Restaurant Spotlight: Jun-Men Ramen Bar
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 12:00 AM | Mitchika Andersson
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Jun-Men Ramen Bar

249 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10001

It’s a rare moment in Asian-fusion cuisine to find a menu that offers a little bit of everything while maintaining its integrity. Korean executive chef, Jun Park, has finally opened the doors of Jun-Men Ramen Bar in Chelsea presenting plates that combine notes of both Japanese and Korean fare, like kimchi fried rice seasoned with tobiko. From mazemen-style ramen to the staple tonkatsu broth, there’s no denying Jun Park cooks his ramen with Seoul.


Like so many ramen shops that offer those heavenly pork buns, Jun-Men presents the creation of the Chicken Bun – stuffed in a fluffy bun with kara-age chicken, lettuce and jalapeno mayo. You can even get your sushi fix here by ordering the Yellowtail Ceviche garnished with kimchi jus, pickled mango and fried dumpling skin. However, the real highlight of Jun-Men is their Uni Mushroom mazemen ramen. Mazemen ramen is a broth-less ramen fairly uncommon in most venues that (we’re assuming) could be due to supply and demand – don’t we usually order ramen to savor the broth? Despite its seemingly lackluster façade, the Uni Mushroom is packed with flavors of roasted pancetta, truffle oil and procini butter delivering a ramen with a nod to an Italian alfredo.


Aside from its heavily Korean-influenced entrees, the drinks menu offers premium beer and sake imported from Japan. You can look forward to sipping on Sansho Ale in a crisp white venue for a refreshing bite of fall comfort food in Chelsea.