CV, in Roman Numerals, translates to 105 which is both part of the address and the maximum occupancy of the venue. CV was previously run under the name Thor, however, the Hotel on Rivington has transformed CV into an intimate little New York City hotspot. The décor is unpretentious chic: with only about a dozen tables, hand-crafted wood sculptures lining the walls, leather banquets, and a leather cross-stitched bar, all tinged with playful details such as daisies emerging from flower boxes filled to brim with shining crystal. The D.J. spins a crowd-pleasing mix of classic hip-hop attracting a cool mix of scenesters and in-the-know L.E.S. locals. CV is the perfect place to catch up with an old friend or meet for a drink before a night out on the town.

Don’t let the size of CV discourage you, because the compactness of this private little nook is what makes CV so special. It offers visitors an escape from the typical chaos of mega club nightlife. Along with the limited space, comfy seating, soft lighting, warm, understated décor, and a good-natured staff have made this lounge an intimate late-night hit on the Lower East Side.

Food & Drink

While a cocktail program is forthcoming, currently beer, wine and a variety of Champagnes make up most of the drink menu. Beer goes for $9; mixed drinks run around $13 a pop. The thought of that might make you wince, but those are good prices for club land! A late night food menu is currently in the works and will be created by their neighboring restaurant LEVANTeast, and a specialty cocktail list will be designed by an expert mixologist.

Type of Place


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