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Sundance Review: The End of the Tour

Written by Brooke Forman, edited by Argiris Sarris

In the film "End of the Tour", we are taken on an exploratory journey between writer and reporter of Rolling Stone magazine, Dave Lipsky and his experience interviewing acclaimed American writer David Foster Wallace. Lipsky, like most of the world, was fascinated by Wallace's literary masterpiece, Infinite Jest, a 1,079 dense paged novel that gained media attention, anxiously unsettling Wallace. End of the Tour is a true story depicting a brilliant writer that wasn't content with being in the center of spotlight.

Nina Simone Documentary Coming to Netflix

Written by Brooke Forman, edited by Argiris Sarris

Opening the Sundance film festival was a bold and moving documentary, "What Happened, Miss Simone?The world's legendary voice, Nina Simone, overwhelms the viewer with her presence as we are taken into her fragile and troubled life. Struggling as a female African-American artist, she made radical changes and opened the way for many people to follow.

Through the sequence of well selected footage, we see her legacy rise. Beginning as a classical pianist, she then went to sell out seats at Carnegie Hall. The undertone since the beginning of the documentary implied the start of her trickling downfall. From fame and fortune wowing crowds, she went on to perform dressed in rags in Paris dive bars. We are forced to ask, “What Happened Miss Simone”, a line from a Maya Angelou poem, meaning the singer will not sing. Director Liz Garbus, truly paints the portrait of Nina Simone's journey and the impact her voice had not only as a singer, but also as an activist around the world. She became friends with Martin Luther King and Malcom X and marched many protests which she became more devoted to than singing.

Zooey Deschanel Expecting First Child

Zooey Deschanel announced that she and her boyfriend producer Jacob Pechenik are expecting their first child together. Their baby is due sometime this summer.

The actress told People magazine, “Jacob and I are over the moon. We are so excited to meet our little one.” The couple has been dating since mid-2014.

The couple will have no problem finding playdates for their baby. Deschanel’s sister Emily is also pregnant with her second child with her husband David Hornsby.

Congrats to the couple!

Catch Your Favorite Celebrities on Broadway

This is Our Youth may have just closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your celebrity fix on Broadway. Here’s a list of the men and women currently working towards getting the T in their EGOT.

Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man

Much has been made of Cooper’s turn as John Merrick, the man who was nicknamed “The Elephant Man” after developing a host of serve deformities within the first few years of his life. Before being “rehabilitated” by Frederick Treves, a young surgeon, The Elephant Man made a living as a sideshow attraction. It’s hard to imagine Cooper, one of the sexiest men of American cinema, being mentioned in the same sentence as the words “ugly” and “deformity,” but great actors have a way of rising to a challenge. Performing without any prosthetics or makeup, Cooper twists and contorts into that which he could never be. Prepare to see him as you never have, and perhaps never will again.

Complete List of Winners From the People's Choice Awards

The 2015 People’s Choice Awards were held last night to honor the biggest names in film, television and music. The first award show of the year was hosted by the stars of CBS’ Mom, Anna Faris and Allison Janney. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the show as well as the full list of winners.

Selfie Sticks: While presenting an award with his Wedding Ringer co-stars Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Josh Gad, comedian Kevin Hart decided to use not one, but three, selfie sticks because he has such a busy schedule. “I'm a busy man! I've got to be four places at once,” Hart said explaining to his co-stars why three selfie sticks were necessary.

Manhattan Magazine Hosts Q&A With Ethan Hawke

On Tuesday, January 6th Manhattan Magazine hosted a cocktail reception and Q&A with actor Ethan Hawke, who graces the cover of their January issue. Held at the new Park Hyatt on 57th Street, the discussion, moderated by Manhattan Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Cristina Cuomo, centered on Hawke’s most recent roles, Golden Globe nomination, upcoming Chet Baker biopic, and documentary on 85 year old pianist Seymour Bernstein.

Jimmy Fallon Learns He Blew His Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to promote her new film Paddington and dropped a bombshell - Fallon blew a chance to date the famous actress!

Fallon was recounting the one time they had met before, when Kidman had met Fallon at his apartment to talk about a potential film role. The one thing he didn't know about the meeting - Kidman liked Fallon, but his nervous behavior cost him a date. His reluctance to say more than a few words and the fact that he popped in a video game led Kidman to believe he wasn't interested - and was possibly gay!

Amy Poehler Named Harvard's Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year

Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals has named the always hilarious Amy Poehler their Woman of the Year.

The group, which is the nations oldest undergraduate drama group, has praised Poehler's comedy stylings, declaring that she "fits so well with the Pudding's own tradition of satire and social commentary." She will be awarded with her Pudding Pot at a ceremony - and, naturally, a roast - on January 29th.

Celebrity Relationship Roundup of the New Year

There’s nothing quite like the New Year bringing the promise of new beginnings in love. Whether you’re calling it quits or putting a ring on it, January is the perfect month for the start of something new. And since celebrities are no exception to this rule, we have rounded up the hottest starts and stops of our favorite Hollywood love stories. Here’s a look at the state of celebrity relationships in 2015.


After only seven months of dating, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden got married Monday night in an intimate and impromptu wedding in Diaz’s Beverly Hills home. Diaz’s bridesmaids included Nicole Richie (Madden’s sister-in-law who set the couple up) and Drew Barrymore. Sparrow, Nicole’s son with husband Joel Madden, served as ring bearer, and the as-yet-to-be-released pictures of this are sure to produce a wave of "Awwwws" that can be heard round the world, or at least over Facebook.

Charlie Sheen Starts 2015 With a Twitter Rant

Charlie Sheen didn’t waste any time making headlines this year. The actor, who often takes to Twitter to blow off steam, posted a tweet this morning telling Kim Kardashian to “go f yourself” after she allegedly refused a 6-year-old girl’s request for an autograph. Although the tweet has since been deleted (and was apparently posted accidentally), Sheen stood by his words telling TMZ that Kim has “zero gratitude, zero awareness, zero talent” and calling her “a pox on the face of entertainment.” However, even the hottest tempers have a way of cooling, and earlier this afternoon Sheen took to Twitter one last time with an apology to Kim saying, “my extreme bad...wrote some trash you didn’t deserve. Ever. I’m an idiot as often as I’m a genius.” Genius may be a bit of a strong word, but at least he seemed sincere.

Teresa Giudice Begins Prison Sentence

Teresa Giudice reported to prison early Monday morning to begin serving her 15-month sentence for tax fraud.

The reality star was driven to the Danbury, Connecticut prison that was the inspiration for Orange is the New Black by her attorney James J. Leonard Jr. She left her New Jersey home around midnight and checked in shortly before 2am even though she did not have to be there until 3am.

Leonard told ABC News, “I think she was anxious to get in, get this thing started, get it behind her, and get back to her family. Her four girls are her primary focus.” He said Giudice had been preparing for prison by corresponding with recently released prisoners.

The reality star’s husband Joe will begin serving his 41-month sentence once she is released. The judge allowed them to serve their sentences one at a time so one parent was home to take care of the couple’s four daughters.