Members Only Whiskey Club Has More Security Than The President
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 04:45 PM | Heather Brodsky
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1494, a whiskey club founded this past June, has found a home at a five-story Midtown West townhouse. The location: undisclosed.

1494 has grown to be one of the most prominent whiskey clubs in New York in its small time of existence. Its name is cleverly derived from the first written record of scotch whiskey’s distillation.

Club founder David Clelland explained to Commercial Observer that he goes out of his way to find rare whiskeys to keep his members pleased. This includes a 50-year old bottle of Macallan and a bottle of Black Bowmore. He also told the Commercial Observer, “We have sub-basement vaults, where we’re insured up to $5 million-worth of whiskey.” He also said that one of the five floors will be designated as “Where we hide all of our whiskey.”

Sounds a little extreme to devote such measures for bottles of liquor. But we guess it makes sense considering one bottle costs more than the average person’s weekly salary.  

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