique Atmosphere

Andaz Wall Street is a beautiful hotel in Fi-Di and a haven for tourists, but they also strive to service the local community. They have recently launched a weekly farmer’s market which features some of the most unique artisanal produce from extremely passionate farms and vendors. Every Thursday, now through November you can head to 75 Wall Street and relax in Andaz’s cozy biergarten. Sip Pimm’s garnished with organic produce from the market and let the vendors give you a true lesson in the beauty of their unique production processes.

Chill Out With Summer "Poptails" - Cocktail Popsicles That Is

There’s no shame in packing some alcohol when you’re going on a picnic, right? Of course not! That being said, it’s much more fun to mix-up the booze and turn it into a sweet treat for your next summer outing. Say hello to spiked popsicles, the trendy dessert which satisfies your sweet tooth with a playful kick of alcohol. The next time you’re going out in the summer heat, pack these refreshers in a cooler to take with you, and indulge in some outdoor fun coupled with “adult” sweets.