Cocktails for New York New Years

12/07/09 04:29pm
posted by Jessica Donohue

Cocktails New York New YearsThe cosmo, the LIT, and the mojito are all recent classics we have enjoyed on a night out with our friends. So, why not try something new to drink on 2010 New Year's Eve?

Variations on the classic martini have become extremely popular ever since Carrie and the girls started drinking cosmos on Sex and the City. This New Years try a new take on an old classic, the blood orange martini. This delicious drink contains 1 part Campari, 2 parts orange vodka, and 1 part orange juice, perfect for the sweet tooth in all of us. This drink is easy to concoct for any bartender, so when you are partying the night away at STK this New Year's Eve NYC ask for a blood orange martini, shaken not stirred.

Recently sweet tea vodka has become quite popular in bars and clubs. This simple yet refreshing drink is perfect to keep the party going on New Years Eve. At Capitale on New Years Eve ask your bartender to serve you up a sweet tea vodka and water over ice with a squeeze of lemon.  

What is New York New Years Eve without champagne? Ask the bartender at Duvet about a flirtini this New Years. It is a great mix between contemporary martini and champagne cocktail. This drink has 1 part vodka, 6 parts champagne, 2 parts pineapple juice, and 1 part triple sec.

Whether you stick with the classics or choose something new to sip on this New York New Years have fun with it and be careful! Happy New Year!


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