Seaweed Is Not Just For Eating
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 11:27 AM | Amber Gibson
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Ladies, you deserve a treat this holiday. A nice spa break that will leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy. Lucky for you, the Repêchage Four Layer Facial is available at thousands of spas in more than 30 countries. At Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique in Chicago's Lincoln Park, I experienced the wonders four layers of seaweed goodness can do for my face.

The first layer is a concentrated serum of freshly harvested seaweed, followed by a creamy facial massage second layer. The serum softens lines and rebalances skin, while the massage stimulate circulation and improves skin elasticity.

Now, things start to get interesting. A very fresh, cool and soothing seaweed mask is applied thickly over your face for the third layer. Leah, my esthetician, smoothed this layer over my lips too, to make sure they would be perfectly kissable as well. This mask is all about hydration and improving skin ront and clarity. To help this mask fully penetrate, a fourth mineral mask layer is added on top. The mineral mask is warm, which you'll be able to feel through the coolness. It's such an interesting contrast in temperature and helps to activate the ingredients in the seaweed mask.

Leah uses a firm but precise touch, and gave me a great facial. Of course, Repêchage tries to make it easy by standardizing the facial with uni-dose packaging. Repêchage founder, Lydia Sarfati, actually invented the four layer facial after being inspired by the uniformity of the McDonald’s Big Mac! In every country and every location, Big Macs are identical, so customers know exactly what to expect. This inspired Lydia to create uni-dose packaging, using packettes that are pre-measured and opened for each individual client, as opposed to having treatments in large jars for estheticians to dip into. The Four Layer Facial became the first treatment to utilize uni-dose packaging.

While seaweed has many antiaging and hydrating benefits, the biggest noticeable difference I saw in my skin was how my face was simply glowing. The radiance I saw after the facial is something I normally can't even achieve with my Benefit Moon Beam. It didn't magically erase my blemishes, but my skin never looked so bright. For blemish erasing, the ladies at Leah Chavie can fix you up with Jane Iredale's natural mineral

You owe it to yourself to track down a Repêchage facial near you so you can look your best this holiday season.

In the meantime, Repêchage’s Executive Vice President, Shiri Sarfati suggests this DIY treatment for dull, clogged skin:

Mix ¼ cup plain oatmeal, 2 TBSP pure honey and 2 TBSP buttermilk in a blender, then pour into a bowl. Blend ½ cup almonds for one minute, then add in oatmeal mixture and blend until smooth. Apply as a mask to cleansed face and neck and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse well and moisturize.

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