RL Grime Makes the Perfect Halloween Mix

Need the perfect tunes to get you amped for Halloween? You can thank us in candy for introducing you to RL Grime's Halloween Mix 2014! [PS: If you're an RL Stine fan, you're going to LOVE the intro!]

Okay we'll stop rubbing our discovery in your face! Enjoy and happy halloweens, folks!

T-Pain goes Auto-Tune Free for NPR's

Calling all 2000's R&B lovers! Pretty sure everyone can agree that we all thought T-Pain is the king of auto-tune because he couldn't sing. Apparently not! This week, NPR invited T-Pain to do a stripped down version of his songs; no effects, no embellishments. Just a keyboard and a mic. Not only did he accept their invite but killed it like nobody's business! Enough of rambling over how surprised everyone is about his talent, watch for yourself!

The songs in his video are "Buy U A Drank", "Up Down (Do This All Day)" and, "Drankin' Patna".

Miley Donates Half a Mill to Charity at AmfAR Gala

Usually, after a drunk night out you look at your bank account cringe wondering how on earth you spent $23.75 at McDonalds??? Well, Miley Cyrus makes some much better drunken mistakes. Instead of waking up in a strange place or regretting emotional texts from the night prior, she is plagued with the good deed of donating $500,000 to charity. The young pop star was at the AmfAR Gala when she had had a few drinks and felt it necessary to out bid Rihanna and Tom Ford for the photo of a naked woman painted by Ryan McGinley and then donate $200,000 to AIDS research.

"I’m a little drunk. That’s why I’m a half million deep,” said the singing sensation to the crowd. She spoke openly about the prevention and awareness of AIDS, in a casual manner. If you have to make drunk mistakes, these are the kinds to make!

Parking Gets a Whole Lot Easier Just in Time for Halloween

Finding parking on a Holiday in a big city is always a challenge. Hours are easily wasted h searching endlessly for a parking spot. Until now. Enter Parking Panda! It’s a free app in over 40 cities that allows drivers to find, reserve, and redeem parking in advance.

How does it work? Customers visit or download the iOS or Android App and use the platform to see real-time prices, distance, and availability as well as choose a location. Browsing locations is made easy by popular location categories like “Venues,” “Points of Interest,” “Hotels,” “Neighborhoods, “Restaurants,” and “Monthly Parking.” Parking Panda also categorizes locations by popular events occurring in the city at the time. After finding the location of interest, customers enter their payment information and display their mobile phone to the attendant when they arrive at their selected location.

Eats Everything Drops New Track

English producer and DJ Daniel Pearce aka Eats Everything announces his Beleashed Girl Edit of his seminal track "Duster". Sprinkled with his "trademark brand of bass-laden house", Dan's back right in time for his 2014 USA tour. Anybody else feeling Wild Child's Renegade Master in this track?

Check it out!

Eats Everything began his USA Tour on October 29th 2014, make sure to see him if you haven't missed him in your city already!

Rick Ross Debuts 'If They Knew' Feat. K. Michelle

Ricky Ross is back at it again with 'If They Knew,' Feat. K. Michelle, from his forthcoming seventh studio album Hood Billionaire, scheduled for release on Friday, November 24th. The Timbaland produced cut boasts a synthesized drum based beat as Ross discusses his usual endeavors related to his ongoing MMG storyline--being a crime boss and living the lavish life.

But this time the MMG boss is accompanied by his boss lady, whom he loves despite their sometimes tumultuous relationship. Take a listen to the audio below as this mastermind juggles his love for his woman and his love for his hustle.

World Stroke Day with Supermodel Claudia Mason and RHONY Star Kristen Taekman took a walk on the healthy side for New York's Stroke Day event. Sponsored by Covidien, in partnership with the World Stroke Organization, the "Take 2 Tell 2" campaign was meant to spread awareness about the horrific symptoms of a stroke. Kristen Taekman from Real Housewives of New York was present to share her story and inform others about the facts. With 2 uncle's who suffered from strokes, she was happy to provide our readers and guests of the event with words of advice. "I have learned so much in the past two weeks. It's the second leading cause of death in the world, and one in six will suffer a stroke in our lifetime." She explained that, as a mom, you get information from other moms. This is why the Take 2 Tell 2 campaign is so beneficial, "by telling your story or hearing other people's story, you're going to recognize the warning signs."

Madeon's 'Imperium' Now Available for Free Download

If you have enjoyed taking a listen to Madeon's hot single 'Imperium' this fall via streaming or on FIFA 15 video game, then you'll be even more excited about having your very own copy of the single.

The single, which lives on Madeon's upcoming album, slated to be released via Columbia Records in the first quarter of 2015, is obtainable by fans upon the completion of a fantastic game.

"Imperium is probably one of the hardest sounding songs I've made. It was inspired by the past couple of years of touring around the world. My intention was to write something that was fuelled by the energy of dance music but with a narrative element. It doesn't sound like anything else on the album yet it's an important part of it, it's the transition between two phases. I wanted to capture the feeling of ‘confidently walking into adversity,’ said the 20-year-old DJ/producer about his latest tune.

Katie Holmes Opens Up About Her Divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes opened up to People magazine about her marriage to ex-husband Tom Cruise and being a single mom to daughter Suri.

Before her marriage to Cruise, Holmes was best known for her role as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek and wants to be known for her acting not her marriage. “I don't want that moment in my life to define me, to be who I am. I don't want that to be what I'm known as. I was an actor before, an actor during and an actor now,” she told the magazine.

As for being a single parent now to the couple’s 8-year-old daughter, she has learned to have some patience, “My patience has grown, but between 4 and 6 p.m....I mean, wow. Between tickle fights and glitter art, I try to throw in some manners along the way.”

Catch A Starry Sky in Our Very Own Madison Square Park

To show New Yorkers they have the power to create anything - even a sky filled with stars,, the leading global Web development platform that allows anyone to easily create and manage their own online website, invites you to come put stars back into the New York City night sky. Simply go to their website, design your very own star, and head on over to Madison Square Park on Saturday, November 1st to witness it in the sky.

Check out a sneak peek video!

In Case You Were Wondering Where to Grab the Best Truffle Dishes in NYC

1. Juni(12 E 31st St.)

Shaun Hergatt’s new restaurant is offering truffles in all varieties. The fine dining eatery has a boast-worthy menu filled with items that make your mouth water at the mere mention of the ingredients. Chef Hergatt is taking advantage of the season with his many uses of the ever popular truffle. Serving black salsify agnolotto with Parmesan cream sauce and white truffles and pommes puree with white truffles, Juni is definitely mastering the art of truffle creations. For your dessert fix, there is also homemade vanilla ice cream covered in truffles.