What Men Really Want
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 04:03 PM | Marcella Elbaum
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Whether they've been naughty or nice, every fella deserves a thoughtful gift this holiday season.  We've compiled a short but sweet list of unique gifts, ranging from low to high prices so that everyone can find something for that special man.  In no particular order (since all items listed are awesome), here we go:


Rugby Ralph Lauren Cardigan, $99.99- Create your own cardigan with the luxury brand, Ralph Lauren.  Options include an elbow-patch cardigan in navy and black.  The website also allows you to make your own hat, rugby, polo and solid oxford shirts, all on sale now!  Don't miss out on this chance to personalize your gift and truly make it one-of-a-kind.






Clarks Wallabee Boot, $140- This is the shoe that never seems to go out of style.  These timeless classics have been around for decades.  Though a casual shoe, they offer maximum comfort, style and versatility.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  The best part; no break-in time necessary!  Reviews consistently state that they are "the most comfortable footwear known to man."  'Nuff said.





Slow Cooker, $129.95- Ladies and gentleman, please hold your scoffs and gasps.  It is nearly 2013, so yes, a kitchen (NOT grilling) appliance made it to the Gift Guide for Guys.  As much as we all love the convenience of Seamless, those seemingly inexpensive meals add up quickly.  For those gentlemen who don't have a live-in June Cleaver, this slow cooker can be relied on for a quality, home-cooked meal with minimal effort day after day. 







Ted DVD, $16.99- You'd think that this movie being written, directed and voiced by the boundary-pushing humorist, Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, would be enough of a sell.  To put this movie over the top, it also features our favorite guy's guy, Mark Wahlberg and the quintessential guy's girl, Mila Kunis.  In this movie we'll see Marky Mark and his beloved teddy bear rip bong hits, drink Buds, among other crazy shenanigans, while making fun of Miss Kunis.  This insensitive, crass, slapstick, immature and hilarious flick is perfect for the man who isn't easily offended. 





John Varvatos, Vintage, $62- From the packaging alone, you can tell that this fragrance has a distinctive allure.  Not that we'd ever judge a cologne by its bottle, but if we did, we'd say that the dark amber bottle and black leathery wrapping suggest something highly exclusive.  Combining spicy and woody fragrances, including notes of ashwood, tobacco leaves, pepper spice and everything nice,  this seductive scent is sure to be around for years to come and live up to its Vintage title. 





Johnnie Walker Blue Label, $225-$525- This gift is a safe bet for your buddy at the office, your trusty wingman, your father, and any other man you know with sophisticated taste.  Aside from the smooth, smoky and sweet taste, the original packaging is beautiful.  You also have the option to engrave your bottle with a personalized message!  Give the gift of good taste in every sense of the word. 










Sony X Headphones (MDR-X10), $249.99- Designed by Sony and Simon Cowell, and not surprisingly named after the hit show, The X Factor, these headphones are made for music fanatics.  Although we'd love the opportunity to rebuke Simon Cowell, we got nothin' on Sony X Headphones.  They fit very securely with isolated earpads and adjustable headband and offer high-quality audio performance.  The stylish and solid headphones also fold for portability and come with a removable cable.  If this endorsement does not sway you, consider that Simon Cowell, notorious for being one of the toughest critics out there, would not dare put his name behind a product that was anything less than brilliant.





T-Tech by Tumi "Forge Fairview" Messenger Bag, $245- Avoid walking that fine line between the MANLY man's messenger bag and a murse with this bag by Tumi.  Although lightweight and spacious, it is a very practical, rugged and sturdy bag made of waxed canvas and leather trim and can pack it all in.  If you're looking for a similar style for less than half the price, be sure to check out J. Crew's Abingdon bag.  Wear these man sacks with pride!






In God We Trust Flask, $50- Forget about those flimsy flasks you find at novelty stores.  As with all of their products, In God We Trust provides a quality stainless steel flask that holds a lot of liquor and does not leak.  With engraving options like "Cheers Mother Fucker," "Party Monster," and "Poision," IGWT ain't beatin' around the bush about what goes into this gift.  However, if those phrases are too crude for your taste, there is an option for custom engraving.  Perfect for the upcoming SantaCon and in case of an emergency at those holiday parties. 

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