Quiet Event's Silent Disco at 42West
Friday, April 25, 2014 at 01:14 PM | Sarah Romeu
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The idea of a “silent party” may seem a bit strange in nature, but it is one crazy idea that works. Walking into a completely silent club is a sight in and of itself; two DJ’s are spinning, bartenders are mixing drinks, guests are chatting with their indoor voices, and there is, of course, the very noticeable absence of loud music. That is because at Quiet Event’s Quite Clubbing guests are provided with headphones and the option to listen to the sounds they want.

It goes like this: when you enter a Quiet Events Quite Clubbing you’re handed a pair of headphones that have 3 different channels.  On each channel a different a different DJ plays either Top 40, 80’s/90’s or electronic music. Also on each pair of headphones are red, green and blue colored LED lights that change when you switch each station. You can switch between channels, control the volume or just take the headphones off and talk to your friends. The vibe at one of these silent discos feels way more personal than a regular party. Many guests want to chat with their friends and even strangers about whatever songs they are listening to, which creates a more interactive environment. 

Quiet Events Silent Discos have been around for about 2 years now and their ever growing popularity is bringing silent partiers out in the hundreds to rooftops in Manhattan and even bigger party spaces in areas like Long Island.

We had a chance to not only attend their silent disco at 42West where DJs  Alex Cecil and IzzyE spun. We were also able to sit down with one of the masterminds behind Quiet Events, founder William Petz, to talk about the parties, the vision and the future.

William told us that the craziest event that he’s done with Quiet Events would be their City Party Tour. What they do is take groups of people through the subway and give everyone a pair of headphones and the leaders have a microphone where they’re able to tell partygoers to do crazy things like start a flash mob, high five random strangers or even dance on top of subway seats. Half of the party is an actual tour through NYC that gives guest important facts and info about the city. The cherry on top of all the fun would be the bar crawl at the end of the tour! 

William also told us that he loves the way Quiet Events brings people together. "When one person is really enjoying a certain song on their headphones usually the people around them want to hear what they’re listening to as well, which causes groups of people to bond and party together at our events."

If you're just now hearing about Quiet Events then you've picked a great time to check out on of their parties. Petz revealed that this summer will be crazy for them and they are looking to throw even more parties outdoors in neighborhoods that don’t allow loud music after a certain time. In the city that never sleeps you can trust that Quiet Events doesn’t either. Their silent discos will have you dancing the night away long after everyone else. Not to mention they always provide the best drink specials as well.

Make sure to check out Quiet Events at Toshi Rooftop every other weekend when they bring in parties of about 300-400 people who love to party. They are also planning plenty of other parties throughout the city. You can get more info about Quiet Events here and check out their entire schedule of events coming up


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