Weekend Pick: Manufactured Superstars Suite Beats Record Release Party at Gansevoort Park

Playing together under the moniker Manufactured Superstars, Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo have held down DJ residencies in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, played massive EDM festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland, and even have their own radio show and podcast on IHeartRadio. Manufactured Superstars are all about fun and their sets - which go from pop to prog and then wander over to electro without skipping a beat - are just that: pure fun.

Joining forces with the innovative Gansevoort Hotel Group, Manufactured Superstars have created two custom mixes inspired by the daytime vibe and the nightlife scene that the Gansevoort’s guests keep coming back for, aptly titled ‘Suite Beats.’ The two sets, released on Black Hole Recordings, feature remixes and exclusive edits of popular contemporary and throwback tunes as well as a handful of original tracks designed to propel you forward into wherever the day or the night takes you.

Weekend Pick: Day & Night Brunch Club at Highline Ballroom

One thing’s for sure: this is not your mother’s brunch. For the afternoon raver, who would would rather a side of turnt with their Eggs Benedict, the Highline Ballroom presents the Day & Night Brunch Club. Presented by the Dual Groupe, who puts a premium on creating innovative world-class concepts, the Day & Night Brunch Club crams a whole day and night’s worth of stimulation into one immersive experience. Big portions of food, aerial performers, sparklers galore, and all the Dom Perignon your credit card can bankroll can all be yours - one thing's for sure, whoever said brunch was for the boring didn’t have the Day & Night Brunch Club in mind. So go ahead, follow the link for more information and get ready to take your brunch game to the next level.

What: Day & Night Brunch Club at Highline Ballroom

When: March 7th at 2 PM

Where: Highline Ballroom - 431 West 16th Street

Weekend Picks: Brite Nites ft. Paris Blohm at Webster Hall

Saving the best for last, Paris Blohm's tour bus is pulling into New York City where he'll be ending his Demons Tour at Webster Hall as a part of the venue’s weekly party, Brite Nites. This being Webster Hall, you can either join Blohm in the grand ballroom and balcony, or if progressive trance EDM isn’t where you be all night, you can always go down to the basement to get grimey or take a trip to the Marlin Room for all the hip-hop, top 40, and mashups that your little brain can handle.

Any way you shake it, all this music can be all yours for the price of a Jackson. Get your tickets here and get ready to shine like a diamond, because you know it's gonna get a little sweaty.

What: Brite Nites ft. Paris Blohm at Webster Hall

When: Saturday, March 7th, 10pm

Where: Webster Hall, 125 E 11th Street

Weekend Pick: Remix Fridays at Katra

DJ Fat Fingaz, member of the Heavy Hitters DJ collective, has been at the game of party-rocking for over fifteen years, but just because you got experience making the people wile out, doesn’t mean you don’t have to update the interfaces and graphics of your website from time to time. That being done, there’s nothing left for DJ Fat Fingaz to do but make the people dance all night long, so come by Katra this Friday and give in to the 2 levels of party rock inside the doors of the Remix Fridays.

Ladies get in free before 1 AM, guys get in free before midnight if they RSVP, and everybody gets 2 for 1 drinks and an open champagne bar from 11 PM - 12 AM, so the incentives to get in early are abundant. Check out the invite for more information and whatever you do remember to mention that you’re on Chris A.C.’s Guest List.

What: Remix Fridays Party at Katra

When: Friday, March 6th, 11pm

Where: Katra - 217 Bowery

New York City Does March

March 3

Congratulations, as a reward for having survived February, treat yourself to a day of carbs in honor of National Pancake Day. Start your morning off right by making yourself a single banana, chocolate chip and pecan pancake, or make your way over to IHOP, where a short stack of pancakes can be yours for the cost of free.99 all day long. If lines aren’t your thing (or, like most New Yorkers, you don’t live close to an IHOP location), head on over to renowned Brooklyn diner Tom’s Restaurant, where you'll have your choice of delicious options ranging from Lemon Riocatta and Sweet Potato to the traditional Silver Dollar style. Spring may be coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to worry about crafting the perfect beach body just yet.

