Talking With Terravita
Friday, November 30, 2012 at 03:31 PM | Jaime Sloane
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There’s something to be said about the talent level and flexibility of artists who can produce music in more than one genre. The ability to effortlessly transcend between electro-house and heavy drum & bass is a coveted skill that most producers would kill for. Lucky for us, the men behind D&B trio Terravita and house group Hot Pink Delorean - Matt Simmers, Matt Simmers, and Jon Spero - are masters of the trade and have blessed our ears with both upbeat anthems and dirty beats. 

If you had to describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music, what would you say? That's a tough question considering we use so many aspects of so many genres of music. I suppose it’s just future bass music. We don't really like to be restrained by tempo and we like to blend a lot of different things into what we do. Everything will always be bass-driven though.

You also produce more electro-house music under the alias Hot Pink Delorean. Why did you guys decide to split your production into two separate entities and do they ever overlap?  They don't normally overlap. We did a collaboration with ourselves once, but we didn't intend to keep them separate. When Hot Pink Delorean came about, we were in an exclusive contract for Terravita and couldn't release anything under the name anywhere else and our schedule was backed up so we had to come up with a new moniker.

How does the creative process of songwriting work when you have three different producers all trying to contribute their ideas? Where do you balance each other out? We used to sit in the studio every day together and work on everything together, but obviously at this current point we're not afforded the ability to do that anymore. Matt does all our engineering and the majority of the writing these days. Chris and Jon provide a lot of the creative insights on the songwriting when Matt gets stuck and Jon writes and performs all the vocals. So we've really streamlined our process to fit our circumstances.

You guys have been making music as Terravita for eight years now. Tell me how your sound has progressed and where you think it’s headed in the upcoming year. It's progressed in so many ways, but that also comes with growing your skill level at your craft and years of trying new things. Who knows what we'll do next, but I can promise you it'll always be interesting and it will always have bass.

Do you have any tips for up-and-coming producers trying to make it big? My advice is always to not give up. You're going to get frustrated and it's not easy, but you have to just keep trying. The people that make it aren't lucky. They're obsessive compulsive workaholics. 

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