Attention PYT's: NYC's Under 21 Fun
Monday, September 19, 2011 at 12:19 PM | Norma Sepenuk
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For the many avenues of NYC nightlife, traveling down the under 21 block is as exciting as the nonexistent streets of the Upper West Side on a Monday night. Key word: nonexistent. While we couldn’t find you a plethora of night hits, we have found some solid choices for all you Joonbugs-in-training. The perfect end to your first date- some dancing, bowling or maybe a quick concert- any one of these are bound to have you, your friends, and your future boytoy partying the night away.

Webster Hall 19+

Like entering into an abandoned playhouse (especially on Circus Saturdays) that has been overtaken by the debauchers of the underworld. Faded red, green, and gold accents add to the theater feel of Webster Hall. All the worlds a stage here when you find a partner, probably some sexy college kid from NYU, to dance top 40 with. Or if punk rock is your thing, head downstairs for an entirely different, Clash-vibe, of the basement. With a hip, young crowd lounging upstairs to house music- pink mood lighting and fog filling the room- you know you’ll fit right in. Webster Hall is a definite must for under 21 partiers.

Bowery Ballroom 18+

If you’re looking for experience, Bowery Ballroom is your place. With concerts going on all the time, there is never a dull moment at this bi-level musical beauty. Simple yet sophisticated are the Americana balconies and cutout stage. And everything revolves around the music- the acoustics of the space, the placement of the bars (which we know you’re not sneaking up to with supposed fakes). With great atmosphere comes great people, and they are ready and waiting to meet you at the next show. For more information on shows go to

Bowlmor Lanes All Ages

Carnival: With contortionists, sword swallowers, and bowling all accompanied by Top 40, we know that the Bowlmor in Midtown will have you in for a crazy fun night. The glitz of Midtown shines through in Bowlmor’s neon pink and blue lights, giving it a distinct lounge feel. Step into the “Fun House” for some of the best beats NYC has to offer. There are spinning wheels, game booths and colorful LED floors to give this a youthful and poppy feel. Bowlmor: On the regular floors of Bowlmor, you can (for $13) bowl with stars like Michael Phelps and Paris Hilton. Music is booming in the background so this bowling alley becomes a pseudo-nightclub especially past dark. 

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