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Friday, December 7, 2012 at 01:46 PM | Tina Carletto
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It's clear that 2012 was the year of "arm candy." Across the boards of Pinterest to the Sutro filtered photos on Instagram, the uber trendy gals were rocking all sorts of stacks from crosses, skulls, buddhas, and colorful beads. But, probably the most chic of them all is a... guitar pick. Something so common, yet at times totally overlooked, the guitar pick is the quintessential piece to add to an accessory to give it that classic edge. 
A rock n' roll inspired jewelry line, Electric Picks, has fabulous pieces fit for the ultimate music lover to the sassy and brassy fashionista/o's. The line comes with everything from vintage guitar picks with emblems like headphones, cross bones, and stars on them. The beading choices are available in matted black to bright green to wooden and jeweled. The bracelets give off a glam rock vibe filled with color, metallics, and sparkle. These pieces deem fierce and refreshing based on the fact there's nothing like them around. You can express yourself in the form of the amazing musical era of the 80s and 90s all while having a super stylish accessory to show off. 
Electric Picks was born in 2011, when owner and designer, Mj Barton, had a simple dream about her future jewelry line. "The concept literally came to me in a dream.  I've made jewelry for years. I was the little kid at my daycare, taking orders and selling them to all the other kids. I had a dream to put a guitar pick into jewelry and knew it was something I had to do," said Barton on how the idea came to her. "I couldn't fall back asleep. I just couldn't stop thinking about it.  I was lying there already coming up with the name of the company and the designs. I played classical piano for almost twelce years and guitar for four years so I’m sure my musical background influenced me having this dream as well.  I know it’s corny, but follow your dreams!" 
And follow her dreams she did. The "rock n' roll for your wrist" line has been a go-to accessory for DJ's and celebs alike. We caught up with Mj to talk about her inspirations and motivations. Read the Q&A below!

 What inspires the different styles you make? My pieces are inspired by music.  The decadence of the glam rock of the 80s, some heavy metal, and classic rock and roll all play a big part in my line.  I really aspire to make jewelry that’s as timeless as music is.  Music lasts forever.  The new Spring 2013 was inspired a lot by a collage of old photos I made from the Studio 54 era.  One New Years Eve, they covered the floor in 4 inches of glitter, which I thought was fabulous.  So I took inspiration from pictures of this for a capsule of sparkly pieces. 

What types of music do you like and how does that crossover into your designs? I love all music; jazz, house, rock, hip-hop.  I feel like we can live vicariously through music.  I constantly have all types of music on when I’m designing- it’s the best motivation!

Was jewelry making always something you always wanted as a career? It was something I’d always loved but I never knew how to make it into a career.  One day I just decided to quit my job an go for it.  When you get to wake up everyday and do was you love it’s an amazing feeling.

Did social media play any role in spreading the word about your line? Social media plays an epic role in spreading the word.  For a small start up company, you can’t afford advertisement like the big guys so social media is a creative way to get your product to so many people you might never reach otherwise.  

 What are the most popular items?  
The signature guitar pick bracelets are definitely the most popular item.

Which celebrities are wearing your bracelets?  I’ve been so blessed to have an amazing organic celeb following.  We’ve had everyone from Russell Simmons, to Guns & Roses, to Tiesto wearing the bracelets.  We’ve even done custom ones for some bands with their own guitar picks.

Where do you find a lot your materials?  I source my materials from everywhere.  I love to travel and try and find new creative materials that no one else has.  

You have a website, but do any boutiques carry Electric Picks?  We’re currently in 20 retailers nation-wide and expanding!  We have a list on our website.
Media box photo courtesy of Cyle Suesz. & ILWYW.com
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