Located in downtown Manhattan, Jane Ballroom is a very classy hotel lounge that attracts a very unique and trendy, yet sophisticated crowd. The Jane Ballroom is part of The Jane Hotel and is a great and convenient place for hotel guests to spend their nights. The space itself is impressive to say the least, with both titanic dimensions and old-world ambience. It boasts an amazingly decorated bar and lounge, with antique area rugs, a grand fireplace, plush wing chairs, beautifully upholstered couches, and enormous velvet-draped windows. Contrasting this lavish vintage scene, a gigantic disco ball dangles above a sea of skinny jean clad hipsters as a DJ spins Talking Heads, the Clash and other retro punk rock hits. This unique pairing of classic décor and modern-day head-bangers creates a scene that’s glam-rock all the way. A plain Jane, this place is not.

There is a very relaxing yet hip vibe to this downtown New York City hotspot. With rich colors, textures and furnishings warming the massively open space, young hipsters can’t help but slump down into a velvet sofa and gaze up at the stained glass ceiling, a cold glass of whiskey in hand, before heading back out to the dance floor for another round of rocking out.

Food & Drink

Jane Ballroom has much more than just your average cocktail list. They offer many more exotic and in some cases healthier alternatives. Among these constantly talked about drinks are The Hedwig, The Punjab, and the D.F. 68; all of which are signature drinks. Other drinks are made with uniquely delicious ingredients such as honey vodka, dill, and cucumber.

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