Getting in the Ring with James L Mattern

As the host of Lust for Life and Get in the Ring, A Guns & Roses Appreciation Podcast, James Mattern has spent a lot of time speaking to as many interesting people as he can. But now, the tables are turned as the comedian opens up to, giving us the deets on things from his appropriate rock and roll references to the most effective remedy for a sore throat. James has life advice to share, and an exciting plan for the future.

You Are Coordially Invited to Melissa Gorga's NYE Extravaganza

This year, New York’s AMC 34th Street, which typically operates as a movie theater, is turning into a mega-club, as Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga, helps partygoers ring in the New Year with complimentary glasses of champagne and party favors.

From 9pm-2am, guests can access an open bar, along with a mini buffet (ending at 11:30pm) serving gourmet chicken dishes, an extensive pasta selection, appetizers and finger-food, cheese and crudités, and delicious sweet treats.

With a DJ spinning all of the years' top tunes, you can reminisce about 2014 while grooving with your friends and loved ones. If you're looking to go all-out, invest in some VIP tickets for reserved nightclub seating (rates start at $129 per person).

New Year's Eve: Joonbug Party by Personality Type

When looking for the hottest New Year's Eve parties to end 2013 we at know you're looking for tickets that can give you biggest bang for your buck, as well as provide for the best memories. With so many parties to choose from, it can seem a bit overwhelming--but not to worry, we have curated a list of parties as fitted to the four most pivotal personality types.

Whether you're a hipster, cool kid, bro or a rich kid we've got you covered on which scene is best for you!

The Hipster:

Any hipster can be easily spotted by their distinguishable outfit choices consisting mainly of threads from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, or their local thrift store. Known for going against the scene and popular culture, man a hipster can be spotted flocking together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn snapping off-centered Instagram pictures and picking up new vinyls from bands we’ve never heard of. If this description seems to fit you best you’re going to want to check out the following hipster-friendly NYE parties!

Weekend Pick: Zeppelin Hall's 1st Annual Ugly Sweater Party

Where will you be on Saturday? That’s easy—Zeppelin Hall’s 1st Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. And why will you be there? Because there is nothing you love more than partying in a sea full of ugly Christmas sweaters, battling it out for a shot at $500.

This Saturday night, the largest biergarten in the metropolitan area is challenging you to a sweater-off, an ugly Christmas sweater-off to be precise. So ravage your grandmother’s closet, head to the nearest thrift store, or swing by any hipster outpost—whatever you need to do to get your hands on the that reindeer gold. And those not keen on dressing up will have a chance to enjoy the fun by playing guest judge. It really is a party for all, and for all a great night.

Spend New Year's Eve at Some of the Most Prestigious Venues

So there you are, standing in the living room of your apartment thinking to yourself: I’ve finally made it. You got the living space, you've landed a decent job, and you’ve made a few friends with whom you can party with on Friday night.

If You're Not Tuning Into Corinne Fisher's Podcast, You're Not Living

Corinne Fisher : one half of the Guys We F*cked, The Anti Slut-Shaming podcast, dedicated stand-up comedian, writer and actor. She first hit the scene in 2010 with the debut of her one-woman show, Corinne Fisher: I STALK YOU. Since then, she's spent time on NYC's stand up scene at UCB, Broadway Comedy Club, Caroline's, Gotham, and Stand Up NY. Reflecting on her humble beginnings, Corinne noted, "Comedy has always been a part of my life in different ways. My family is just really funny. I went to film school with this idea of becoming the next Christopher Guest, I made a bunch of mockumentaries and stuff. I had a nice life till I moved to New York City and it completely fell apart. I started taking a class at UCB. Did that whole improv thing and realized I'm sort of introverted. Someone came up to me after a show asked me if I ever tried stand-up comedy. I was like, no, I love stand-up but I don't think that's my thing. But, I did it once, fell in love, and basically quit everything because I wanted to concentrate on becoming as good as I possibly could."

Weekend Pick: I FEEL... SIN CITY at Unspecified Brooklyn Location

Move over “zombie apocalypse,” a new end-of-the-world sexy party theme has emerged: “I Feel... Sin City.” Roee & Yael Carmel, the producers behind I Feel community events are throwing a risqué, eight hour-long adventure with music, art installations, unique dancing cages, and plenty of kinky costumes.

Sounds from Naveen G, Holosound, REsy, and Pony will be playing while striking visuals from Levitation Theory, Ocular Delight, and Lv Fre are displayed.

Review: Final Libation Party of 2014

Welcoming, vibrant, and care free - these are just a few words to describe the final Libation party of 2014 this past Thursday. The DJ spins a beat, just shy of midnight, that seems to summon the inner gods of soul. Everyone is in tune with the music, even the non-dancers of the crowd. Not one person in the building is stagnant as the speakers pump and the colors in the room spin creating a translucent underworld where everyone has come to gather for one final gathering of the year. The occasion? Standing powerfully at 5'6 in black pants and a chic grey pullover, his presence is alluring as many greet him with warm hugs and kind words. It's an obvious celebration for recording artist Manchildblack.

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Broadway's Once to Bid Adieu with a Goodbye Concert

On Tuesday, January 6th at 8pm, Broadway’s smash hit and Tony award winning show Once will bid adieu with a goodbye concert at the Highline Ballroom. Enjoy performances from Once cast members Paul Alexander Nolan and Jessie Fisher, as well as Understudy to the lead Ben Hope, who will perform with his band, The Uptown Outfit. Ben has won the Kennedy Center award for “Most Promising Career” and his band’s forthcoming album, Ragged and Rowdy, is due out in February of 2015. You can listen to the latest single "Collen" here.

Comedian Justin Williams Tells Us How the Nerd Becomes the Coolest Kid in School

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, we bring you brilliant comedian Justin Williams. Williams realizes he would not be where he is today if it were not for his parents divorce, “In an odd way, I'm happy I experienced being broke, going to inner city schools, going to suburban schools. It's made me more well rounded. I wouldn't suggest having your parents go through a nasty divorce, but I had a good Mom and extended family, so it wasn't a disaster for my brother and I.” Due to his parent’s rough divorce, Williams was forced into attending a number of different schools, and this is where Williams found his comedic voice. Williams became an expert comedian by realizing being funny was his way “in” with the cool kids.

WEEKEND PICKS Recording Artist ManChildBlack
Weekend Pick: Final Libation Party of 2014