MARQUEE NEW YORK: The Skrillex Takeover

New York City will never stop pushing boundaries. Amidst its bustling streets within its mere 468.9 geographic square miles, you’ll find the offices for the most prominent companies, renowned restaurants, and notorious nightclubs. It is verifiably the world’s headquarters, which makes it of paramount importance that the city always remain as the leading innovative visionary, keeping its citizens, as well as the world, on its toes.

When news first broke in early August that Skrillex would be playing Marquee New York for one night only, it was met with mixed reactions. While many die-hard fans of the GRAMMY nominated artist hustled and bustled with excitement, scrambling to their computers to purchase a ticket before the show’s inevitable sell-out, there were a few skeptics who questioned the idea, believing the venue to be an inappropriate choice due to size and atmosphere. While reasonable in their conflicted enthusiasm, this time, Skrillex proved the skeptics wrong, as his performance on September 4th at Marquee New York proved to be nothing short of tremendous.

Liberty Theater Presents Rony Seikaly

What was once a renowned Broadway theater in the heart of Manhattan has been converted into a premium nightclub for New York’s elite crowd. Staying true to its original form, the venue boasts artistic balconies and authentic details that give it a very unique and inviting look.

Saturday, September 20th, Rony Seikaly will be taking over the city with his impeccably blended sounds and remarkable talent. The retired basketball star is known for selling out venues as people cram to be a witness to his undeniable skill. After leaving the league, he developed his passion for music and began his career as a professional DJ. His wide spectrum of genres include house, deep house, tech house and techno. In 2012, he released two EPs, that were both hugely successful. His passion for music is emitted as spins for audiences across America. NY is lucky to host him as he has sold out venues in Ibiza, Atlantic City, and Miami.

Weekend Picks: Manufactured Superstars at Liberty Theater

Manufactured Superstars have found themselves with residencies at such notable clubs as XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and HQ Nightclub in Atlantic City, just to name a few. And when the duo isn’t playing at one of the hottest clubs in the worlds, they’re performing at a massive festival like EDC, Ultra, Nocturnal Wonderland--you name it.

On Saturday, September 13th, Manufactured Superstars will be bringing their signature NASA spacesuits and their energy infused sets over to Liberty Theater in New York City for an incredible and extravagant night fit for the former Broadway theater.

What: Manufactured Superstars at Liberty Theater

When: Saturday, September 13th, 10pm

Where: Liberty Theater, 233 W. 41st St., New York, NY

Henny Palooza Takes Over The Well in Bushwick

Centered around the popular drink, Hennessy, Henny Palooza has one simple vision in mind: drinks for everyone, good music and good food. Started in basement of founder Kameron McCullough’s house, it began as guest would bring their own bottles of Hennessy and food to the party, but once word spread about the fun concept, this small party took on a life of its own and thus "Henny Palooza" was born. Since then this party has catered to almost 600+ people at their events. Recently, Henny Palooza even went all the way to Toronto to throw an epic day party.

Death By Audio - A Brooklyn Landmark Says Goodbye

The DIY Brooklyn music venue, Death By Audio has recently announced it is closely its doors November 22nd, 2014. A longtime staple of the Brooklyn music scene, the venue was started seven years ago by Edan Wilber and Matt Conboy and has held over 1000 acts every year since including the Dirty Projectors, Thee Oh Sees and Future Islands.

Wilber and Conboy recently wrote a letter to their supportive fan base which seemed to implicate rising costs in the Williamsburg area leading to a more expensive, and likely unaffordable lease.

Get Bendy With National Yoga Month

The stereotypical NYC yoga class features a dark, and the theory of "Bikram" when really they just never wanted to spend the money on an air conditioner. But yoga in the city can be so much more than that. Here are seven ways you can use National Yoga Month to stretch your hamstrings and your NYC cred.

The Brooklyn yoga studio Bend & Bloom and Lululemon Brooklyn have paired up to offer free yoga classes every Thursday night this summer in Prospect Park.

September is your last chance to check out these incredible open-air classes, so don't miss out! Each class is an hour long and accessible to all skill levels.

