Jessica Minh Anh Spring Fashion Show 2015

It's no secret that Jessica Minh Anh is something of an authority in the realm of producing far-reaching fashion shows: from the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Canyon and now the Hudson River, the J Spring Fashion Show 2015 marks her ninth presentation atop globally recognized stages. And it delivered the perfect encapsulation of not only New York but also of the Hudson River itself.

Frankly, we were anticipating a carousel of cute cocktail gowns showcased to house music, setting the ambience for a cruise along the Hudson. However, Jessica Minh Anh and her highly skilled team not only matched but exceeded our predictions. Distinguishing itself as something extraordinary, this production was replete with gemstones that glimmered like the iconic cosmopolitan skyline and chiffon-draped models beating along the runway like the river's waves.

Punk Outfit La Dispute Embarks on Hometown Tour with Title Fight

La Dispute is no laughing matter. The contemplativeness of lead singer Jordan Dreyer’s lyrics border on a realm of unmitigated melancholy. His musings resemble the thoughts one has on a solitary drive on a lonely highway, when the mind ponders the nature of the vast forests and the infinite towns passing you by on the highway. There is also a rhapsodic quality to La Dispute’s music, which is fashioned by Dreyer’s lyrics and the minimalist backing instrumentation. Both they and their fans and critics loosely label the band as punk, but the definition of "punk," much like the contemporary punk beau monde, is derelict and nonuniform. This is, whatever the genre, simply good music.

Exclusive Interview: BØRNS

Garrett Borns has had a whirlwind couple of months.

Like lightening in a bottle, BØRNS exploded onto the scene last November with the release of his debut EP Candy. The Michigan-bred LA transplant is in a league of his own, bringing a personal blend of sunshine pop to the table, complete with super sweet, feel-good vibes. BØRNS' peppy tracks have won over late-night audiences (you can check out his killer Conan appearance HERE) and celebrities alike (Taylor Swift is a huge fan, #justsayingggg) - so naturally, we HAD to have a chat with the budding star before he invades NYC with MisterWives on March 31st (tickets HERE). Check out what BØRNS had to say about living in a treehouse, his super-secret side project, and California love...

BUKU Music + Art Project 2015: A Review of Day 2

Day one of BUKU Music + Art Project set the bar high for festival attendees, but wait till you hear about day two.

Taking place in New Orleans’s very own Mardi Gras World, over 50 artists performed over the two-day span of the festival. After experiencing an incredible first day on the river, it was hard to believe Saturday would come close to matching up. Yet, with a diverse lineup ranging from underground beat-connoisseurs like Hudson Mohawake and ILoveMakonnen to idolized DJ’s such as Bassnectar and Porter Robinson, fans could’ve easily spent the day between stages as every group put on a headline-worthy performance. Make sure to check out Joonbug's full review of BUKU Day 1.

An Interview + A Show: Surf Rock Is Dead

The power of music lays in its ability to transport you – to a memory, to a place, to a feeling. For Surf Rock Is Dead, it's the nostalgia within those endless summer nights, on that open road, of the wind grazing a face. The dreamy duo, Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg, create a sound that leads you to a feeling of lostness within memories, that you can’t help but lose sense of it all.

By way of Chicago (Kevin) and Australia (Joel), the now-Brooklyn natives joined musical forces after a chance meeting in the studio. Working independently of one another for a while, surfing through solo stuff and band-hoods, the two started jamming together without any real thoughts of making something legitimate out of it. “I never thought it was going to work…I figured if we were going to work together, it wouldn’t be fun. We’d just be both posted up behind computer screens programming beats,” said Kevin. After one of Kevin’s gigs and/or a rehearsal (depending on whose memory is more accurate), the sessions became more serious. Sans computer screens, it was a guitar, a bass, and a drum machine that started the sublime sound and hazy harmonies that is Surf Rock Is Dead.

