Blue Note Presents: Ms. Lauryn Hill at Madiba Harlem at My Image Studios

Remember how you felt the first time you listened to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill? Whether you were blessed with the chance to hear Ms. Hill's presentation of a woman's perspective on love and life lessons upon the album's 1998 debut —or got a whiff of its eclectic sounds and realness courtesy of an older family member's music collection — to most, there's no denying that this LP was and still is a classic, full of wisdom applicable to yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's youth.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill didn't just earn the multiple Grammy-Award winning songstress/emcee a slew of other music and image awards, but also a reputation as a successful solo artist unafraid to commit some severe genre-bending. Her debut album also made L Boogie one of the influential voices among the youth. Through lyrics like, "How you gon' win when you ain't right within?" on 'Doo Wop (That Thing)' and, "We both know what we've got to do/You let go, and I'll let go too," on 'Ex-Factor,' Ms. Hill encouraged young men/women to practice morality and self-love.

Five Best: Shows Under $20 This Weekend

This headline does not mean to mislead: You’re going to spend more than $20 probably anywhere in New York City this weekend. Fulfilling any hankering for great live music inevitably will involve dinner before the show, drinks during it or munchies afterward. The following list aims to ease the tension between your weekend aspirations and your bank account. Or perhaps give you an excuse to get cheese on your late-night fries. Here are five great shows – this week featuring two pop acts, one Portuguese guitar duo, an indie band from down under and one recently maligned EDM star – all of which cost $20 or less to see.

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Action Bronson Celebrates Mr. Wonderful LP at Terminal 5

When opportunity comes-a-knocking, it's best to let it in. So when Action Bronson comes to NYC to celebrate the debut of his sophomore LP at Terminal 5, don't pass up the chance to celebrate with him as he plays the venue for two days in a row.

Starting Tuesday, March 24th, the Vice/Atlantic Records emcee also known as Bronsolini will be in the house to kick off the first night of his Mr. Wonderful Tour.

Since 2011, the Queens-bred chef-turned-rapper whose similarity - in stylistic flow - to Ghostface Killah first captured the attention of listeners, has gone on to captivate mainstream hip-hop audiences with his vivid, bluesy rhyme schemes and unyielding creativity.

AURA Music & Art Festival 2015 Elevates the Spirit of Suwannee State of Mind

The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Fla., can only be found by taking the risk to venture off the beaten path and discover a fresh and unusual atmosphere. Down a vacant road nestled deep in a cypress and oak tree forest, Suwannee is undoubtedly a hidden gem. However, once you’ve discovered its magic, it will become home. For the 5,000 music lovers who experienced AURA Music & Art Festival 2015, the Suwannee culture will continue to draw them back with unstoppable magnetic force.

A collaborative effort from AURA Music Group and Brotherly Love Productions, AURA Music & Art Festival was all about mind-blowing music, excellent energy and good vibrations. AURA is comprised of people who take pleasure in sharing the love and the dance floor, which creates a unique ambiance that is unmatched by any other festival. It is a custom to greet all newcomers with an open heart. At Suwannee, the culture is all about giving back and transcending the reality of the mainstream by creating a connection from a shared musical experience.

An Interview + A Show with Andrew St. James

It’s sometimes hard for Generation Y to care about things other than Kimye, the color of a dress, and how many likes their #tbt got. For Andrew St. James however, the political climate and the realities of current events are more his cup of tea. At only 19-years-old, Andrew sings about, well, the shit that matters – gun violence, the overlooked deaths of so many, and heartbreak.

As a San Francisco native (and proud of it!), Andrew channels the weight of these issues into the power of his lyrics. Wanting to be President of the United States as a child (and yes, he’s a House of Cards fan), his passion for perspective has him “writing about things that resonate”, making him feel like he’s doing “justice for the art”. Andrew is one of few in the industry that uses music as a platform to shed light onto issues that most of us choose to ignore.

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Music Guide: Can't Miss NYC Shows this March

The Cribs

Mercury Lounge, Wednesday 11th, Lower East Side, $15

With their sixth studio album For all my Sisters to be released at the end of this month, The Cribs are embarking on a highly anticipated U.S tour this fall. Sadly, legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr no longer plays with the band, but the trio from Yorkshire UK still have their swagger fully in tact. The band's loutish vocals, cranky guitars lines and unyielding energy will likely inspire an all consuming, sweaty, black hole of a moshpit. Leave your favorite jacket at home.

