Review: Brazilian Girls @Highline Ballroom
Friday, February 7, 2014 at 01:09 PM | Natalie Pestun
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Brazilian Girls put on a seductively fun show on Wednesday night, with openers Davi Vieira and DJ Hardedge. The Highline Ballroom was the perfect setting, with booth seating placed on the outer edges of the venue that hosted an eclectic audience who intimately enjoyed the performance. 

Davi Vieira and his "Hip Hop Axe" band opened with an explosive instrumental performance with Davi himself on the conga and lead vocals. An experience that soulfully vibrated through the room with Brazilian music rooted from Davi's home Salvador and African roots. DJ Hardedge changed the pace with bass heavy electronic songs and after a short intermission the Brazilian Girl's band members took to stage one at a time. Aaron Johnston on drums, Jesse Murphy on bass, and Didi Gutman on keyboards started the show, while Sabina Scuibba made an elegant entrance shortly after in casual shorts and tank, an understated look to what she's usually known for. 

The set was 2 hours - no one could take their eyes off Sabina and the band's persistence. The highlight of the night had to be when Davi Vieira joined Brazilian Girls on stage and provided an amazing breakdown of percussion with other musicians on saxophone and Sousaphone. Sabina played disappearing acts on us and reappeared from the crowd itself. At one point she asked the audience to partner up and dance arm-in-arm. The couples in the room eagerly accepted the invitation. "Anyone drunk and high, not just drunk or just high" in her words, were also welcomed to dance with her on stage. The energy heightened throughout the night especially during "Pussy", as these talented musicians played their hearts out; Sabina danced vivaciously along and flirted with her fans. Good vibes were had by all and we're sure glad Brazilian Girls has reunited to bring back world music that's craftily packaged into a contemporary landscape. Now we have to wait for their new album to come out. 

Tags: Eargasmic