The Cryptic And Powerful Pryda: An Interview With Eric Prydz
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 11:12 AM | Tina Carletto
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 When a rare opportunity comes your way, the natural reaction is to take it right away. Well, when Eric Prydz comes to the states, especially New York City, it shouldn't even be a question but more a programmed reaction that you'll be in that crowd. An icon to fans both in the mainstream and underground scenes, Prydz has championed a level of success through his music and producing skills.

While we caught a Prydz appearance over the summer at Identity Festival and again at his short show at Beekman, fans who missed him there now have a second chance to see the sensational Swede play two shows at Roseland Ballroom on November 21st and 24th.

"I don't even know what to say. I'm so excited," he said over the phone. "I think we’ve put so much effort and time into these two shows I’m doing. We can’t wait to get there." Even in his voice, it was obvious these two shows mean a lot to him. As he spoke about the incidents over the summer at Beekman, it's not something he is dwelling on. "I was the one most let down, you know? It’s been such a long time since I was in America and the Beekman show was going to be the highlight for me. I was so upset when they [the police] shut it down."

But that wouldn't leave any sort of impression on him and he continued to go on to say, "I'm trying not to think about the last time and concentrate on these two new shows coming up instead. I've got lots of new material.  Some new stuff I'm going to try out for the first time and new tracks that im working on."

Speaking of new music, Prydz is no stranger to Pete Tong's Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. On Friday, Nov. 16th, Prydz had not one, but two new tracks premiered. "Recomondos" and "Bergen" were premiered from his upcoming PRY023 EP under his alias Pryda which are set to be released on November 26th off Pryda Recordings. "Bergen" gained the primetime premiere spot, a frequent fete for Prydz as his recently released "Everyday" also got the same treatment on Radio 1.

Having more than ten years of music making under his belt, the London based, deep and dark producer was just born to make music. "Music just takes you places.  It’s almost like an addiction for me. It’s something about those forceful beats that brings out the animal in people I think and music is such a powerful tool," he said.  "It can make people very happy. Sad. Make them feel hope. I think that’s one of the reasons why I'm obsessed with it. For me, its sort of like therapy.  Whenever  I feel down or whenever there's something bothering me I can just lock myself in a studio and I just start making music like crazy."

Eric Prydz's intrinsic enigma can only keep fans on their feet as he continues to sustain the spot as one of the worlds top producers. But what really makes this his passion? Simple. The journey. "For me its all about the process I don’t really care so much about the final product. It’s always the journey to get there sort of thing, you know? When you sit in a studio and start working on something new. When you feel you have something special going. That’s just the best feeling ever."

Tickets are still available for his show at Roseland on Sat. Nov. 24th here.

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