This Weekend: Mel DeBarge and Scram Jones at Finale

Finale brings you yet another sensational DJ line up this weekend and we are more than happy to let you in on who's gonna be spinnin' on the 1, 2s.

This Friday, DJ Mel DeBarge (no relation to El DeBarge) will make you dance until you drop with his eclectic catalog that oozes with a funky urban sound. With praise-worthy technical skills paired with his ability to make the crowd connect with his personality through his music, DeBarge never fails to keep a dance floor full.

Weekend Pick: Jonathan Peters Birthday Bash at Pacha NYC

Playing the classic club hits you crave, Jonathan Peters is in the building this Saturday, and you know he be allll night. This former Sound Factory Saturday night resident knows a thing or two about fierce beats and how to breathe life back into tired New Yorkers so you best be prepared to party.

Pacha is known for serving up Ibiza realness, so put on your party dress, strap on some heels, come thirsty, and get ready to celebrate the birthday of Jonathan Peters. Tickets are $25, but if you put your name on the guestlist you can get in for cheap before midnight. A dollar saved on admission is a dollar added to the alcohol fund, which is always a fair trade in our book. Do yourself a favor and add your name to the list before you get sucked back into the Internet black hole that you came from.

What: Jonathan Peters Birthday Bash at Pacha NYC

When: February 28, 10pm

Where: Pacha NYC - 618 W 46th St., New York, NY

Weekend Pick: Marco Carola w/ Stacey Pullen at Marquee

Get ready to dance this Friday because Marquee NYC is bringing in the big boys. Marco Carola, global ambassador for the Napolitano techno scene and Stacey Pullen, self-proclaimed Detroit Kosmik Messenger are coming to make you forget all about the realities of New York City in February.

Breathe in the beat and let the stress fall away. Presale begins at $25 (with a $29 option available for those who aren’t delusional enough to think it’ll be warm enough that they won’t need to bring a coat to check). Remember, a little party never hurt nobody and alcohol is everyone's best friend. Buy your tickest today.

What: Marco Carola w/ Stacey Pullen at Marquee NYC

When: February 27th, 11pm

Where: Marquee NYC - 289 10th Ave, New York, NY

Weekend Pick: Sander van Doorn at LAVO

Going to LAVO is like going to Europe for a night. The combination Italian restaurant and nightclub has a vibe that’s equal parts Interntational and Midtown. No hip hop, no hamburgers, no Top 40, and nobody over a certain age allowed. Inside LAVO’s subterranean playground of a nightclub, you’ll find bottles being popped in the bathroom, women dancing on tables, and this Thursday night you’ll even find EDM superstar, Sander van Doorn, spinning the soundtrack to your debauchery.

Get Shamrocked with the St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

It's almost that time of the year again when you can drink and rage in the name of everything Irish. And with the annual Saint Patrick's Day Bar Crawl celebration, you can do that all over your jolly city. Yes, it's time to Shamrock.

Between 12 and 7 pm on Saturday, March 14th, grab your crew and head on over to the check-in bar/venue in your city - click here to see participating cities - and register for your Barcrawls.com wrist band, cup, and tour map. (Don't forget to grab a beer too to get the party started).

Feeling Inspired: Roee and Yael Carmel Chat With Joonbug.com About the Evolution of the I Feel Experience

Founded and produced by Roee and Yael Carmel of Carmel Productions, the I Feel Experience was conceived with the notion to offer artistic New Yorker’s an outlet for expression, creativity, and dance-- a place where they could go to immerse themselves in a world free of judgment. For you see, for those that attend these gatherings, I Feel is not just a party—it’s an escape into a world filled with love, brotherhood, and above all, acceptance. I Feel applauds the individual, celebrates their unique gifts, and champions their artistic mind. I Feel is a community where we can at last truly feel free.Back in 2012, creative, uninhibited New Yorker’s seeking to join a community of like minded individuals came together at an intimate venue in the East Village each Friday to emerge themselves in a gathering of self-expression and dance. The beginning of what would soon evolve into one New York City’s most beloved underground parties, these Friday night celebrations were referred to as “I Feel Friday.”