Check Out King Arthur's New Track Kids of the Dark, Your Ears Deserve It

You're almost there champ. It's Wednesday and the weekend is so close you can almost taste Sunday brunch. Now you just need one small little push to get you through the next two days. We'll we've got it. As professional internet scavengers and lovers of Soundcloud, we have stumbled upon a tune very worthy of a place on your playlist. Up and coming artist King Arthur brings us "Kids of the Dark," an instrumental track that offers almost therapeutic potential with its stunning melody and soothing sounds. You'll want to check this one out.

Lightening in a Bottle Festival Celebrates 10 Years

Seeking a little “LiB”eration in 2015? A spirited adventure to the West Coast might be just what you’re looking for.

For its 10th anniversary, The Do LaB is hosting the Lightning in a Bottle Festival at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California between May 21st and 25th. Though the Memorial Day Weekend lineup has yet to be announced, it is expected that IS050 (Scott Hansen of Tycho) will take on the responsibility of being this year’s lead visual designer.

A “Rush-n-Get-Em” ticket sale (which will run for 24 hours) will begin on January 5th at 10:00am. Prices start at $235 for a full weekend pass, and will increase to $260 the following day as part of the “Up-And-At-Em” rate.

Steve Aoki Announces North American Tour Kicking Off Winter 2015

Great things are happening in 2015, and you have Steve Aoki to thank. The world famous DJ and music producer has just announced his return to North America with Steve Aoki’s Neon Future Experience presented by Dim Mak, kicking off in Austin, Texas on February 13th. The tour will feature a never before seen custom stage set, with visuals by V Squared Lab, known for their work with Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival. By combining both custom built LED cubes and mirrored panels, the design will allow fans to witness both depth and clarity as they experience something truly unique.

Live Show Review: Flosstradamus at Terminal 5

Known for bringing madness to every stage they hit, NYC enthusiastically welcomed Chicago natives Flosstradamus this past weekend, who after selling out their Friday night show, returned to Terminal 5 the next night. All three floors of the venue were packed by gangs of HDYBOYZ and HDYGRLZ ready to too turnt up. Opening sets from GTA, Curtis Williams and Two-9 allowed for maximum preparedness for what was to come when the headliners hit the stage

With the same amount of energy as the night before, the duo stepped to the stage and brought the party, showcasing great ease and comfort on stage as they led the crowd with all new tracks. They put absolutely everything into their set, proving that their experience has only made them stronger as musicians.

We've Handpicked the Top 10 Christmas Songs for Your Merry Listening Pleasure

Ahh Christmas is in the air. Bakeries around town are serving their most gingered confections, children everywhere tare on their A-game with good behavior, and every American citizen is at all times within a 5 block radius of a fat man in Santa Suit. Department stores far and wide play a nonstop mix of holiday tunes, and you surely cherish every second of it. This is why we have compiled a list of the best Christmas songs of all time ever. Assuming “ever” dates back to 1946.

So light a fire in the fire place, add chestnuts and enjoy. Because all you want for Christmas is some more Christmas tunes.

New Music Video: Pusha-T 'Lunch Money'

Pusha-T presents the visual for 'Lunch Money,' produced by Kanye West. In the Emil Nava directed video, a sting operation is exposed and some surveillance footage of Pusha putting in work and making moves around city, spliced with lively dancers are unveiled. The cinematic gist of the video is just enough to give us an inkling of what to expect on his forthcoming solo sophomore LP King Push. Stay tuned for what Pusha's serving up next.

Above & Beyond Release Album Preview To The World

A little over a month ahead of its scheduled release, Above & Beyond are letting fans stream previews of all 16 of We're All We Need's tracks via iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Aside from previously released singles like the album's title track featuring Zoë Johnston, 'Blue Sky Action,' and 'Sticky Fingers' featuring Alex Vargas, the British trio's third studio album features a range of new music, including main-stage anthems like 'All Over the World' and 'Fly to New York,' and slower, more intimate compositions like 'Little Something' and 'Sink The Lighthouse.' The album's full track-listing, in order of appearance in the preview stream above, can be found below.

Google's Year In Search 2014 Film Uses Porter Robinson As Soundtrack

Today, Google premiered their Year In Search 2014 film, which recaps the most definitive things people looked for and asked about this year. Alongside images of movies, music videos, sporting events, and historical moments from around the world, the video carries itself to the sounds of 'Divinity' by Porter Robinson. The track, featuring vocals by Amy Milan, is off of Porter Robinson's debut full-length album, Worlds, and its beautifully dreamy melody lends itself perfectly as the backdrop to the emotions evoked by images of the many famous faces we lost this year, including Joan Rivers, Maya Angelou, and Robin Williams, as well as hilariously uplifting clips of poplar Vines, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and scientific breakthroughs that changed lives.

The Dada Land Compound Is Coming

Dada Land, a place where champagne, balloons, bananas, and bass fatter than the juiciest sausages reign supreme, and at the center of it all lies the Dada Land Compound. Starting Friday, February 13th somewhere in the confines of Brooklyn, NY, the Dada Land Compound will begin making its way across the country, and bringing all the mystery, hype, and notoriety of a Dada Life party with it. After teasing fans with a more than cryptic trailer showing champagne going down a drain, something that wouldn't be out of the ordinary for any Dada Life show honestly, the duo has finally announced the first phase of the Dada Land Compound North American tour dates, which will run from mid-February into early April.

EARGASMIC Smile On Impact
Interview :Smile On Impact

Having just released his full length album In Space, No One Can Hear Your Boring Stories, we decided to grab a few words with the Melbourne based Smile On Impact. With the LP covering so many different sounds and styles, we wanted to hear how he went about writing it.

In three words, how would you sum up your sound?

Intergalactic Laser Crunk.

Do you have any favorites from the album?

"Heartbreak Song" with Froya is the least clubby track on the record but probably my favourite. Froya & I have mutual friends in Malaysia but have never actually met, and getting her to put down a vocal my track was super exciting. She did an amazing job and I rejigged the whole arrangement on the track to give her voice the space and focus it deserves.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Brooklynn, 'Friends'

Love can blossom from friendship, but if it fades, friendship rarely remains. Atlanta-based songstress, Brooklynn, seems to be experiencing that very conundrum in the lyrics of her heartfelt new track "Friends," being offered as a free download right here on Joonbug! "Friends" toes the line between confidence and insecurity, with Brooklynn at first crooning assuredly, "I can do it better, I can do it right, I can give you treasures every single night..." before pulling back and expressing her worries of "things will never be the same going back, no going back to friends..." Blend these conflicting emotions with a smooth beat and Brooklynn's soaring vocals for a gorgeous track that will move you to the core. Check it out the track HERE!