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OTK Boots For All Preferences

Over the Knee and thigh high boots are a very popular cold weather trend. Over the Knee boots can seem pretty intimidating, but fashion calls for taking risks. wants to show you how to rock a pair of OTK boots for every occasion and every style. They are versatile and work well with pretty much any flair from sophisticated to chic.

Casual Look

If you’re going for a laid back look, OTK boots can work for the occasion.. These brown flat ones from Famous Footwear are comfortable and simple. They pair great with jeans for a ready to go look

Going to great lengths at the 2014 AMAs

Though it looks like maxi dresses stole the show at this year’s American Music Awards, the female stars who strutted along the red carpet Sunday night showed off a broad array of cuts and styles. Whether you need a little inspiration to assist you with dressing up for upcoming holiday parties, or plan to save a dapper ensemble for another time, we’ve rounded up some of the evening’s top looks, along with some suggestions for getting the look for less.


Selena Gomez

Reserved Magazine Rocks Out at Release Party

Last week, Reserved Magazine dropped their second issue exploding with art, fashion, writing, and design. The party they hosted in honor of the new issue was the perfect embodiment of that artistic combination. Helena Christensen graced the magnificent cover of the 2nd issue.

At Paul's Baby Grand in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, a line of chicly dressed guests waited outside of the party in the freezing cold just to get inside. The waiting room for Paul's Baby Grand held large jars jammed with pink toffees, mints, and lollipops, but the inside of the lounge was much sweeter. The lights were dim and the DJ was blasting remixes of 80s hits from classics like Michael Jackson to Prince. Some party attendees were decked out in costume, but bling and glitter were everywhere to be found. It was a glamorous affair catered by Magnolia Bakery.

Victoria Justice Seen Rocking the Cutest Call It Spring Boots

Rocking a cozy sweater, trendy ripped jeans, and eye-catching Call It Spring, LEGOREWIA ankle boots, Victoria Justice was spotted in Brooklyn on a beautiful day as she ran a few errands. Steal her look by purchasing a pair of the affordable boots ($69.99)!

Trend Watch: How to Pair Socks and Boots

The cold weather is upon us and it gets a little harder to show off your personal style when you’re faced with heavy wind chills. One winter trend thatwe think you’ll love is the socks and boot trend. It’s stylish plus an extra layer wouldn’t hurt during the winter. Letting your hosiery peek over the top of your boots has become a very fashionable and popular trend. There’s many ways on how to pull of the look so check these looks out see which one is for you.

With ankle boots and a dress creates a stylish element to your outfit. It's casual but yet chic. You can try matching the socks to your dress to create a matchy matchy look.

Boy Meets Style's Top 5 Men's Fashion Accessory Trends!

Joonbug's got an exclusive look at the top 5 men's fashion accessory trends on the streets of New York City; according digital men's fashion mag, BoyMeetsStyle.

As the holidays approach and the New York chill settles in, it's not just the leaves that change, but so does our wardrobe, including accessories. Now ladies, of course, have their choice of a plethora of fashion accessories to splash on this season. Everything from hair pins and hair ties to chunky necklaces and knee bracelets. Yes, that's right, "knee bracelets". But do men rock as many thingamajigs as women, and should they? Well if they haven't before, they are now. We're bringing you the hottest men’s fashion accessories this fall / winter season as rocked by the most stylish men of New York City!

Dream Downtown Achieves New Levels of Fab with Celeb Hairstylist Salon, IGK HAIR

It is no secret that the Meatpacking District is the #1 nightlife and party destination in the city. Boasting the hottest clubs, chicest hotels, and swankiest restaurants, one knows that if they want to be in the epicenter of it all, they need to head west of 9th avenue and just below 20th street. And now, it’s time to invite your hair to the party.

Situated in the sleek DREAM Downtown hotel, the newly opened IGK Hair is already turning a few heads. What first began as a bespoke Miami hub has now made its way over to tame the tresses of a diverse Big Apple clientele -- from chic, corporate customers, to cool, club kids. There’s even talk of a forthcoming Los Angeles outpost on the horizon.

Fur Your Consideration: #MakeFurHistory

According to meteorological predictions, the polar vortex is destined to strike once again this winter, making the desire necessity to keep warm more pronounced than ever. While technological advances in the fashion world have produced efficient garments designed to trap heat (UNIQLO’s popular Heattech is one noteworthy example), most individuals continue to gravitate towards more traditional materials like fur despite their widely advertised ecological detriment. With New Year’s around the corner, LUSH Cosmetics is launching a new campaign to inspire customers to make some early resolutions.

How To Dress For Thanksgiving Based on Your Favorite Feast Day Entrée

While every family does their feast a little differently, traditional Thanksgiving staples are pretty run-of-the-mill. With so many tasty ingredients, it’s hard to choose the one to top our favorites list, but let’s face it, we all have “that one dish” from which we can’t help but take seconds (even if when we’re bursting at the seams).

Given that people often say that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they eat, we’ve compiled a specially-themed Thanksgiving style guide catered to your taste preferences – literally. Obviously, we know that a “cranberry sauce coveteur” would never be caught dead in a “mashed potato sucker’s” sweater!

Shopping The Oversized Scarf Trend

Oversized scarves are totally having a moment right now. Chic and cozy, scarves in the fall are the equivalent to shorts in the summer. When the temperature drastically changes they come out of the closet and are pretty much worn every day after that. When it comes to scarf season, the bigger the better, which is why this blanket scarf is perfect to try this season. It’s perfect to keep you worn but also has become super stylish and can be worn as a pancho/throw over or simple big layers around your neck. Check out these stylish picks we have rounded up for you to try this season.

Party On: Turning Up the Heat in the Winter

You'll be partying a lot this winter. Office parties, Christmas get togethers, and New Years Eve are all part of the winter agenda. Lots of pictures to be taken, and memories to be made. But the urge to bundle up and be bogged down for the winter weather just won't do for these special occasions. Glam-Damn-It has compiled some glamorous looks for evening wear that will transform winter nights out into a magical wonderland!

1. Jumpsuit

Instead of a floor length gown that could seem too matronly or formal, try a jumpsuit! Same amount of coverage, but easier to move in. Trust us, once you throw this jumpsuit on, you'll want to get your groove on.