WHAT TO DO April Fools Day Parade
An Incomprehensive Guide to April Fools Day

As if your astronomical rent wasn't enough of a joke, April Fools Day is almost upon us yet again. Like many New Yorkers, you may pride yourself on your apathetic edge and chic distain of all foolery but we strongly encourage you to let go and immerse yourself in fanfare and fiction for one day in the name of April Fools. Below are some fun things to do so you can have the last laugh this April Fool's.

1. April Fools Day Parade 5th Ave and 59th St

Get into the holiday spirit by taking part in this outlandish affair, full of pop-culture references and poking fun. Apparently, this parade will be led by none other than Mayor Bill DeBlasio in distasteful decorum. Although his appearance is certainly expected to turn heads, the shock value does not end there. Featuring a plethora of famous figures, from Beyonce to Ebola to President Obama, this star-studded satire will parade a year's worth of insanity through the streets/our most outlandish fantasies. Full of tongue-in-cheek humor and risque references, this couterfeit affair is riddled with laughs for high-brown humorists and those who enjoy hillarious one-liners alike. Have you been looking forward to attending this event all year long or considering checking it out for the very first time? We sure hope so because the 30th annual April Fools Day Parade is our favorite April Fools joke of 2015.

Weekend Pick: Lifestyle Thursdays at Haus

Make Haus your home for indulgence as you gallivant beneath their trademark chandelier at this provocative weekly party. Setting the mood at this Haus-party, DJ Sussone and DJ Spade will be your cordial hosts as they cranks out some of the best beats in the city. Boasting brilliantly concocted drinks, tiered dance floors and stellar soundtracks, Haus's Lifestyle Thursdays party will immerse yourself in the nightlife you've always dreamed of.

Going up on a Tuesday is overrated: Thursday is the trendiest weeknight for debauchery, and you can do it up in good company at Haus. It looks like you'll be starting your weekend early with doors opening at 11:00 pm on Thursday night. After a long work week, you deserve to feel right at home at Haus.

Spreadhouse Coffee: Java Of All Trades

Customize-able LED lighting, reclaimed wood, South Asian-esque textiles, and a roomy open space infused with the fragrance of fresh coffee: this is scene of Spreadhouse Coffee, the new LES coffeehouse with a seriously relaxing and stylish vibe. Thanks to owners Peter Richardson and Greg Minasian, you now have the perfectly unique coffee/work/chill spot in the heart of Lower East Side.

Considering the words "quality" and "community", it's no surprise that monster corporate franchises like Starbucks aren't exactly what come to mind. Featuring an essence that is fully localized, Spreadhouse Coffee takes pride in its character as being the anti-Starbucks. The space doubles as the office of a video production company - also ran by Richardson and Minasian under the Spreadhouse moniker - that's housed in the small "shack" in the back.

Weekend Pick: Paris & Simo at Stage 48

Ready for another dose of Paris & Simo? Yearning to feel that same buzz you felt from their show at Lavo Nightclub last month? Then hit Stage 48 this Friday as the two return to NYC to rock the party, following a new dance single, 'Not Alone,' feat. Mako, released today.

Though fairly new to the electro-dance music scene, their gargantuan sound, backed by heavy basslines heard throughout the the DJ duo's solid catalogue, suggests that P&S are no novices when it comes down to creating excellent music.

Party Like It's 1999 at The Bell House

The nineties is an era gone but certainly not forgotten. Take a much-needed trip down grungy memory lane at the Party Like It's 1999 event at The Bell House, where you'll raise a glass to the good times as you reminesce under neon lights and tracks from classics like TLC.

Throwback revelry is no longer limited to Thursday because they are making a major comeback each and every month in the heart of Brooklyn. The time machine doors open 9:30 and the party officially kicks off at 10:00. Dressing in your dated best is an absolute must for this event, which should be no probles as ironic tees, chokers and distressed denim are back and in a big way.

WHERE TO PARTY Standings Bar
Where to Get Your March Madness On in NYC

Got that March Madness? Well even if you can't make it to the tournament, there are still plenty of bars and restaurants in the city that'll help satisfy your March Madness cravings. From cold beer to champagne, we are bringing together the best of the best for all types of sports enthusiasts.

