Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Comes to an End
Monday, August 8, 2011 at 12:20 PM | Amanda Mactas
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Although I do watch my fair share of Project Runway, I am not a fashion savant, nor do I pretend to know much about it. How exactly did I find myself at the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you ask? Well, after all of the rave reviews it got, it's hard not to be curious. On Friday morning I went to check out the scene...and was utterly shocked. Wrapped around blocks and blocks was the line just waiting to get inside the museum. Once inside, there were even more lines to enter the exhibit. I knew that the exhibit would be crowded, but I did not expect the mob scene that awaited me upon my arrival. The wait turned out to be well worth it. 

Amidst a museum full of wonderful ancient artifacts like pottery, photographs, and paintings, lay a world completely different. Not for the light-hearted, this exhibit showcased works by McQueen that channeled one's darkest imagination. Showcasing outfits from a collection titled Highland Rape, complete with a brutally torn up stage to spotlight his designs, there was an obvious bleakness to the exhibit. Other designs, however, were stunningly beautiful, and quite contrasted  with some of his more sinister looks. A sultry dress made out of feathers bathed in gold and one made entirely out of wild flowers, to name a few. 

Some of his designs and collections are reminiscent of a dominatrix fetish, animal primitivism, and peculiar creatures. McQueen definitely pushed boundaries in the fashion world while he was alive (similar to Lady Gaga who is loyal to McQueen designs). Although  some may not be pleased with some of his works of art, no one can argue that he foraged a path previously unwalked in the fashion world and he created absolute masterpieces. As Tim Gunn would say, he made it work.

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