WHAT TO DO Matt Dillon, NYC Subway, 1981 ©Lynn Goldsmith/courtesy of Morrison Hotel Gallery
Lynn Goldsmith's Streets of NYC @ Morrison Hotel Gallery

It's no secret that the Morrison Hotel Gallery is Manhattan's mecca for music photography, frequently showcasing inspiring collections through the lenses of rock icons and their muses. On April 17th, the legendary gallery opened its doors yet again as it unveils Lynn Goldsmith's distinguished anthology, Streets of NYC.

While this exhibition debuts captivating photographs cast in Morrison's formulaic style, featuring trailblazing artists such as Van Halen, Patti Smith and Keith Richards among a plethora of others, Goldsmith's works do not reside within these confines alone. In addition to the aforementioned icons, this installation will include the likes of Harrison Ford, Matt Dillon and Carrie Fisher. The premise behind this exhibition isn't simply a puddle-deep archive of celebrities over the years - it suggest something much greater. The honest conviction behind Streets of NYC may be unveiled through the famous face Goldsmith depicts, which society views as something of a superhero race, juxtaposed by the all-too-real grit of their New York stomping grounds which serve as a raw backdrop for this humbling collection.

Weekend Pick: Antonio Piacquadio Birthday Fiesta @ Space Ibiza

As far as we're concerned, there are only two acceptable approaches to commemorating yet another year of earthy existence and they are as follows: dodging the day entirely by hibernating in your apartment over personal time and a big bottle of wine or celebrating in style with blowout debauchery. Anything in between is frankly inexcusable. In the case of DJ/Producer, NYC club-scene luminary and leader of Space Ibiza NY, Antonio Piacquadio, the choice is obvious. This Saturday night, the acclaimed nightclub will be celebrating the birthday of this mega-personality with special guests like Carlo Lio and Rambo Springsteen, spinning bass-heavy anthems to keep those in attendance on the dance floor all night long.

Earth Day 2015-- How Will You Spark A Change?

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, the one day out of the year when festivals, activities and rallies are held to show our support for this Earth and to spread awareness about the health of our environment. The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970 as a result of a Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, taking his concerns about the health of our environment nation wide.

Here we are in 2015, many of us still only taking this one day of the year to shine the spotlight on environmental causes. Celebrating Earth Day grants us the opportunity to focus our attention on the depletion of our rainforests. This year on Earth Day, the African Rainforest Conservancy’s (ARC) 24th Annual Artists for Africa Benefit will be held to honor Andrew Sabin with ARC’s New Species Award for his philanthropic work and passion for the preservation of the environment. The gala will benefit the ARC’s efforts to preserve and restore the African Rainforests, which are among the oldest and most biodiverse in the world. Only 30% of the ancient trees from the coastal and mountain rainforests of Tanzania remain standing.

7 Not-to-Miss Movies at this Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

With this year's Tribeca Film Festival underway, here is a list of seven fantastic films we can't wait to see in 2015.

The Adderall Diaries

Captained by the prolific and at times confounding James Franco, The Adderall Diaries is a bizarrely tinted view into the neuroses of a manic journalist named Stephen Elliott. Pamela Romanowsky dives into her directorial debut with a candid and dark crime memoir. The plot of the film is centered on the 2007 trial of Hans Reiser, a man accused of murdering his wife, and Elliott’s all-consuming obsession with the investigation. Franco is at home playing a “tortured artist” and his commitment to portraying Elliott’s deep-rooted issues concerning his checkered past, crippling writer’s block and damaged relationship with his estranged father is commendable. If the on-screen adaptation is anything like the gripping 2010 novel, this will be one of the festival’s most chilling entries. Showtimes Here.

Heavyweight History: Mayweather vs Pacquiao @ Johnny Utah's

Are you ready to rumble, ride the mechanical bull and celebrate what has been referred to as “the fight of the millennium” this Saturday night? The highly anticipated knockouts between Mayweather and Pacquiao are just the kick-off to the vast amenities offered at Vegas Night at Johnny Utah’s. Featuring two projector screens, 16 HDTVs and pristine stereo sound, this Saturday's Vegas Night at Johnny Utah's is the next best thing to being in the ring yourself.

Epitome NYC at The Attic

Craving a stress reliever after a long week? Of course you are, then make The Attic your Friday evening destination. Epitome, the ultimate after work event, is the ideal place for you to unwind after dealing with a week of endless work, nagging bosses, and annoying coworkers.

