Best Halloween Makeup Looks According to Beauty Gurus
Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 12:00 AM | Mitchika Andersson
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From picking out the “it” lipstick shade of the season to helping us decipher that thing called contouring, YouTube beauty gurus have become that go-to girlfriend you can count on 24/7. You’ve taken the baby steps to makeup artistry success, and now you’re ready to flaunt what your mama gave you at your next Halloween party. With about a million subscribers and counting, we’ve picked out the loveliest of YouTube ladies in order of popularity to show you how to get this year’s trending Halloween looks.


1. Glam&Gore, subscribers: 963,857k

With Daenerys Targaryen being that inhumanly beautiful being on Game of Thrones, it’s no wonder every girl is going gaga for this look. Let’s just say Glam&Gore’s version gives Khaleesi a little more character…



2. Chrisspy, subscribers: 1,219,409m

This is hands down the sexiest clown look to surface the YouTube sphere, and the hardest look to pull off without looking like you’re going to your next 5-year old birthday gig. Trust in Chrisspy's gangster clown guide — this is the one time you’ll want to leave the house with clown face. 



3. madeyewlook, subscribers: 1,632,112m

As Snapchat’s newest filters went viral, so did a horde of rainbow-vomiting Halloween tutorials. Unlike so many copycat channels, madeyewlook provides 7 snappy looks you can easily recreate for a Snapchat-groupie costume. 



4. pixiwoo, subscribers: 1,894,178m

For the Marvel junkie, this is the perfect Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy look to take it from comic-con cheesy to club-wear ready. BTW, we can’t get enough of Pixiwoo’s British accent. We’re guessing the rest of her 1.8 million subscribers would have to agree. 



5. Dulce Candy, subscribers: 2,016,947m

Forget Barbie and friends, this year it’s all about cracked porcelain and baby doll dresses with the creepy porcelain doll tutorial. Try this look to play up both eerie and sweet spectrums of Halloween. 



6. Shaaanxo, subscribers: 2,056,288m

This Aussie beauty takes the classic bloody face for a spin with faux staples and stage blood. For those of you that quite frankly just want to be you for Halloween, try the blood-and-gore route for the no-frills disguise



7. Nicole Guerriero, subscribers: 2,356,595m

The Walking Dead meets Roy Lichtenstein with Guerriero’s zombie pop art transformation. You’ll be stealing the limelight at every nightclub on your agenda with a zombie costume this loud.



8. AndreasChoice, subscribers: 3,492,457m

If you happen to catch this blog the night before Halloween, you are one of many that are franticly scoping the internet for last minute ideas. Don’t despair, Andrea puts together 4 different makeup and costume ideas you can easily assemble with a quick stop at CVS and the lost garments pushed in the back of your closet. 



9. dope2111, subscribers: 3,524,485m

Another illusion besides “The Dress” has mesmerized the minds of social media fiends created by the ever-so talented, Promise Phan of dope2111. You’ll be getting everyone one dizzy for words before the party’s even started with this trippy double vision tutorial. 



10. Michelle Phan, subscribers: 8,072,607m

We couldn’t possibly conclude a YouTube beauty guru lineup without the ultimate “Phan”. Go to the dark side of Sailor Moon with Michelle's Koan look because being evil has never looked so good.