Friday, October 21, 2016 at 12:00 AM | Hillary Ferguson
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You're about to hit the NYC streets for Halloween and we want to make sure that you're prepared. Be sure to pack these necessary items for a homemade Emergency Kit before you go out! 


1. Safety pins

Considering our costumes are often handmade to prevent anyone from ever stealing our one-of-a-kind looks, they are generally held together by messy stitching and fabric knots. Cheap fabric and unstable clasps are not the most supportive tools for when we are dancing wildly - so it is definitely best to have safety pins on hand in case of a dramatic wardrobe malfunction.

2. Tide stain remover stick

The more we drink - the messier we behave. Be sure to keep a stain stick in your purse to help protect your awesome costume from outside sources. It’s Halloween, just about anything could happen.

3. Band-aids

I’m the friend that often stumbles and accidentally shatters my glass at the bar. Hopefully, YOU are the friend that has a bandaid on hand and will pour a little vodka on my wound to fix me back up. Be the hero of the night for your clutzy friends.

4. Visine.

Let’s not play games. You know exactly why you need Visine.

5. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a must. As the night progresses, our beautifully curled hair is falling out and turning into stringy waves. Time to pull it back. Have some hair ties on hand and also some bobby pins to try and style and save your mess of a hair. As long as you took a pic at the start of the night, it’s okay to throw up the hair.

6. Phone Charger

This is a must. On Halloween, your friends are dressed up in strange disguises amongst crowds of Disney princesses, Harley Quinns, and Pokemon. This makes it even more difficult to find them. Force everyone in the squad to drop a pin on their location throughout the night, and be SURE to have a portable phone charger on hand to ensure you’re able to find them.

7. Sunglasses

Why sunglasses, you ask? In case the following morning you wake up beside Batman and need to do the walk of shame, you can hide your face from the sunlight and the public with oversized shades! We don’t judge you, we’re just here to help! Happy Halloween!

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