La Poshett Handbags by Vanessa Trump
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 12:08 PM | Dana Prigge
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With the holiday season in full-swing, there's no better place than the iconic Plaza Hotel in Manhattan overlooking picturesque Central Park to celebrate the season. Recently, Joonbug was invited to an exclusive preview event of Vanessa Trump's new collection of handbags.  La Poshett is a beautiful and functional purse line that Trump created with Bonnie Haydon, Veronika Haydon-Gabriel and Shawn Modell. These four friends realized there was a void in the handbag market.
La Poshett's handbags and accessories strike the perfect balance between captivating materials, functional and beautiful designs.  All products are handmade from premium materials in New York and represent the culture and style that is at the heart and soul of the city. These handbags and accessories appeal to modern and contemporary women of all ages.  They exude a mixture of class, elegance and modern details.
Vanessa Trump was down to earth and a pleasure to speak with. Here's what she had to say about her exciting handbag line.
What was the inspiration behind La Poshett?
We wanted to create something that was upscale and outstanding, yet very functional. From beautiful clutches with brooch detailing, to a great everyday bag, to a stylish diaper bag (that doesn't even look like a diaper bag) it's all here in this collection. I often find myself, putting on a sleek black ensemble - a good way to stand-out is with your accessories like this gorgeous blue La Poshett handbag! I wanted to design something that I would like to wear. I also know what it's like to be a busy mom on the go!
Vanessa, I love the quality, texture and designs of the bags. Where are these made?
These bags are proudly made in Manhattan. I want to support the area and the economy here. It's important.
Where can I find La Poshett?  
The line currently can be found online and at various properties/retail stores such as The Plaza in Manhattan, Trump Soho, The Mar-a-Lago Club in Miami and Blue & Cream in East Hampton, NY. How many times does someone go on a trip and forget a clutch or perhaps need a larger bag to hold all of their items? We created this standout line to serve all fashion needs with a classic and modern feel at the same time.
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