Bottoms Up: NYC's Latest Bar Openings
Friday, October 7, 2011 at 10:30 AM | Norma Sepenuk
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 Fresh out of the oven, here are your four new openings for the beginning of Fall 2011. These warm, funky atmospheres will have you craving a slice of that NYC magic we all know and love. You know the feeling- the wonderment filling within as you take in a new spot, privy only to those who love all things nouveau. Go ahead, take a look:

The Tippler

Leading down a plain staircase, you wouldn’t expect much of The Tippler, hidden in the recesses of Chelsea Market. That is, not until you see the books, perfectly placed around flickering candlesticks. Then, you turn and as you notice the reclaimed wood from an old water tower, the train rails retrieved from the Highline, all shining against the Americana pendants, you realize that you are reliving a piece of New York history. With its definitive red brick arches and warm décor, The Tippler has primed the paramount atmosphere for any intimate situation, whether with friends or your hubby. This, fellow clandestine-seekers, is, by far, the newest old Chelsea night hit, since it hasn’t been open to the public since 1890. With thrill-drinks like the Screaming Greenie Lushie- Pernod absinthe with Finlandia vodka, lemon, and exploding (!) basil leaves and the Derek Smalls- Zubrowka bison grass vodka with cucumber, anise, grapefruit, and mint, you’ll feel compelled to return again and again. Oh, and did we mention they have small bites from all the shops buzzing above in Chelsea market?


Wandering around the North Side of Williamsburg, you can find dozens of hidden treasures among the plethora of speakeasies. But what if the ultimate gem of relaxation and good company is standing bright in the daylight? Welcome, Walden. With its ornate white tin ceiling, its orb chandeliers, and its green accents, this bar is an irresistible match for the Williamsburg winos. Its clean marble-top bar, café style tables and eclectic chalkboard menu, it gives Williamsburg the breath of fresh air, necessary for the fresh prepared food and wine aficionados. With options like braised pork shoulder with watermelon and poblano and chicken meatballs to pair with your carefully selected wine, your night is sure to be a dazzling experience.


Oh Murray Hill, how we love your entrancing night hits; your warm elegance and splendor, especially through these chilly Fall days. And what could surmount the glamour of this Midtown marvel? The addition of the elite wine bar for everyone. A place where friends of all types and ages (above 21, of course) can meet and mingle over the specially selected glass of Riesling or Mead imported from the Viking descendants of Denmark. And grabbing a bite of delicious, crispy Yoshi fried chicken is always a must. Ascend into this haven of luxury, modeled after the old Murray Hill Mansions, and indulge in the lax atmosphere.


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