Exclusive Interview: Fin-Folsom

It’s rare that you come across a band that you can’t seem to find the fitting band to compare them to. Fin-Folsom is that rarity. Brooklyn trio Conor Walsh, Joshua Gottesman, and Jeremy Nakamura “went to school together, didn't hang out, graduated, didn't enjoy working, started playing music, and are still working”. This ordinary path of most twenty-somethings lost in the limbo of life led to the extra-ordinary sound that the band describes as “Animal Pop”. What Animal Pop is, no one knows - not even the band - but that doesn't stop us from knowing that Fin-Folsom is going places, and you should probably tag along.

BUKU 2015 Diversifies the Festival Sound and Scene: A Review of Day 1

Thousands of music lovers invaded New Orleans on March 13 and 14 for the fourth annual BUKU Music & Art Project, each looking forward to enjoying prominent headliners and fresh faces. As 58 talented acts performed across six entirely unique stages, the two-day project exploded with excellent music that exceeded all expectations.

When someone realized that rap, dance and indie beats could not only coexist but unite and blend, the BUKU Project was born. By combining these genres, BUKU has created its own niche in the festival scene, attracting an entirely new demographic altogether.

A Ranking of Music Festivals Across the US

Spring and summer's arrival is celebrated through many mediums but the music festival circuit has stood the test of time as a primary source of hedonism. Having inspired several generations of self-proclaimed "festies", it is an undisputed fact that the festival scene has the makings for an ideal celebration. This begs the question though, which one hold the crown as the true iconoclastic blowout?


The South By Southwest festival, taking place from 3/13-3/15, is the unofficial kick-off to the festival season and the perfect encapsulation of "opening act" prestige.

AURA Music & Art Festival 2015 Elevates the Spirit of Suwannee State of Mind

The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Fla., can only be found by taking the risk to venture off the beaten path and discover a fresh and unusual atmosphere. Down a vacant road nestled deep in a cypress and oak tree forest, Suwannee is undoubtedly a hidden gem. However, once you’ve discovered its magic, it will become home. For the 5,000 music lovers who experienced AURA Music & Art Festival 2015, the Suwannee culture will continue to draw them back with unstoppable magnetic force.

A collaborative effort from AURA Music Group and Brotherly Love Productions, AURA Music & Art Festival was all about mind-blowing music, excellent energy and good vibrations. AURA is comprised of people who take pleasure in sharing the love and the dance floor, which creates a unique ambiance that is unmatched by any other festival. It is a custom to greet all newcomers with an open heart. At Suwannee, the culture is all about giving back and transcending the reality of the mainstream by creating a connection from a shared musical experience.

An Interview + A Show with Andrew St. James

It’s sometimes hard for Generation Y to care about things other than Kimye, the color of a dress, and how many likes their #tbt got. For Andrew St. James however, the political climate and the realities of current events are more his cup of tea. At only 19-years-old, Andrew sings about, well, the shit that matters – gun violence, the overlooked deaths of so many, and heartbreak.

As a San Francisco native (and proud of it!), Andrew channels the weight of these issues into the power of his lyrics. Wanting to be President of the United States as a child (and yes, he’s a House of Cards fan), his passion for perspective has him “writing about things that resonate”, making him feel like he’s doing “justice for the art”. Andrew is one of few in the industry that uses music as a platform to shed light onto issues that most of us choose to ignore.

WHAT TO DRINK Good Luck Charm byMira Sushi & Izakaya
Get in the "Spirit" with these St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

Irish to the core or just for the day, the chance to justify getting shamrocked before noon - and speaking in that slurred Irish accent that you bring out every year, swearing that it is pristine - is upon us once again. Whether you plan to drink yourself into a leprechaun oblivion, sip on a delicious drink or two like a boring responsible adult or intend to be ambitious by enjoying the coveted precatory of coherence in between, make sure that the cocktails you'll mixing are in good taste even if you are not. Don't get us wrong, a well-brewed green beer is nice and all but here are a few drink recipes to debut a more distinctive palette for this St. Patrick's Day.