Indulge in some of their top-notch drink specials while mingling with other young professionals atop one of New York's premium rooftop locations. The event is geared towards NYC's young and successful so dress with sophistication if you wish to blend with your chic cohorts. Doors open at 5, making it the perfect place to go for the happiest of hours - it is TGIF after all.

Weekend Pick: #BESTSaturdayParty @ Taj

Presented by premier club promoter Chris AC, TWIRL Saturdays at Taj is the #BESTSaturdayParty, promising endless drinks, exceptional DJs, some of the best dancing in the city, and a true New York nightlife experience. A native or otherwise, you'll be doing yourself a favor by dedicating your Saturday night and (if you play your cards right) a Sunday morning of recovery to this outstanding event. Whether it can be accredited to a crowd-pleasing aesthetic or a plethora of amenities, once you enter, you will undeniably become one with the vibe at this Shangri-La of luxury.

This Saturday, there's hookups-galore: like free bottle of champagne for groups of five or more ladies, and drink specials for everyone until 12am. Featuring fresh tracks, old school anthems and everything in between, the gratifying music is only matched by the Moroccan-inspired ambiance that is sure to get you in the hedonistic mood. Visit here for bottle service, booking tables and other information on this extravagant affair.

What: #BestSaturdayParty @ Taj

When: Saturday, April 18th, 10pm

Where: 48 W 21st St, NYC

Steve Angello Goes Global With His Latest Tour

Since his split from Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello has flourished as an independent artist. In addition to achievements such as multi-platinum records and sold-out shows, Angello can now add his his latest self-titled tour and its many sold-out appearances to his extensive list of achievements. With infectious vibes and electro-luxe appeal, this artist delivers nothing short of a legendary performance each and every time he takes the stage. Despite his fame and acclaim from former collaborations, he has truly come into his prime as a solo performer over the past few years.

Weekend Pick: BEYOND EDM @ Webster Hall

Just because Skrillex, Baauer and Steve Aoki couldn't make it here personally, this minor detail won't stop their tracks from being in attendance at the highly anticipated CNTRL: BEYOND EDM party. Presented by Girls & Boys and featuring some of the best emcees in the city, this Friday night dance party will be nothing short of phenomenal. Weekly reoccurring dance parties are very common in this city but this particular celebration has stood the test of time, delivering debauchery each and every Friday night for six years and still going strong. Featuring distorted soundtracks and mind-blowing bass, this all-encompassing experience is unlike anything anything else has to offer. Appealing to the children of the night, this event welcomes anyone 19+ to take part in the insanity.

WEEKEND PICKS Rony Seikaly @ Marquee
Weekend Pick: Rony Seikaly @ Marqee

Former NBA star and future EDM legend, Rony Seikaly will be spinning a slam-dunk set at Marquee this Friday, April 17th. The epitome of the American Dream, the Lebanon-born baller reminds us that you can indeed have it all. While he didn't gain credit amongst the club-scene until after NBA retirement, let it be known that he is no newcomer. Seikaly has made it very clear that he has been refining his craft as a disk jockey since the early age of 14, on and off. What was once his off-the-court hobby has become his full-court claim to fame as his internationial EDM success takes off.

Marquee is no stranger to entertaining former NBA players but in Rony Seikaly's case, it is definitely a special occurance. It's no secret that many former athletes go on to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors but few find prosperity paralleled with that of Seikaly. Some of of his best club tracks include "Can You Hear Me" and "Le Freak." March Madness may have passed but springtime insanity is still going strong at Marquee. Click here for tickets and more information on this weekend's special performance from Rony Seikaly.

What: Rony Seikaly @ Marqee

When: Friday, April 17th, 11pm

Where: 289 10th Ave, NYC

WHAT TO DO Keith Haring: Heaven and Hell
Last Looks: Check Out These Events & Exhibitions in Their Last Week

We've all heard it said that all good things must come to an end. Curtains close and credits roll but if you’re really lucky, you are afforded the pleasure of enjoying these experiences before they come to a close. While the end of one exhibitions simply paves the way for another cutting-edge arrival - bound to become an attraction of the moment - it's important not to forget to enjoy the now. In that spirit, let's refuse to fall victim to the age-old fate of not knowing a good thing until it’s gone, and check out these exhibitions in their final week of reception, before they're gone.