Music Junkies Flock to Toshi's
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 11:10 AM | Amanda Mactas
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Hotelier Robert 'Toshi' Chan, owner of The Flatiron Hotel, opened his late-night lounge adjacent to the hotel just months ago, called Toshi's Living Room.

The restaurant and lounge welcomes live musicians to the stage every day of the week and all acts must audition in front of Toshi himself before gracing the stage. The new spot is the perfect reprieve for music junkies who don't want to trek all the way up to Harlem to find some decent jazz. Chris Norton, a fixed trumpeteer/singing staple at Toshi's, livens up the crowd with his band, blending sounds of funk, Motown, and rock 'n' roll in his music. Norton's also ultra charismatic and too cute to boot.

Those looking for a fun night out can enjoy the lively music, while noshing on some of the fun-named entrees and 'glasses of happiness', such as the Salmon Sex Salad and Rouge Hot Bitch (flavored rum, orange juice, tabasco).

In addition to all the Living Room has to offer, it is also always open to host charity events, such as the Unity Fundraising Concert it held last weekend to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. The event was organized by A-MinorMusik Group, Gospel Unplugged, Melanie David and Life Church, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the charities FEMA, American Red Cross, and Toshi's own, toshiNow Foundation.


Toshi's Living Room is located at 1141 Broadway.

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