Weekend Picks: Wanderlust 108 at Prospect Park

Wanderlust, most commonly known for its four day festival series across the U.S., makes its way to the concrete jungle this weekend with a very New York inspired twist: a one day party. Wanderlust aims to bring yogis and sweat enthusiasts from all walks of life together in a daylong celebration in Prospect Park. These events are enveloped in a shroud of joy, and its creators place enormous emphasis on the idea that these festivals are supposed to be a party, albeit a party with meaning, as they detail on their website:

Legendary Ibiza Nightclub Coming to NYC

Word on the street is that legendary Ibiza night club, SPACE is about to find a new home in New York City. Are you are ready? Because the rumors are true. Headed by nightlife industry vets Antonio Piacquadio, Carlo Seneca, Michael Geniton and Rob Toma, the grand opening is less than 2 weeks away! Doors will open to the clubs new locale in Hells Kitchen next Friday September 12th- the last weekend of New York Fashion Week 2014.

Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter

Ambitious. Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter” is a curious rock musical, currently playing at the Minetta Lane Theater in Greenwich Village. Revolution is written by Icelandic brothers Ivar Pall Jonsson and Gunnlaugur Jonsson, and it attempts to cover multiple major themes, with humor that appears to fall somewhat flat on a largely American audience. The cast however, is top rate. The storyline portrays the human body (specifically Ragnar Agnarsson the furniture painter’s) as the universe, with the population highlighted in this play, residing in the elbow. God is referred to as Bob, because when the good people of Elbowville travel to Ragnar’s eye sockets, they behold visions of Robert Redford (Agnarsson’s favorite actor). The Prosperity Machine, the central component here, is an invention of Peter’s (the very talented, Marrick Smith) and addresses human nature and greed, by issuing easy loans reminiscent of the 2008 economic crash. These loans of course, cannot be sustained, so they ultimately lead to the town’s financial demise, and the revolution. Sex is covered as well, merely referred to as “the sexy thing,” and the theme of family, both adopted (in the form of a lovingly swaddled virus), and biological (Peter’s wife Brynja, played by Karli Dinardo, is pregnant throughout), is center front. Finally, tragically, death, as a suicide, brings this story full circle. It overwhelms! ...and we mustn't forget the lobsters! The people of Elbowville are fishermen...of lobsters from Ragnar’s lymphatic system. Lobster dialog and lobster costumes repeatedly materialize in this play. Looking further into lobster symbolism, we found that Surrealist, Salvador Dali, saw the claws of the lobster as representing danger. The Surrealist Art Movement during World War II viewed the lobster as a symbol of the dangers of war. Well, the show IS about a revolution.. The town of Elbowville is’t all seafood and sunshine - it is a city in turmoil, rife with corruption fueled by greedy mayor (The Producers' Cady Huffman), and the morally deficient Peter (Marrick Smith). Together they manage to financially run the town into the ground, all while Peter steals the love of his brother Stein (Brad Nacht), by putting his personal desires above the bond of a brother; family. Revolution in the Elbow’s set and effects are outstanding. The in-house band that accompanied the show’s musical numbers, the Revolution Cell Orchestra, rocked, with stadium quality acoustics. The acting was on point, but predictably so with this star-studded cast. Cady Huffman, specifically, was brilliant. The talent was apparent for all to see and hear, but the show was a lesson in excess, and proof that more times than not, less is indeed more. An overabundance of metaphors, loose connections and quirky symbolism, made it apparent that the script could have benefitted from some significant editing, but judge for yourself; it’s ripe for interpretation, and the tickets conveniently can be found here!
The Hottest Happenings for NYFW SS 2015

Inauguration to NYFW Via International Fashion & Beauty Pop-Up

Wednesday, September 3rd, 7pm-11pm

Carlton Hotel , Millesime Lounge , 88 Madison Ave.

Come enjoy refreshments, celebrity guests, live performances, and even a photo booth at one of NYFW’s kick off events. In honor of the upcoming week, the Carlton Hotel is hosting a fashion and beauty pop up with a star studded red carpet. Performances by N'Kenge from Broadway's "Motown: The Musical," as well as others will take place. Donations to Heart A Cause will be accepted at the event as it is a charity event.

The Burlesque Boudoir

Come out this Thursday for a unique fashion experience that will definitely leave you begging for more. The Burlesque Boudoir will be held at Opus on Thursday, September 4th. This event will feature a lingerie fashion show followed by a live burlesque performance. The audience is definitely in for a distinct treat unlike any other. With Fashion Week events occurring all over New York City, this is sure to provide a slight change of scenery while still remaining true to the spirit of NYFW.

With designs from Louise Ferdinand and Stevie Boi, the show will be one you don’t want to miss.