Monday is No Longer the Worst Day of the Week
Monday, October 20, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Mahogany Bullock-Clayton
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If Monday Night Football isn't your thing, take a stab at some Monday night stand up. Put a spin on after work happy hour and laugh at some comedians over drinks with friends. If you have yet to check out the weeknight comedy scene in the city, you are definitely missing out. Mondays tend to suck, add a bit of laughter to your dreary day by checking out some all-star comedians.

An Evening With Friends at Liberty Hall (20 W 29th St.)

Check out some quality comedy that discusses real topics with a comedic spin. Laugh along with your unfamiliar neighbors at this bi-monthly show hosted by Dave Hill, John Early, and Michael Cavadias.  After the show, dance the rest of the evening away to the DJ set. We were lucky enough to catch the series' debut show last month, and see such names as Janeane Garofalo, Amber Martin, Lizz Winstead, and Jacqueline Novak. Liberty Hall is located inside the elegant Ace Hotel, which is surely a superb way to kick off your work week. 





Comedy Cellar (117 Macdougal St.)

With multiple time slots, this intimate theater on McDougal is perfect for a cozy after-work destination. Their Monday night lineup varies but it never disappoints. Stop in on any Monday and you might run into the comedic genius known as Aziz Ansuri. Comedians like Godfrey and Ray Romano frequent their stage, you've just got to be fortunate enough to stumble in on the right evening.





Gravid Water at UCB Theater (307 W 26th St.)

Like improv? Like scripted comedy? Well we've got BOTH. This unique comedic experience puts a scripted actor onstage with an improv comedian and forces them to work together to create a magical result. What happens when an actor continuously reads scripted lines while a comedian must attempt to fill in the blanks without really knowing what's going on? Something extremely funny that will make you laugh until your sides ache.






The Creek and The Cave
 (10-93 Jackson Ave.)

Every Monday is something different here. However, you can always count on mic Bingo. Starting at 6, come equipped with your Bingo cards and 5 minutes of material. (Or don't, they can provide cards and you don't have to perform- whatever.) Try your luck with Bingo or comedy, and get a good laugh while doing it. Following, they may have Notebook night where big names in comedy come to work out a few kinks in their routines. They also have The Kaleidoscope where strangers form improv teams to perform in front of the crowd. You might see an all star performance or a comedian on the rise. With The Creek and the Cave, you never know.




The Dope Show at New York Comedy Club  (241 E 24th St.)

Un-dull your Monday evening with a trip to the New York Comedy Club. The first dreadful weekday could use some excitement. Each Monday, there is an exceptional showcase at 8:30 for the after work crowd to indulge in. The stage has been graced by some of the greatest in comedy. Witness history in the making at the NY Comedy Club. You never know who you'll see

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