BUKU Music & Art Project 2015: A Guide to Must-See Artists

On March 13 and 14, gear up and get ready to head to New Orleans for a groovy, unforgettable music and art experience unlike any other. Set in a post-industrial independent art community not far from the historic French Quarter, BUKU Music & Art Project is a one-of-a-kind festival that effortlessly blends hip-hop with indie rock and electronic dance music.

BUKU creates an incomparable atmosphere of creative “kulture” within Mardi Gras World, offering six NOLA-style stages with views of the Mississippi River, Crescent City Connection Bridge, New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, Market Street Power Plant and Mardi Gras float warehouse. The vibe of the festival is influenced by local underground street culture, modern art deco and the history of New Orleans. The festival is full of innovative installations, live graffiti and avant-garde industrial and interactive creations.

An Interview + A Show with Dylan Pratt

It’s rare to find a musician that is so vocally moving and lyrically affecting, yet so humble and reserved about that very fact. Case and point, Dylan Pratt. An Arizona native who “makes coffee for people” has been opening up for JD McPherson on his national tour, heading back to the desert on March 13th. Playing his first New York show at Bowery Ballroom last Wednesday (a sold-out one at that), Dylan was quietly nervous, yet modestly excited when Joonbug spoke with him on a shady staircase backstage just an hour before he hit the stage.

With Seattle and sorrow behind him, Dylan moved back to Arizona to put all his energy into his music. Playing consistently in Phoenix at venues like the Crescent Ballroom, and cold calling his way outside state lines, he has been playing in support of Beg For Fire, as well lots of new stuff he’s been working on since then. “I’m trying not to have to be miserable to write…I just hope people like it.”, and after witnessing the reception of a hard-to-please NYC crowd, it was obvious that they definitely do.Dylan’s latest project, Beg For Fire, was released in 2013, with Lifters & Leaners and Four Songs before that. An 11-track story chronicling his time spent in Seattle following love, but inevitably falling into heartbreak, Beg For Fire is raw, truthful, and emotive. The connection between Dylan’s own subjectivity within his songs, and the objective realities of relationships in life, is unwavering. The success of songs like “Honest Kind of Luck” and “Poisoned Fruit” showcase Dylan as a uniquely voiced talent that should not be overlooked in the growing realm of indie/folk singer/songwriters.

Jarren Benton Brings the Excitement on Slow Motion Tour

Since gracing XXL's Feshman Class cover last year with his "Dirty Dozen" cohorts, Funk Volume signee, Jarren Benton continues serving us with his unyielding creativity with a side of #idgaf and innovation, heard on Slow Motion EP (January).

True to its name when compared to the crazed, overzealous Slim Shady-esque content heard on his debut LP My Grandma's Basement, Slow Motion focuses more on Benton's golden era tinged lyricism sans any verses about entertaining the company of an "insominaic cokehead" or "shoving a prick into a brick oven."

The Glitch Mob Drops New Music and Announces International Tour

What does The Glitch Mob's Love Death Immortality Remixes LP sound like? Let's just say that if The Wachowski Brothers were to make a fourth sequel to The Matrix, 'Skullclub' and 'Mind of a Beast' off of the album would be ideal selections for the soundtrack.

As a revamp of the group's sophomore album Love Death Immortality (February 2014), which peaked at #13 on Billboard's Top 200 after its release, the new set features an edgier sound with amazing surprise performances from dance heavy-weights Bassnectar, Plaid, Nadastrom, Mord Fustang, Si Begg, and Emalkay.


Get excited people: rising Canadian-born R&B phenom, PARTYNEXTDOOR, will be making his way across the country’s major cities next month for his PND Live World Tour. The artist, also known for his sexually charged live performances and mesmerizing vocals, made his debut on the music scene with swanky EDM-infused R&B tracks like 'Let It Rain' and 'Shy Ink,' released under his real name, Jahron Brathwaite. It was only a matter of time before Brathwaite's music caught the attention of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires artist/pop culture master, Drake, who quickly inducted the singer as the first signee of his OVO Sounds record label.