Hilarity for Charity's first New York Benefit

Not only is Seth Rogen a funny guy, but he’s a funny guy with a good heart.

Monday night marked the first New York benefit for Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller’s, charity Hilarity for Charity. The charity was founded after Miller's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 55, and its main goals are to fund research, spread awareness to the younger generation and donate resources to families in need. It is a nationwide program that “encourages and supports college groups to throw their very own Hilarity for Charity events to raise awareness and much needed funds for fighting Alzheimer’s disease.”

Arm the Animals Under Fire From MLB

Arm the Animals, a small organization that produces T-shirts and other small goods and donates profits to no-kill shelters, recently got in trouble with the MLB for its "Doggers" tee. The company runs several parody shirts, including "Pup Fiction," "Rambo Bunny," and "Cat-At" (think Star Wars' AT-AT), but this one caught the eye of MLB's copyright attorneys. Arm the Animals quickly complied with MLB's demands, the costs of which were almost equal to the profits of the shirt, and removed all traces of the shirt.

It certainly behooves a company to defend its own intellectual property. Nonetheless, it demonstrates a certain degree of aggressiveness when you are more stringent with your copyright than George Lucas. Additionally, as written by Sean Newell for Deadspin, "The coloring, stylization of 'Doggers,' and the ball-flight marks are on-the-nose reproductions, but no one would actually confuse this for a Dodgers shirt."

Cutting Hair for a Cancer Cure at the Central Conference of American Rabbis

When it comes to helping those in need, it looks like one group of rabbis has made the cut.

Tuesday, at the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), 36 rabbis participated in the conference’s final event, “Shave for the Brave," for which they volunteered their locks to the cause, letting barbers remove every last hair on their heads.

The attention-grabbing demonstration was just one of many scheduled events to help raise funds and increase awareness for children’s cancer research.

Marquis Vodka, A Cause to Drink For

Looking for a liquor that gives back? Try Marquis Vodka, a spirit crafted between Warsaw and Ukrainian border at a small artisan distillery founded in 1895.

The company states it “believes in a world where a vice should be tempered by virtue” and they their beliefs into actions, donating 20% of its retail revenue to their charitable partners, which includes the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Meals on Wheels, Footprints Foundation, and the Trevor Project. Here’s how Marquis Vodka breaks down their charitable donations:

Toms is Bringing the One-On-One Model to Coffee

Toms has become a philanthropic fashion statement seen on feet across the country. The business was built on what Toms' founder, Blake Mycoskie, calls the one-on-one model: for every pair of shoes sold, one is given to a person in need, for free. This model has been wildly successful, supplying over 10 million pairs of shoes to children in poverty and has shoe moguls like Sketchers trying to replicate the idea with their own brands.

Mycoskie feels that this one-on-one model will be successful in a number of philanthropic avenues, recently announcing his plan to launch a line of coffee. The coffee packaging branded in the same style as the shoes, will be sold to fund efforts to provide clean water to those in need. Mycoskie feels this plan will do more to address the underlying, cyclical issues of poverty. Each bag of coffee sold has the power to provide a week’s worth of clean water for one person in areas where water for drinking, cooking, and bathing is scarce. There are also plans in the works to open several Toms cafes, with NYC slated as one of the initial locations.

Mark Your Calendar for the Spring for Impact Celebration

Did you have that one teacher who changed your entire life? Are you a teacher? Do you truly admire the work of our educators? How about food, drinks and dancing? Yeah, we totally love food too! Join us for the inaugural Spring for Impact celebration of teachers and achievements in education at The Greenhouse at Scholastic’s international headquarters in SoHo.

All proceeds from Spring for Impact will benefit Impact Network, a New York-based non-profit organization bringing e-Learning to rural Africa.

Win a Trip to a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photoshoot

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is one of the most iconic magazine spreads in the world, and this year it reaches the half-century mark. For its gold anniversary, Sports Illustrated is partnering with the Happy Hearts Fund to offer a truly unique experience. For just $10 you can be entered to win a round-trip visit to the 2015 Swimsuit issue photo shoot session, where you can spend a day frolicking on the beach with a bunch of bikini models. Higher donations will be rewarded with exciting gifts --$50 gets you a T-shirt and just $5,000 will land you a Skype session with Petra Nemcova—as well as more contest entries. You can see all the prizes and make your donation at the fundraiser's Prizeo page here.

Do Gooder's Spotlight: Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an active international environmental organization that focuses on preserving the earth through research, as well as a variety of unique campaigning methods. There’s no central idea when it comes “preserving the earth”, as Greenpeace protest a variety of environmental issues, such as protecting the world's rainforest and oceans, commercial whaling, sustainable agriculture, anti-nuclear issues, deforestation, toxics and global warming. Greenpeace is an organization that is known for direct action, sometimes these actions are surrounded in controversy.

Chairtable Happening: 6th Annual Ascension Culinary Institute Dinner at Church of the Ascension

Friday evening, the graduates of the Ascension Culinary Institute are inviting you to join them for their 6th annual fundraising dinner, from which all donations will be put towards the continuation of the culinary institute. Besides learning how to cook, students of the Ascension Culinary Institute build confidence, camaraderie, and develop a taste for new things, a taste which they will share with guests over the course of dinner prepared by all of the new chefs.

Set to be held inside the Church of the Ascension, the evening's festivities will begin with a cocktail hour of wine, beer, champagne, and appetizers at 6:30pm, followed by dinner and an entertainment program at 7:30pm. For the evening's full menu listing, which includes a variety of entrees and Creme Brulee for dessert, click here, and RSVP with a personal donation here.

Seth Rogen Testifies For Alzheimer's Research

Yesterday, Seth Rogen made an opening statement in front of Senate at a hearing on Alzheimer's research. His testimony, while still possessing a handful of classic Rogen-esque jokes, was heartfelt, well-researched, and showed a serious side we'd never seen before. The Pineapple Express star shared his personal experience with Alzheimer's, illustrating the effects of the disease he'd seen firsthand with his wife Lauren Miller's mother.

"So few people share their personal stories," he said at the hearing. "So few people have something to relate to. I know that if me and my wife saw someone like me talking about this, it would probably make us feel a little less alone."