Eli Halili Boutique Opening and Sof Omar Collection Preview
Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 03:18 PM | Cara Kovacs
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    The Eli Halili Boutique Grand Opening with Vogue Gioiello in Soho Tuesday night could’ve easily been the most exotic and inspiring jewelry opening that has ever happened. The space was so infused with the designer’s unique and brilliant personality, as well as artifacts from his personal travels. The jewelry was displayed in a matchless way, draped across floral displays and hanging on mannequins surrounded by what were practically artistic installations. The event was a who’s who of Manhattan’s elite with some of the most fashionable New Yorkers fawning over the stunning pieces. Sarah Shahi of Person of Interest and Orange is the New Black’s Taryn Manning (who also DJed for the event) were all in attendance. Actresses  Marisa Ramirez, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Hannah New plus fashion hotshots Michael Carl, Beth Kseniak, Vanity Fair's Francesca Giorgetti and Vogue Gioiello's Alessandro Cremona, were highlights of the guest list. Guests sipped on raspberry and pineapple cocktails, enjoyed exotic hors d’oeuvres and admired Eli’s new Sof Omar collection.

Sof Omar was inspired by the caves of the same name in Ethiopia. Halili traveled there and came back inspired to change his company logo and design a new collection based entirely around the precious and semi-precious stones and metals he saw on his trip. Halili explained that he is heavily influenced by global religions and finds inspiration in Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and Mesopotamian art and history. In the Sof Omar collection specifically, stunning gems become ethereal pendants, sparkling multi-strand necklaces, shimmering earrings and statement-making rings. The unique elegance evokes a worldly attitude reminiscent of Halili’s original inspiration, deeply rooted in the the caves of Ehtiopia. Brilliant opals, deep blue lapis lazuli, emeralds, and diamonds, among other beautiful stones dazzle in the collection’s signature 22k gold settings. It is no wonder he has attracted a celebrity following that includes Jessica Biel, Brooke Shields, Debra Messing, and Jessica Alba. Halili is immediately inspiring and glows with joy when asked about his work. He was sporting a necklace he had made that featured several-thousand year old Mongolian artifacts that one guest remarked “look better on him than they would in a museum.”

    The event was also a celebration of the Eli Halili Boutique expanding it‘s 250 Mott Street location. The boutique is located across from the Old Cathedral, which Halili remarked, was intentional because he draws a lot of inspiration from its beauty. The boutique was covered in priceless artifacts. Follow the spiral staircase in the back to Halili’s private basement lounge and you can really see how he can create his stunning works. The lounge showcased one of the most interesting collections of mementos one would ever hope to see. From Eastern tapestries, to porcelain doll heads, to a door-knocker shaped like a dog’s face, one could spend hours contemplating the stories behind each invaluable piece.

 Eli Halili is described as believing “that living should be elegant, spiritual, significant and full of the world’s simple beauties.” His shop and his collection are a very concrete example of this in the most beautiful of ways. Price’s are available upon request, and the collection can be viewed here. But in all truthfulness, take a walk down Mott Street to Eli Halili Jewelry and Design just to be inspired by the space, the work and the man.

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