One to Watch: Taurus
Monday, March 7, 2011 at 10:09 AM | Tamsin Holleran
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Comprising of members; Chris Morrissey, Rich Hinman, Mark Stepro and Jake Hanson, Taurus is an unsigned band that reeks of individuality. Google the band's name, or search for it on MySpace and one of the eclectic array that you will stumble across is a heavy metal Dutch band that sound suspiciously like Iron Maiden. This is not what you are looking for. Taurus, the Brooklyn based alt rock band on the other hand; is.

No strangers to the music industry, they have each worked with a mixture of talented artists, which include Ben Kweller, Mason Jennings, Rosanne Cash and more recently, Bobby Long. It is also fair to say that singer and bassist Chris Morrissey has his finger in many a proverbial music pie, moonlighting as both a bassist to some of the aforementioned acts as well as being signed to the independent jazz label, Sunnyside Records.

Producing a sound that draws from their darker influences, Taurus have an underlying melancholic resonance to their current catalogue of songs. Unlike some bands that drag you further under with their woes, Taurus interjects with softer, strategically placed melodies that pull you back just before you enter the abyss.

Born A Lion off their upcoming EP 'Cannon Falls', is a primary example of this. With riffs that would be considered repetitive if they weren't so enchanting, they accompany enigmatic lyrics such as "a special kind of loneliness", which creates a complimenting ethereal effect.

Taurus has a tendency to move away from the more formulaic musical patterns that their contemporaries are currently using and as a result it is hard to categorize them into a particular stereotype. At times they have elements of the Fleet Foxes, if the latter had been smattered with a dirtier tinge akin to Australian upbeat indie outfit; The Presets. They present a hybrid combination, fitting neatly into a void that the music world had not yet realized was there.

In a recent performance at The Bowery Ballroom they ended their set with Carolina; a good choice to finalize their melodic adventure, with the soft tone of Morrissey's vocals encapturing the tenor of this track perfectly.

Modestly describing their future sound as "We shall see", with their interests including "being together in the same place long enough to rehearse", it's almost like Taurus was born one day when they each picked up their instruments and decided to see what would happen if they played together.

The result: a pleasant auditory sensation from a band who don't seem to realize quite how good they are.

If you want to bypass the foray into the shady world of 80's glam rock searching for the band on MySpace; click here to be taken to Taurus' Facebook page instead.

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