Monday, October 17, 2016 at 12:00 AM | Hillary Ferguson
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All Wizards, Witches, and Muggles alike are being called forth and invited to the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill. No it may not be the Triwizard Tournament, but it is certainly the closest you’ll get. On the weekend of October 21st and October 22nd, Chestnut Hill will act as an an animagus and transform into a live action J.K. Rowling novel. Dreams do come true when magic is involved. October is all about enjoying spellbinding mysticalities and the Harry Potter Festival is here to bring us just that. Dress as any one of your favorite Hogwarts characters be it Neville, Luna, Hermione, He Who Must Not Be Named or of course the infamous boy who lived, Harry Potter. Some theatrical features of the festival will include sorting hat demonstrations, so you can finally know which house you truly belong too (cross your fingers for Gryffindor). There will also be film screenings of the incredibly brilliant movies airing, stores to visit such as the Shrieking Shack, and a field of muggles attempting to play Quidditch for a tournament at Chestnut Hill College. Best of all if you’re asking us, there will even be a Harry Potter Pub Crawl on Friday night where you can drink as many boozy butterbeers as you like! We’ll be grabbing our Firebolts and flying over as soon as October 21st arrive.

WHAT: Harry Potter Festival

WHERE: Chestnut Hill

WHEN: October 21st-22nd

Tags: Harry Potter, Butterbeer