#WomanCrushWednesday with Brielle Gatto

B: I’ve been bartending for three years now. My favorite thing about it has to be interacting with the customers. Some of the people I serve have become really good friends to me. I love talking with people and meeting new faces on a daily basis, especially people from Philly.

J: What is something on the job that you have to deal with that most people wouldn't know about?

B: I think when most people hear the word bartender they think of someone who simply mixes drinks. What they don’t know is that you have to be on your toes for hours on end without a break. It’s a balancing act! You need to be extremely efficient while being eye pulled by 10 people at a time. I also try to maintain a smile and good connection with people.

J: We heard that you are/were a dancer for the 76ers and the Bulls. What is your favorite part about that?

B: My favorite part about dancing for the NBA has to be the crowd. I love to dance for 21,000+ people on a daily basis. There is nothing more exhilarating than pumping up a crowd for a big game. The adrenaline rush is indescribable. I also really enjoy the lifelong friends I’ve made.

J: When you're not working, what do you like to?

B: When I’m not working I like to box, cook, catch up on some TV shows, fish, hunt, and do any fun/ physical activity outside.

J: Since it's Women's History Month (and #WomanCrushWednesday)...who is your top female role model and why?

B: My WCW goes out to my sister, Bianca. She’ll forever be my role model because she’s a boss lady who has class. I love the mix between a woman who is fierce but kind hearted at the same time.

J: If you were any cocktail or beer, which would you be and why?

B: If I was any cocktail or beer, I think I’d be a dirty martini, because one of me is too much and three of me is too many. Also, I’m always straight up! ; )

J: What are the top 3 songs on your pregame playlist?

B: Top Three songs on my pregame list are: 1. All of the Lights- Kanye West 2. Rage the Night Away - Steven Aoki 3. B*tch Better Have My Money – Rihanna

J: What is your favorite drink to make?

B: My favorite drink to make is a Long Island Iced Tea. Simple, but I know whoever drinks it is about to have a fun night.

J: Have you worked on St. Patrick's Day? What is your most memorable/craziest experience from that?

B: I’ve worked on St. Patrick’s Day before and I think the most memorable experience is in 2014. I was bartending at Howl at the Moon. Some guy happened to admire me and was very persistent with asking me to come out from the bar and "dance" with him for just one song. Knowing I couldn't leave the bar I kept telling him I'm sorry but I can't leave the bar. After about 5-10 minutes he was gone, so I thought he finally got the hint and walked away from the bar. About 2 minutes later I hear someone start yelling "stop, stop" over the microphone. I turned to the stage and he was telling the band to stop playing. Before security could make it to him he had the entire attention of the bar and announced out to everyone "wherever the manager of this place is can you please allow that bombshell blonde to come out from the bar and dance with me"...he was pointing directly at me so everyone knew who he was referring to. Let's just say it was pretty embarrassing but at the same time I thought it was cute he went through all that trouble to get my attention. Needless to say he was not granted that wish as security escorted him out of the bar before he could put the microphone down!


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