Mixify.com hosts the first-ever worldwide digital music festival
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 11:17 AM | Jaime Sloane
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Tired of dropping hundreds on expensive music festivals but craving all-day live DJ sets? Then start singing Mixify.com’s praises because the interactive DJing website is revolutionizing the live music market by hosting the first-ever worldwide digital music festival, UNITY. 

 UNITY Digital Music Festival will kick off on Wednesday for three days of live sets provided by DJs from five continents. The festival is a celebration of the official launch of Mixify’s brand-new platform, boasting headliners such as 3LAU, The Crystal Method and Adrian Lux from November 14-16.

Mixify is the never-ending stream of electronic music where fans can hear DJs spin live or pre-recorded music from around the world, interact with the talent in real-time chats, and converse with fellow listeners about the set. Fans are able to sort through music by genre and mood, “hype” specific parts of the mix they really dig, and browse community events featuring local DJs.

The new interface takes Mixify to the next level with crisp audio quality and authentic visuals which DJs can customize to fit the flow of their sounds. Mixify is a marketing goldmine for DJs, providing a one-stop shop for distributing content, engaging with a global fanbase, and receiving live feedback from listeners.

Users will have a chance to test out the new platform during UNITY, which will feature a blend of superstars, mainstream favorites, and a handful of up-and-comers. The festival has partnerned with music blogs such as Digilove, The Drop, Electro Italia, Electronica Oasis, ElectronicDanceMusic.com, Fist In The Air, Party Legacies, Run The Trap, Trance Hub, and The Untz. Each blog will present a set by its own favorite DJ including big-name acts like ReSeT!, Archie and Styles&Complete.

The name UNITY was crowd-sourced from Mixify’s current user base, signifying the festival and website’s ability to congregate EDM fans from around the globe under the cause of music.

We hope to bring the global dance community together for three days of groundbreaking partying,” Mixify Community Manager Victor Ma said. “Our DJs and presenting media partners span across 5 continents and touch upon every genre of dance music. Ultimately, Mixify seeks to bridge the gap between DJs and music fans from around the world, and we're launching UNITY, the first ever worldwide digital music festival, to do just that!”

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