Standings Bar 43 E 7th St

Best known for their mega-pitchers and free pizza, Standings Bar prides itself on its simplistic approach to sport debauchery, making it an ideal destination if you're in the market for divey scene. This bar frequently entertains jam-packed parties so you can bask in the rowdiness excitement of cheering on your fave team with a full house of other enthusiastic fans. Standings will be hosting their annual "March Madness Pizza Gorging Parties" on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th with pizza arriving at 1:00 and numerous TVs to catch the games on.

Weekend Pick: Fedde Le Grand at Pacha NYC

Don’t get it twisted, Fedde Le Grand may be Dutch, but he’s best known for his 2006 single “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit.” A true House devotee, Fedde le Grand spends his time crisscrossing the globe, destroying nervous systems wherever he goes with his raucous, high-energy tunes.

This Saturday night, the in-demand DJ makes his way to our fair city with his headlining appearance at Pacha NYC, otherwise known as the International House of Party (otherwise known as IHOP the Turnt). Tickets are just $10 before 12 AM if you get on the guest list, but if you’d rather die than turn up early, don’t sweat it, there are a variety of other ticket options available via Pacha's website. Lucky you.

WHAT: Fedde Le Grand at Pacha NYC

WHEN: Saturday, March 21st, 11pm

WHERE: Pacha NYC - 618 W. 46th Street

Weekend Pick: House Party at Webster Hall

House Party at Webster Hall is the best of both worlds, and not in a Hannah Montana kind of way. Namely: you get to go out to the club, but you get keep your beanie on your head and ditch your heels for your Timbs. Oh, and there are balloons.

Check out the fun this Thursday (and every Thursday) when Just Blaze, Vashtie, Electric Punanny and more are dropping by. Ladies get in fo free allllll night, and men get in for less before midnight (and for $25 after). Buy yo tickets online, and remember to hydrate yourself (and not just with beer).

WHAT: House Party at Webster Hall

WHEN: Thursday, March 19th, 10pm

WHERE: Webster Hall - 125 E. 11th Street

WHERE TO PARTY Or dark with a glow?
White Rabbit + Black Rabbit: a Concept Party with a Fluffy Twist

Spring is in the air and you know what that means: time to *party* like rabbits. Enter the White Rabbit + Black Rabbit, a fun frolic of a fashion/art cocktail party presented by Social Exposure, co-hosted by Beautiful Savages Magazine, and sponsored by Jack Rabbit by California Exotic Novelties and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

If the names attached to the event is any indication, this brand new concept party – a “social experiment erring on the bizarre, celebrating art and fashion” – is going to perfectly provocative and sinfully nice. Here’s the gist: choose your rabbit - pure as snow or black and wicked – and come dressed in corresponding elements like faux fur, sexy marks and ears, black or white dresses, lace or jewelry. Don’t worry, rabbit suit not required.

A Ranking of Music Festivals Across the US

Spring and summer's arrival is celebrated through many mediums but the music festival circuit has stood the test of time as a primary source of hedonism. Having inspired several generations of self-proclaimed "festies", it is an undisputed fact that the festival scene has the makings for an ideal celebration. This begs the question though, which one hold the crown as the true iconoclastic blowout?


The South By Southwest festival, taking place from 3/13-3/15, is the unofficial kick-off to the festival season and the perfect encapsulation of "opening act" prestige.

WHAT TO DO Macaron Day 2015
Four Free Ways to Enjoy the First Day of Spring

March 20th is the first official day of spring and what better place to kick off sunny seasons than in the city, for free? Full of festivities for even the most non-existent budget, NYC provides plenty of ways to greet spring in style. Your inner thrift enthusiast is in luck as the city welcomes warmer days with open arms and complimentary treats.

Macaron Day 2015 Multiple Locations

We are all familiar with bar crawls (some more than others), but have you ever heard of a macaron crawl? Hosted annually as an homage to the first day of spring, Macaron Day is the perfect way to greet the new season and score some free delicacies. Cast in vibrant hues and refreshing flavors, this bite-size snack is as trendy as it is appropriate for the occasion. Strolling from delicatessen to delicatessen is the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun (and burn off some of those shamelessly sweet calories). There is no registration and it's as simple as walking into the various participating venues and saying, "I'm here for Macaron Day NYC" before behind handed free samples. Clearly, this affair is a win-win for all parties involved. For a map of sponsors and more details, check out the event’s website here.