According to New Survey, Americans Prefer Cells to Sex

Harris Interactive recently released a poll that has set some websites abuzz with the statistic that Americans would have an easier time giving up sex than their mobile phones.

The poll lists twelve different items and asked people whether they could live without it for a few days, a week or more, or if they just couldn’t live without it. 26% of Americans said they could not live without a cell, while only 20% said they couldn’t live without sex. However, the world’s oldest pastime also lost out to television (23%), a computer (24%), and internet access (28%).

Make Ryan Gosling Blush with this Celeb Coloring Book

Ryan Gosling is pretty dreamy, but don't you ever wish that you could decide what color his clothes, skin and eyes were yourself? Well now you can color yourself a white, tan, black or purple Gosling with Colour Me Good's Ryan Gosling Colouring Book for Good Colourer-Inners.

Line drawings of all of Gosling's hunkiest roles, from the Notebook to Drive, are ready and waiting for you to demonstrate your coloring finesse. How shiny IS his hair? How glossy ARE his lips? It's in your hands!

Decision Making Gets a Whole Lot Easier with Dyce

It’s Friday night and you find yourself facing the same problem you face every weekend—where shall you go for dinner and drinks? Everyone has suggestions, but no one make a decision. What you need is a third-party decision maker that guarantees an exciting night. Dyce can help you!

Dyce is a smartphone app that randomizes the process of selecting a restaurant or bar. It works like this: Dyce finds six of the best bars or restaurants close to your location, and with a random roll of the “Dyce” it decides where you and your friends should go. In order to make these choices, Dyce utilizes a dynamic selection algorithm that uses Foursquare ratings to find six of the best restaurants or bars in your area. It then filters these to select the range you want to search in (i.e. 1 mile, 5 miles), but it doesn’t stop there. Dyce also filters the results based on the type of restaurant or bar you and your friends are in the mood for (i.e. Dive Bars, Lounges, Cocktail Bars, Sports Bars etc.), and provides you with instant directions on how to get there using Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Stray Boots Launches User Generated City Tours

Say goodbye to stressful, last-minute tour planning. Launching today (April 9th), tech/travel startup, Stray Boots, will offer a user-centric platform to create personalized city tours with ease. The company, which currently offers tours in over 15 cities in the US and UK, have expanded their horizons with their new User Generated Experience (UGE) platform for people who simply want to create an interesting tour around the city, or for guides/hosts who are looking to spice up their current tours.

City tours historically take guests to the same locations, but with Stray Boots’ UGE technology, tours can be customized to the tastes of the guests, and can lead to the most fascinating, hidden treasures each city has to offer. The possibilities are endless with this new platform, and there will a fresh demand for personalized city tours.

The Internet's Greatest Game of Thrones Merch

1. The Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer, $6 and up

In addition to the Iron Throne and Take the Black Stout releases, Ommegang just added Fire and Blood, in honor of Danaerys' three dragon babies. Each beer has one scaly beast randomly selected for the label, but the hops and chili flavor will have every fan breathing fire.

2. A Feast of Ice and Fire, $13.99

4D: Coming Soon To Theaters!

If you’ve ever been to Hershey Park, Universal Studios Parks, or any of the Disney World/Land, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the 4D Movie.

4D movies taking 3D a step further by enabling audience members to utilize all their senses. If there is a rainy scene, a spray of water will fall on you. If there are snakes on the ground, the floor beneath you will shift and slither. If someone is barbequing in the background, the smell of burgers will make your mouth water. Some theaters will even give a blast of cold air or a gust of wind to make even minor details feel more authentic.

The 2014 Skymall Awards

Roommates' Most Wanted

Inflatable Movie Screen

"Now we can all share your parent's HBO Go account!"

Roommates' Most Hated

Sheng Kwong Metal Gong

Every night is T-Rex theme party night!

Become an Armchair Conductor with Patatap

Patatap is a “portable animation and sound kit” that functions somewhere between a browser game and a musical instrument. Click any key and Patatap will play a correlating sound and animation. Press many keys simultaneously or close together and the animations and sounds layer on each other – typing with it like it’s a word processor is tremendous fun. Just be careful about the space key! Every time you hit the space bar, it swaps out the ‘font,’ so to speak, and you get a new series of pips and squeaks to explore. There are at least five completely unique variations with their own visuals, and the sounds are as varied as a human voice, sci-fi blips, and a set that’s almost like having a jazz band at your fingertips.

We've Found the Coolest Functional Cufflinks on the Internet

Even before the dawn of James Bond, Cufflinks have been the staple of the sharp dressed man. Considered to be one of the few pieces of “Men’s jewelry," the cufflink adds a debonair touch to an otherwise blasé formal shirt. Novelty cufflinks have been popularized over the last few decades, with men choosing from a variety of options to represent everything from their birthstones and favorite sports teams to their hobbies and occupations.

But recently, a new trend has emerged on the cufflink market: Functional Cufflinks. Functional cufflinks are fun, useful cufflinks that can fill everyday purposes, or just keep you discreetly occupied in board meetings. Here are the top ten functional cufflinks that will set you apart from your jeans without setting you apart from fun:

Learn the Art of the Flirt with Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt

While it’s quite nice to believe in the fairytale adage that someday your prince will come, we all know that, realistically, this is far from true. Dating in the modern world is as competitive as ever, and if you're not ready to bring your A game, somebody else will. It's time to take matters into your own hands and master the art of flirting, the correct way, so you can successfully land the guy of your dreams on your own terms.

In their new book, Smitten, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, authors Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld work together to give advice on dating, sex and self-realization, coaching you on the art of flirtation as they provide techniques transferable to your everyday life. Ariel and Simone show you how to connect with the opposite sex through subtlety and persistence; whether you think you're a beginner, intermediate or expert flirter, this book will help you to brush up on your skills or learn some new tricks.

The Cleveland Cavalier's Blow Our Minds With 3D Visual Experience on the Court

Come on and slam! This might be the coolest thing in basketball since Space Jam. Okay, total lie. Nothing is cooler than Space Jam.

The brutally awful 2013-14 season put the Cleveland Cavaliers and all their fans in some serious all round sads. With organizational issues and some downright bad luck, the season hasn't left many chances for oohs and aahs... but alas, this has changed!