13 Not-So-Basic Pop Culture Costumes
Monday, October 12, 2015 at 12:00 AM | Mitchika Andersson
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You’re done searching through every Party City just to arrive home empty-handed, and you’ve already committed Halloween’s cardinal sin of throwing on a pair of mouse ears and calling it a costume – “I’m a mouse, duh”. Skip the guessing game this year, and go the DIY route with one of pop culture’s most WTF moments and Hollywood box office hits of 2015. This year when you decide to crash one of NYC’s exclusive Halloween parties at Gansevoort Park Avenue or Slate, you’ll have everyone tweeting, gramming, and snapchatting #slay next to your name.


1. Game of Thrones 



Whether you’re still mourning his death, in deep… deep denial, or you’ve finally (begrudgingly) moved on to another Game of Thrones pretty boy, Jon Snow’s death shook the living kingdoms out of us. It’s been about 4 long months since season five’s finale. We’ve cried. We’ve lamented. Now we’re ready for reincarnation. Bring Jon back from the dead this Halloween with a heavy faux-fur cape, leather armor, and a little 5 o’clock shadow. We can’t promise he’ll be making appearances in season 6 just by impersonating him, but you will be making your nearest bar just a little more charming, one Kit Harington at a time. 


2. American Horror Story: Hotel



Admit it: Jessica Lange’s departure from American Horror Story was the ultimate horror story of all. A pivotal character in every season that made carnage look classy, there are few to none that can replace “The Supreme” – unless you have a loyal following of little monsters. Lady Gaga’s scandalous foursome debut on AHS: Hotel revealed she can do more than belch Billboard-topping pop songs. Be the Countess this Halloween with a DIY metallic monster glove paired with film noir panache and oodles of sex appeal. A horrifically odd series that makes Gaga feel right at home, we’re just dying to know what happens next.


3. Minions

They’re short, yellow, and absolutely un-despicable. This summer’s cutest animated film have charmed the pants off of us. Paint the town yellow this Halloween in a pair of denim overalls, goggles, and canary-yellow face paint. With a costume cheek-pinchingly cute, you’re bound to score more treats than tricks this year. Better yet, even if you’re speaking gibberish after your fifth Jager Bomb of the night, you’ll fit right into character.


4. Orange is the New Black

You know sh*t went down that moment everyone on Instagram is hashtagging Woman Crush Wednesday on a Friday. The debut of the androgynously beautiful Ruby Rose on Orange is the New Black was one of this year’s smartest casting choices and most gender-bending Netflix moments. Play off a pair of khaki scrubs as inmate attire with a fake Aussie accent, and you’ll be getting double-takes from both sides of the team.


5. Donald Trump



As if seeing him consecutively fire the cast of The Apprentice wasn't enough, we are now graced with Trump's presence in the current presidential campaign. Although this isn't the first time we've seen people in show biz enter the political sphere (remember that guy named Schwarzenegger?), it's too early in the race to see how the Trump Empire will pan out. Flaunt an obnoxiously over-combed comb-over and classic suit and tie to get all the votes this Halloween. With an abundance of blunt commentary flooding the debates, you'll have plenty of wisecracks to be the life of the Republican Party.        


6. Mad Max 


Even with dirt on her face and a macho buzz-cut, Charlize Theron is one of those rare starlets that still looks like “she woke up like this”. Not all of us are brazen enough to shave our heads for one night, or for that matter even work an ultra-masculine ‘do the way she does. However, you can imitate her bad-assery as Furiosa with some torn tees, metal arm gear, and a surplus of leather belts. Own this costume like a boss, and you just might possibly maybe look as flawless as Charlize Theron. Maybe.


7. Kylie Jenner


So many selfies, so little time. This Keeping up with the Kardashian socialite has accumulated more followers than queens of pop, @badgalriri and @xtina, combined. With so many classic Kylie looks to choose from, you can go casual with pale green hair extensions and a wife-beater, or go mega-glam at the club with strappy heels, bandage dress and choppy aqua highlights from her red carpet look. Flaunt an ultra-glossy pout, phone in hand, and you’ll be part of the Dash fam in no time. But first, let me take a selfie.


8. 50 Shades of Grey  


Ironically, the most scandalous movie of the season created eyebrow-raising rumors whether Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson even remotely got along once the camera stopped rolling. This was short-lived, like any celebrity tabloid, as a couple awkward paparazzi shots are never foolproof. If you’re planning a couple’s Halloween costume with bae, play like Grey in a suit and tie and the essential S&M props. Like any one night stand (or in this case 50), you can easily imitate Anastasia in an over-sized button down… and nothing else. At the end of the night, you still have some Halloween “toys” to keep you occupied.


9.  Kendall, Karlie, Cara & Gigi


This was the day every gorgeous woman in the world decided to crash T-swift’s 1989 London Tour. Making #squadgoals history, this is one costume choice that won’t send you reeling into another fashion faux-pas. Opt for a pinstriped two-piece to be like Gigi or try Karlie’s little white dress. With a group costume this on point, no one will even notice your post-Halloween walk of shame.


10. Miley Cyrus

Gone are the days when we got the best of both worlds from Miss Hannah Montana. The more Miley entered her twerktastic days of adulthood, the more we became acquainted with her body-baring VMA outfits. Even if you didn’t catch the VMA’s this year, there was no avoiding the 5 second GIF of Nicki Minaj putting Cyrus on blast – Miley, what’s good? Thanks to their Twitter feud, you can now take over every Halloween party in the USA in an eye and lip ensemble with over the knee go-go boots and an orange visor. If all else fails, you can always buy a pair of pasties and call it a night.


11.  Drake & Madonna

You almost saw it coming in slow motion the minute Madonna started to circle around Drake at this year’s Coachella. You think it’s just another Madonna make-out session until Drake kneels over in what looks like disgust. Awkward. The perfect couple’s gag costume, just make sure you’re kissing the right Madonna on the dancefloor or things will get really awkward...

12. "The Dress"




Unfortunately, this was America’s finest viral moment of the year (face palm). For some unfathomable reason, we became obsessed with whether this dress was truly: black and blue or white and gold. Once its true colors were revealed (for god’s sake, it’s black and blue), the wave of controversy blew over our heads like a long war was finally over. Be the headline of your next Halloween party with this year’s most mind-boggling color scheme. If you’d like the real deal, Roman Originals sells the original, no pun intended. Note: it’s not available in white and gold.


13. Pizza Emoji 

If we can tweet pizza, we can be pizza. God Bless 'Murrica.