Stuff We Love: TooFaced Natural Kiss Palette
Monday, April 23, 2012 at 12:54 PM | Vanessa Mancos
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This spring we're on the hunt for glam make-up and beauty products.  Always a fascination, our recent research has taken us to far corners of the world, and introduced us to products and practices we never knew existed.  While we can't wait to share all of our beautification findings with you in the upcoming months, one of our first spring must-haves is actually from our own backyard: Irvine, CA.  

TooFaced Cosmetics slogan is: "Why be pretty when you could be gorgeous?" and that's something Glam Damn It can definitely get on board with.  We fell in love with one of the most recent additions to their line and know you will too. 

One of our longtime favorite make-up brands, TooFaced has released their Natural Kiss Palette and we couldn't be more excited.  This collection of four neutral cream glosses goes well with any skin tone and is a steal at just $24, making it one of our spring beauty must-haves. 

What we love most about this product is the versatility of the colors - you can wear them each on their own or blend them to create your own custom color.  Unlike most lip palettes, there is a small brush included in the mirrored compact, making blending and on-the-go touch-ups clean and effortless.  The Natural Kiss Palette is also a paraben and mineral-oil free gloss, so it hydrates your lips, keeping them soft and, well...kissable all day long.  Get sprung this spring... on the TooFaced Natural Kiss lip palette like we have!




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