Cake Shop Crowdsources Against Eviction
Friday, June 1, 2012 at 12:15 PM | Josh Cohen
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Last month, the Cake Shop faced eviction, needing $10,000 within only a few days to pay off year-old fines. The Cake Shop sent out this email:

Calling all millionaires: cake shop needs a month-long returnable bridge loan, due to possibly bogus fines from last year, at their deadline this Monday, or we face eviction. the amount we’re looking for is 10k, to pay off these fines once and for all. we’d need it in the next 72 hours. &reminder this is a short term loan. full explanation provided, with intere$t and perks, if this appeals to you, and you’d like to help us out & continue & grow. thanks. xo.

The owners were able to accumulate the funds, but now an additional sum is needed for the doors to stay open.

Perched amongst other popular LES staples such as The Living Room, and Pianos, the Cake Shop now needs a ridiculous $50,000 by June 20th. Or else.

Why’s this money needed? Their financial burdens stem from a combo of taxes, legal fees, and fines. Costs are rising and security is tightening.



Cake Shop has set up with to siphon funds from regular people who’re interested in helping out. You can pledge here. A percentage of the funds will go to Musicians on Call which provides live music in hospitals.

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