Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 12:00 AM | Hillary Ferguson
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Whether you’re starving or hungover, we know exactly what you need:  juicy, tender meat cooked to that pinky, medium-rare perfection and a slice of melting, yellowy goodness slapped on top. This weekend we are celebrating a foodie holiday that is thick, tender, All-American, and irresistible: National Cheeseburger Day! Here are the top 5 NYC restaurants you’ve got to get to this Sunday, September 18th to celebrate and devour cheesy, grilled up goodies.

1. SideBAR

In true celebration of this beefy holiday, SideBAR is going ALL out and is presenting its newest addition to the menu that is creative, tantalizing, and SO CHEESY: the Double Mac n Cheese Burger! Yes, you heard me right. Mac n Cheese…. On a burger … Am I in heaven? Quite possibly. This double packed gift to humanity consists of 8 full ounces of beef, stacked with yummy mac n cheese bites that ooze into your mouth with every chomp of gooey delight. Head over to 118 E. 16th Street on Sunday to be the first to try the Double Mac n Cheese Burger!

2. e’s BAR

In honor of the meat-loving holiday, E’s Bar is offering a discounted deal to the public on its signature, succulent specialty burger. All you have to do is mention that it is National Cheeseburger Day! I admire a place that respects its customers for having foodie knowledge. If on Sunday you do tell your waiter that you KNOW what day it is, you’ll be offered their trademark cheeseburger with crispy french fries for only $10, and also NY Cheddar Balls for $8. Cheese on cheese on cheese! Head over to 511 Amsterdam to stuff your face with beef and cheddar and honor foodie festivities!

3. Boulton & Watt

Here on 5th Ave, they know how to commend a holiday as important as National Cheeseburger Day! For four hours on Sunday between noon to 4pm, you can dig into a cheeseburger, french fries, housemade pickles and also a draft beer to wash it all down for only $15. The burger here is legendary as the beef is savory and flavorful; we know you’ll be hooked. Ugh, can it please be September 18th already?


4. Bareburger

Searching for a savory burger that is also good for you? Come to Bareburger where they honor National Cheeseburger Day every day because they genuinely care about the wellbeing of their customers. The food is entirely organic and is made 100% without any pesticides or GMOs. Yes, we love being meat eaters but we also love animals, and it’s awesome to have a cool restaurant that honors animal care and ensures they are raised in grazing pastures. They also offer vegetarian options on the menu, so all customers are welcome. Bareburger is located on 514 3rd ave, and is always serving lean, antibiotic and gluten free beef to New Yorkers. Respectable and delectable? MEAT you there!

5. ‘21 Club’

This is not your average, casual burger spot to hangout at. The ‘21 Club’ serves lobster and steak, but it is their infamous burger that has everyone wanting more. If you’re looking for a cheeseburger that is delectable and unforgettable, try the “21 Club Burger.” It is a pricey meal, but has so much to offer and is known as the Best Burger in town. Lathered in buttery flavor topped with rich onions and thyme, it’s an experience that is just waiting to feed your senses.

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