Pretty in Peplum
Monday, December 10, 2012 at 10:28 AM | Alyssa MacKenzie
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Ah, peplum. We remember when we first saw you make your folded re-appearance circa 2010 on bodycon skirts and fun little dresses. Now it's 2012 and we see you so often we can't believe there aren't peplum PJs on the market. But even as you commercialize yourself, you scare some consumers. Don’t lie-- will you make our hips look wider? If we wear you out to dinner will our date question whether we’re hiding a food baby?

Fear not, the peplum-phobic. This trend is one that anyone can rock. Here's how—just use the fad to accentuate your favorite feature. If you love your waist, let the narrowest part of your ribcage do the talking by letting the peplum taper begin above the belly button. A tighter top like the Parker Sequin Peplum Top from Shopbop will highlight where you are most slender. 

If you are looking to minimize those curves your mama gave you for that holiday party you’ve been dreading, try a frock like Topshop's Contrast Peplum Pencil Dress. The geometric lines, black edges and flared fabric are by no means going overboard so don’t be scared. The panels trick the eyes into perceiving a streamline shape. Overindulged a little too much on all those sweet treats that pop up come December? Try a loose fitting top that flows away from the belly and creates a nice silhouette with a pair of skinny jeans. Look no further then the Pins and Needles Sarah Jane Peplum Top by Urban Outfitters for a perfect example of this slimming trick.  

And don’t forget to grab a peplum pencil skirt as a fail-proof staple. Tuck any top (even a graphic T) and create a new outfit with each wear. Voila! Peplum wasn’t just for 80s prom dresses after all.

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