Peek-a-boo Sherbet
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 11:54 AM | Arthur Stubbs
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  Walking to the office today, we couldn’t help but notice how grey things appeared. We say appeared, because shortly after noticing this, we here jarred by a pair of orange sherbet and grey accented heels strolling down the Chelsea sidewalks. Brightening our day, we had to make this color (and others like it) the understated, yet much appreciated accent color for Spring/Summer 2011. We are sure that with all the bright neon we’re expecting to see this coming season, some of you might have your heads cocked to the side as to why we’re advocating such a change.

  For some reason, those orange sherbet shoes were the sexiest thing we’d seen today, expect for the guy at the stop light directly across from us. We digress. It was artistic in a way. With all the big, bulky, black and bolds people were wearing to keep warm, this shoe bashfully tip-toed its way down the street as if hoping to go un-noticed. We noticed, and to that, we give sherbet the go ahead to clandestinely and shyly pop up wherever it chooses to in the coming months.

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